I, me, myself

Another one bites the dust. Inspired by a fellow blogger, I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test online. Here’s what it says.. ‘Seem theatrical in their displays‘ seems like a nice way to say — ‘uff, kya nautanki hai!’ methinks :| Now to look for this ‘uncanny sense of the motivations of others‘ that I apparently have.. ?

ENFP — “Journalist”. Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.

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9 thoughts on “I, me, myself

  1. iii

    hmm took the test..three times…my unconscious personality keeps changing :-D…but overall type and the conscious personality remained the same….wondering why the results are so..
    anyhoo will put up the latest result in my blog
    :-)….for the benefit of other personality voyeurs like me …its interesting to know what others think of themselves consciously or unconsciously…kinda like being mel gibson in what women want!..
    note to the clouds :- same pinch at the conscious personality..am also 2w3 >:)

  2. Megha

    [iii] Different results each time eh? Just goes to show that you have a *ahem* dynamic unconscious personality :) Good to know the 2w3 commonality!

    I took the test twice but got the same results. My alter ego is suffering from an identity crisis, I think :)

  3. Jupe

    Myers-Briggs seems to be the season’s flavor – found it in another of my pal’s blogs and cudnt resist giving it a shot. However the results were outrageous and so i’ve decided the test is too shallow :-) After all, the Jupes of the world can never be generalised into any category :-)

  4. Paddy

    I got ENTP which was the same in another shrink test.
    ENTP – “Inventor”. Enthusiastic interest in everything and always sensitive to possibilities. Non-conformist and innovative. 3.2% of the total population
    I am not too sure about the following results :

    Your conscious personality is Type 3w2
    Your unconscious personality is Type 1w9

    Its always fun to take interesting tests.

  5. Saurabh

    I bit the bullet as well! And how was I to know that I’d have to bite the other bullet, that of creating a blog, as well just to add a comment! See my results there :-)

  6. Ekta

    hry this one still sounds ok..
    I tried one which tells u abt your personality based on which ice-cream u choose!!!!!!!..like choc chips or plain chocolate??????

    and stuff like..ur sensitive and ambitious but cold????

    hehehe….that one literally took the cake man!

  7. Megha

    [Ekta] More like ‘that took the ice-cream cake’ right? :)

    I came across one the other day that claimed to tell me my ‘bloginality’ – my blog personality. Told me I was very ‘idealistic’ in the stuff I wrote, and that my blog is just a list of links that I will rarely ever update! Good to learn new things about myself :)

    Methinks some people have way too much time on their hands to come up with such tests. (not the Myers-Briggs one, I mean the bloginality, ice-cream kinds) But then again, if dhanda-nots like me are willing to be bakras and take such tests, I can’t really complain, can I? :)

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