Tujhse naraaz nahin..

It’s interesting how some songs stay in our head more than others. Not for their musical merit but for the simple memories one associates with the song. Or sometimes.. how the meaningfulness of the song increases when one personally experiences the feelings that the poet is talking about. Once we relate to the song on a personal level rather than on a musical alone, the song becomes that much closer to our heart. We just dont just listen to the song, we feel it..

Was revisiting one such song today, after many months.. Gulzar’s evocative lyrics set to a simple and beautiful melody by R D Burman. The questions that life throws at us, ever so innocently.. and the storm of emotions and thoughts that we pass through as a result of it..

Tujhse naraaz nahin zindagi hairaan hoon main
Tere masoom sawaalon se pareshaan hoon main

jeene ke liye socha hi nahin, dard sambhaalne honge
muskuraayen to, muskuraane ke karz utaarne honge
muskuraaooN kabhi to lagtaa hai
jaise honTon pe karz rakhhaa hai

aaj agar bhar aai hain, boondein baras jaayengii
kal kyaa pataa inke liye aankhen taras jaayengii
jaane kab ghum hua kahaan khoya
ek aansoo chhupaake rakhaa thaa

zindagi tere gham ne hamein rishte naye samjhaaye
mile jo hamein dhoop mein mile chhaon ke thanDe saaye..

Film: Masoom (1982); Singer(s): Lata Mangeshkar, Anup Ghoshal; Lyrics: Gulzar; Music: R D Burman

When I smile, I feel the smile weigh on my lips like a debt. When the tears flow, I don’t stop them, for my eyes might crave for those very tears tomorrow. Eloquent words that tug at our heartstrings.. This song will always have a special place in my heart.

54 thoughts on “Tujhse naraaz nahin..

  1. gvenum

    I have a special place for songs of Masoom.In fact I make it a point not to listen to it very often to keep the feelings ,that I associate with the songs, special and undiminshed. The music & lyrics give me an out of the world experience and makes you look at life in a different perspective. I cannot say the feelings are somber but definetly more thankful, tells me to take “life as it comes” and gives me a chance to retrospect,look at what life it is now and what its going to be. Music can do that to you, in particular RD’s. Try “Zindagi ke safar mein” from Aap ki kasam.

  2. Ekta

    hey….this is a fab blog!
    I loooveeeeeee the songs and that movie..in fact its my ALL time fav movie..EVER!

    Havent seen a better adaptation of a book done before..simply awesome!

    And am a complete masoom song freak..have a casette which plays when I sleep almost everyday!

    And this by far is one of the best songs..written, composed, sung and picturised!

    Time to hum it again!

  3. R ¥

    “…the song becomes that much closer to our heart. We just dont just listen to the song, we feel it..” and start making more sense out of the situation, start looking beyond .. start enjoying the feeling of being in pain maybe?

    Thank god for the song n dance routines in “apna pyaara bollywood”, there’s a song made for every possible emotion there is. Although, I am still trying to find that one song which best describes the state of mind that I am in right now. A little bit of rush, a lot of confusion, a wee bit nervous, add some sadness to it. Is there a one word for this set of emotions?

  4. Jupe

    Aint it a nice conincidence that i write sthg on songs today and then chk to see ur post on this wonderful number from Masoom..Neway these yesteryear classics evoke so many disturbing emotions that i safely dont touch them much.. Wud rather prefer the cheery “Ladki Kyuun” :-)

    Here’s a nice quote i often refer back – “The world is full of people whose notion of a satisfactory future is, in fact, a return to the idealized past” – Robertson Davies , A Voice from the Attic.

  5. Shalin

    Gulzar is one of the greatest poet india has seen in recent times. I hope india keeps producing legends like gulzar and rd burman.

  6. Megha

    [Shalin] Couldn’t agree with your sentiment more. While legends like Gulzar and R D Burman come far and few between, one does hope that we see more of them in our lifetime!

