Musical ramblings (Part 1/42)

So here’s some reviews, comments, digs, complaints, rants and judgmental opinions about an arbitrary selection of songs and soundtracks that have been in the news or have simply caught my eye. I’ve randomly reviewed music from my ’2003′ folder, so a lot of this stuff is more than a year old. If you’re one of those Hindi film music listeners who rushes to the nearest music store (or its .com equivalent for us ‘phoren’ log) when a new album is released, a majority of this is old news for you.

A cautionary note — a number of the songs mentioned here fall in, what I call, the ‘dhinchak‘ category, the generally catchy, not much long term value, but good timepass ‘enjoy-now-forget-tomorrow’ type stuff. So if, upon reading this review, you expect superlative music, you are sure to be sorely disappointed.

Enough with the disclaimers, on to the rants! (Music links on

  1. Chalte Chalte (Jatin Lalit, Aadesh Shrivastava) — The album is kinda generic romantic, standard Jatin-Lalit fare. Aadesh Shrivastava’s ‘layi vi na gayi‘ stands out for me though. I think its probably in raaga Puriyadhanashri, although not sure. Even though I don’t fully understand the lyrics, the song conveys the pain of a broken heart beautifully. I think its the rawness of Sukhwinder Singh’s voice that somehow always does it for me. Think the lyrics translate to something like ‘our relationship broke apart like a star falling from the sky’ .. Very nicely sung.

  2. Chameli (Sandesh Shandilya) — If you love Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice (like I do) then this is the soundtrack for you cos she’s in all 6 songs. This gal can hit supersonic notes and make it seem as easy as .. um .. eating ice cream. (I couldn’t think of a better analogy :|) ‘Bhaage re mann‘ has a beautiful melody and some wonderful flute interludes. The song has a very easygoing and relaxing feel, kinda like a babbling brook or flowing river. ‘Jaane‘ is again a lovely song — great saxophone bits and Udit Narayan does full justice to it. Also a very tough song to sing, IMO. Its two variations ‘bheegi hui koi‘ and ‘jaane kyon humko‘ are nice as well. Overall, Chameli is a softer, breezy, jazz-ish album.

  3. Chhal (Viju Shah) — Viju Shah creates music only once in a while, but when he does he always reminds us why he was the original god of the synthesizer, much much before A R Rahman happened. As I always say, if you want synthesized songs that don’t sound synthetic, then VS is the man for you. Two songs stand out in this soundtrack —

    • dil jhan jhanaale jaan-e-jaana‘ with Asha Bhosle’s sultry vocals working very well in tandem with a dark husky uncredited voice. The arrangements are very reminiscent of Tridev, especially like the ‘gali gali mein phirta hai‘ number from it.

    • chup chaap‘ — Simple melody, minimal use of the synth, and a simple heartbeat-like rhythm pattern make this song a winner for me! I like how the rhythm goes from being played on the electronic drums when Shaan sings to the tabla when Sadhna Sargam hums the ‘aa aa aaa’ portion (which is my favorite part of the song). And I love the prelude saxophone in the Sadhna Sargam solo version! Just an overall sweet romantic number.

  4. Chura Liya Hai Tumne (Himesh Reshammiya) — A movie that was supposedly a remake of The Truth About Charlie (which in turn was a remake of Charade, the Cary Grant-Audrey Hepburn flick). The things that stay in your head after you watch the movie — Esha Deol’s acting ‘skills’ that make you feel a compulsive need to boil yourself in oil (Yes, I have seen this movie, so sue me) and the superhit dhinchak number — ‘mohabbat hai mirchi‘, a song that is a must-hear just so you can go ‘oh that song, yes i’ve heard it’. Oh, and while I like Shaan’s singing why oh why does he have to roll his Rs when he goes ‘mirrrrchi‘ Most annoying! Grr.

That completes the C movies. Ah, you didn’t think there was a method to my madness, did you? :)

10 thoughts on “Musical ramblings (Part 1/42)

  1. Anirudh Garg

    Couple of points here :
    Just a random thought can we critique critics ?
    Good to see you focus on the positive ..I have seen some reviewers who criticise every movie and song they ever pass comments on :) ..

    Just look at the following reviews from the reviewer at TimesOfIndia , All negative ofcourse.
    And I remember the Rediff reviewer is also mostly negative.

    HB 2: Non-stop blues
    Nagesh Kukunoor follows up Hyderabad Blues with a sequel more confused than the US-returned NRI of his earlier story.

    Deewar: an escapism drama
    This escape drama leaves you wishing for an escape, with its slow, feeble plot and even weaker characters.

    Lakshya: Farhan misses target
    It is certainly not what dil chahta hai, when you see a fine actor like Hrithik Roshan make a complete fool of himself.

    Girlfriend: No gay watch
    Bollywood might be out of the closet, but it’s still closed. In this brave new world, the homosexual is the new villain.

