Ever get the feeling that you have a lot to say, but just can’t seem to articulate it? A zillion thoughts inside your head all fighting to get out, but in the end – nothing … nada … zilch? After several attempts at trying to blog and failing miserably, this doodle pretty much sums up how I’m feeling lately about my writing —

11 thoughts on “R I P

  1. iii

    mmm well that speaks a lot about u r doodling skills ;-)
    maybe you should try toonblogs ;-)
    Writers block,a bad malady. The clouds clouded themselves hmm, maybe its because your not raining these days ;-) atleast not in my part of the world!!!

  2. Paddy

    And with these words people can see
    Clear through the clouds that covered you.

    Just give it time and lookout for a day
    when all the clouds have blown away
    Then you can hear youself say
    inspite these blocks write you may

  3. Jupe

    Writer’s blog eh..I thought such lame excuses went out of vogue in the 80s when we were in school.. Cmon, get the Muscial Ramblings back on… They were soooo cooool


  4. Megha

    [iii] Even the clouds need some cloud cover at times. Toon blogs maybe not, but I do hope to get back to my assorted ramblings soon!

    [Paddy] Thank you for your words of encouragement. (and a nice play of words too!) I do hope to resurrect and write soon. Thanks once again..

    [Jupe] Arrey, here I am suffering with my inability to write and you pass it off as an excuse? Tchah! No concern even, I tell ya! Yes, musical ramblings shall soon be back. I’ve recently heard some decent (as well as really bad) music, so I can’t wait to crib and complain!

  5. Megha

    If you insist on playing the devil, I shall insist on playing shrink!

    *adjusting the eyeglasses perched on the tip of her nose in an intellectual sort of way* What do YOU think it means, Anirudh? :)

  6. Megha

    [Hawkeye] Just a vacation, not a retirement. Back to writing, so peace and calm is restored to the blog kingdom once again. Now you will be like a scared kid in a cheesy monster movie and go ‘Aaaaaaaaaaa! Its baaaaaaack!‘ eh?

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