    Thanks for writing! :)

  7. Anonymous

    Was so happy to find this here. I’m crazy about that song and movie; I’m a videshi who spent a year in India studying Hindi, and I played the Masoom tape constantly. I don’t recognize the stanza that begins “Aaj agar…” Did that end up cut from the movie? If anyone wants to help me with the Hindi in that stretch, please drop me a l ine at Krr36@earthlink.net. Thanks. Kathy

  8. Idle Muller

    Pausing briefly to compliment on a wonderful blog and that too on a subject very close to my heart, allow me to express something constructive.

    This song is, without a doubt, a gem from the collaborative genius of RD and Gulzar, one that doesn’t lose its charm despite repeated renditions.

    Nothing, however, has been discussed on the different versions of the song. Although its hard to pick one from the other, I am personally biased to the male version by Anoop Ghoshal. The way he changes the tone in the line, “Ek ansoo, chupa ke rakha tha”, is frankly brilliant. I don’t know whether this can be attributed to RD’s direction or Ghoshal Babu’s whim, but it imparts a delicious flavour to the song.

  9. ajay

    if u ever heard it once u hv to listen it once more that wt this song is all about.
    i agree with all above comments.its good to hv people like this who can make good songs n not like todayz ANU MALIK

  10. V

    Happened to stumble across your blog today while searching for the lyrics to “Tujhh se naraaz nahin…”. Felt good to see strangers love it as much as I happen to. Treasured memories of my childhood years trapped in those lines man…”Muskuraun kabhi…toh lagta hai…jaise honthon pe…karz rakkha hai…”.

  11. Shirish Jani

    Came across your website while searching for “Tujhse Naraaz nahin..”. Thank you writing all the words of the song on your blog. This is such a beautiful song. Last night, we were watching “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Little champs” and one of the little boys sang this song and brought tears to all the judges as well as Shan, the host. My wife desparately wanted to hear this song again. It is one of my most favourite songs.

  12. am

    i listened to this song on sa re ga ma pa-little champs for the first time and i have never in my life has felt as i felt after listening to this song. every word has a meaning that is associated to almost everybody’s life. such a nice song.. i was listening to the song with my eyes closed and listen to each of the words and as i opened my eyes after the song was over my eyes were all TEARish…this song will always be my favoriteistististist song ever!!!!

  13. amit jangid

    after listening this song in sa-re-ga-ma-pa it really touched my heart and i have searched it on net i really thanked this is deeply touched i can’t express it in words

  14. Dheeraj Sharma

    Thank You for the lyrics of this song.
    I am singing this song ina wrong way since lasr 3 days my wife said “if you will not sing it in a proper manner i will fine you with Jeens” :-)
    ha ha …
    That’s why I am searching the song itself.
    If anybody have it then forward me on given gmail id :-


    Thank You.!

  15. kaanta bai

    mujhe naa sameer best lagta tha hai naa woh aiisa gaata hai ki bas…………………………….mera man karta hai ki main uski shaadi apni beti se kara doon …………..meri beti ko bhi achha khasa lagta hai par uski ek condition hai . woh hai ki sameer ko hai naa abhi braces lagane honge…please agar sameer tum yeh dekh rahe ho toh meri yeh baat maan jaao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    froms yours thes kaantas bais

  16. saritha

    This is one of my favourite songs. I was just searching for the lyrics after listening to the song on radio today and came across this website. Thanks a lot.

  17. shruti

    i jus live this song very much…this song is my soul
    i have one full cassette which is full of this particular song,,,,,,,,, male and female version
    wenevr i listen to this song i remember my long lost love who is no more in dis world……….

  18. Jenifer

    i just love this song …. i dont know what elese to say .. songs are part of my life specialy this song …thanks

  19. priyanka

    is the song complete…i think the last stanza is incomplete…
    can somebody pls add the 2 lines……

  20. nabs

    can u please translate this song for me.i love this song so much i just don’t understand it completely. i understand bits and pieces of hindi.