    Dev: Gujarat in Bollywood, finally
    Over two years after the Gujarat carnage, the subject finds a place in the encounters and underworld-obsessed Bollywood.

    Aan: honour lost in action
    It’s difficult to tell who was at work in Aan – Men at Work. It certainly wasn’t the writer of this hackneyed plot about the police.

    Firstly I never even heard of *any* of the songs you have mentioned maybe to the exception of mirrrrchi which goes on to prove you are totally jobless..
    This also proves you are damn good ..taking fairly obscure songs and presenting an intelligent, highly original, very entertaining form of reviews is no mean achievment ..
    Final note, an alternate career ? film music critic ? ..naaah just kidding :)

  2. Megha

    [Anirudh] If someone can spend months making a movie and album that I can take apart and rant about in seconds, then its only fair that someone can critique my criticisms :)

    An alternate career, perhaps not :) But if my timepass dissection managed to convince you to give any of these numbers a listen, I shall consider my mission accomplished!

    Happy listening! :)

  3. Jupe

    Megha re Megha.. High five..

    I always thought only 132 ppl had heard of Chhal, of which 110 saw the movie (did u, KK rocks) and 6 appreciated the music.. Now lets find the other 4 :-) VS’s Gupt is one of my all time favorites – “Yeh pyaasi mohabbat” – Full nostalgia happening !

    CHALTE ^ 2 was a lousy movie with excellent music save the Dagariya song – yuckk. Being the incorrigible romantic i am, my personal favorite is SUNO NA :-p But hey, if you liked Layi vi na gayi, how about “Yaar mangyaasi” from Kaante – I go bonkers at that song :-)

    Neway summing up, U have wonderful taste in music (am basically patting myself in the back) – looking fwd to the entire series.

  4. Ekta

    Hey Mehga..
    Just came to my mind..there’s this amazing song in this new sidey movie called paap…slow number…lagan lagi or something like that…dont know wordings..but its an ammmaaazzzinngg no..just grows on u!..havent seen the movie so dont know the song but have heard it a few times on our very own FM and really liked it..
    nyone else knows abt it??

  5. Jupe

    At ur service old hag,

    lagii tum se man kii lagan
    lagii lagii tum se man kii lagan… The sung was sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali khan’s son, i guess, and its simply magical. For that matter all songs are PAAP are amazin’- Intezaar and Garaj Baras…

    N wots so sidey abt the pic ? udita was droolable and Tibet was awesome :-) Chuck the story though..

  6. Megha

    [Jupe] Thoda math fundas went gadbad there, didn’t they? ;) But yes, Chhal is a good movie with good music. The instrumental theme tracks are awesome too, IMO. In fact they are better than the songs itself, at times!

    And thankoo for mentioning Gupt – it remains one of my favorite works of VS! I remember the first time I heard ‘duniya haseenon ka mela‘ on my music system! The way the entire range of frequency bars on my music system’s colorful flashy lighted display thingy (yes yes, graphic equalizer like those purist audiophiles call it, but i still like ‘flashy lighted thingy’ more) danced to the music.. like they were in a lil dance club of their own.. too cool! :) Never mind Bobby Deol and his tresses on screen though :|

    I like ‘yaar mangiyaasi’ from Kaante, but my favorite remains maahi ve. I love Richa Sharma’s rich deep voice and she sings the song so well! The ‘socha nahin thha‘ number is also nice, much better than its overhyped fast version – ‘jaane kya hoga raama re’, wot say?

    Thankoo for your compliments to yourself! ;)

  7. Megha

    Ekta, I love ‘mann ki lagan‘ from Paap! Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (yes, NFAK’s son as Jupe mentioned) sings this Sufi number soo evocatively, and also succeeds in not sounding like his father, which is really nice. I also *love* the ‘intezaar’ number. Anuradha Paudwal makes a comeback after a long time, and she sounds so in control in this! Took a while to grow on me though, not in the ‘instant-wow’ category.

    By the way, I totally agree with you about the movie being sidey! A ‘woman’s point of view‘, my foot! Although John Abraham can make you forget all about the lack of story :)

  8. Ekta

    hey cool..thats the no!
    a frd of mine loved the no and kept singing it and just by hearing him sing it..I started enjoying this song!

    and while we’r on this..another chamiya no I loovveeee is this munnabhai song..totally rocking..”Seekh le”!…cant stop dancing everytime I hear this matter where I am!…In fact love it so much…now my frds too actually call me on the ph just to make me hear this song everytime they happen to listen to it:-)

    Its one of those..timepass nos..with a good beat which sometimes just catches u!:-)

  9. oxy_moron


    Heard somewhere that there is someone with an extraordinarily rich and remarkably eclectic taste in music.
    Congratulations upon having made it through Chura Liya Hai Tumne. Ditto for such excellent reviews. Shows that you know what you are talking about.

    How could you talk abt Mohabbat hai mirchi though? Even the nice people are supposed to know their limits:)

  10. Leslie Ramiscal

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