  21. lover

    I love this song…its happend in reallife too…This is the best song to express your feelings. Each words touch your heart if u listen carefully. Thanks you very much Gulzarji….gave such a nice song to express our feelings. I love hindi sad songs.

  22. fadista da mouraria

    I am incredibly touched by this song though I have no ideas what the words are. Can any kind soul out there translate them for me?

  23. Anonymous

    wow what a beautiful song…never touched my heart when I saw masoom, probably did not understand hindi that better when I was kid. Saw it on Saregama 2007 challenge after evoking range of emotions and tears after Amanat Ali sang this song. Great lyrics by Gulzar thanks for blogging the lyrics with the meaning here.

    Arun in Singapore

  24. iram

    funny, I have been humming this song and cant get it out of it these last few days. which is why how I got here anyway…lets admit it…gulzar sahib has done a great job and amanat Ali sung it so well that other day…

  25. too good

    Its a very Beautiful song……… the lyics of the song indeed relates to everyones life some where or the other.

  26. ronny

    i feel one has to be a genius to compose everlasting songs like this…i is so close to my life…happier times we chill and freak without realising the gift of life…should thank our existence here…even in the simplest of the occasions, life teaches us so many things…this songs brings out the wonder of life in just few sentences…i do not think i am worth appraising this song…perhaps when i practice my learnings and billow happiness to others shall i deem myself fit to comment on this song!!

  27. Tenny

    It looks like few of us have been drawn to this blog site via Amanat Ali from Saregamapa 2007. I agree with most of you guys who saw the episode when Amanat sang the song. I had shed tears because i felt the music, moreso, the wordings. I live in New York and Zee T.V. didn’t show the version where all the guest celebrities were crying and Amanat himself was crying. I love this song and i’m going to record this song rite now in my own voice. Lets feel the music by RD and swim in between the words of Gulzar sahib.

  28. dorjee gyeltshen

    though i am a bhutanese, but i have some little capacity to interprate this very song. it really touch my heart and i can not control myself from weeping emotionally. when i sing this song, tears naturally flows down from my eyes and i cannot explain why. perhaps, i know the meaning of song. in each and every show held on the television, i find the contestant singing this song and atlast sheding some beautiful tears along with it. till now, no song has touched me inb depth so far other than ” tujse naraaz nahin zindhagi, hairan hoon main”
    moosuns( ID : 12moosuns@breakthru.com)

  29. kusum s.arya

    Amanat Ali’s voice is miracle, the last few songs touched
    my heart &made to cry. I have missed my one son in his
    age, but after hearing his voice & his feature, I feel happy
    I found him back. God bless him.

  30. Manjeet Singh Redhu

    When i listen this song ; I feel that Mr Gulzar have written the pain of every single person ,his struggle of life nd the voice of lata ji makes it more touchy .An emotional person can cry after listening this song.
    I like to thank Mr gulzar to write this song nd Lata ji to make it more touchy.

  31. AKASH

    If any one ask me which is your favourite song?
    i will anwser “tujhse naaraaz nahi zindigi hairaan hoon mai.”

  32. Shruthi D Harsha And Priya Karan

    Very nice and superb song i have ever heard………………..
    Nice to hear and and moreover much meaningful………………
    Everyone should listen to this song thy wil not get bore……………….

  33. drewa(RKRAJ)

    Excellent song!!! some songs do evoke such wide and vivid emotions in each one us that it touches not only the present but the past as well as the future… Some other fav’s are “Hum The Jinke Saharey” – from the movie Safar and also one from the movie Shor – “Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai”… Guys I wud still want to send out a word of caution, please listen to these songs when your ur in a happy mood… Please please dont get into depression… by relating too much and tooo many events of your life… These are gems and tho I am not a hindi song freak, i dont mind listening to them repeatedly any number of times….

  34. hemant

    this song is a spell that mesmerises you. it is untold journey of life that mr. gulzar has so beatifully crafted into simple verses for us humble beings. simply hats off to the composition and calling it awesome would be an understatement.

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