Gmail Notifier

Yay yippee! Firefox has an extension to alert you to mail in your Gmail account! No more space being taken up by the Gmail tab (or the Gmail taskbar item, if you’re still using separate windows instead of tabs, tsk tsk.)

Would be nice if it checks if there’s a Gmail tab already open, and simply moves the focus to it rather than opening a new tab/window (based on the settings) each time. But its a minor quirk I can live with. One less thing to keep an eye out for, now that I get a nice lil popup when I have Gmail!

I have been given some grief lately about the length of my blogs. So for all of you complainers, here’s to show that I can blab less, if I choose to. Hmpfh.

4 thoughts on “Gmail Notifier

  1. Jupe

    I know its tuff serving many masters but I NEVER complained abt the length… So i want bigger posts :-)Bring on the music lady !! Now lemme try this Firefox thingy….

  2. Megha

    Shoor shoor. Writing soon!

    By the way, I noticed your use of ‘thingy’. Whatever happened to Jupe’s funda of ‘I hate all things American’ ? ;) Hmm..

  3. pingoo

    Megha, nice blog u got..first time commenting here..been here a few times before :). I downloaded firefox a few days ago but damn it.. after installing it wont open any webpages ..was giving some weird error (unable to resolve domain name?!?!) not sure why ..anyways after that I uninstalled it and I am back to my netcaptor as usual :p and I dint know it has this gmail notifier and all

  4. Megha

    [pingoo] Thanks for visiting and commenting! :) Sorry to hear your woes with Firefox, but glad to hear Netcaptor is working out for you. Yes, the Gmail Notifier extension is very cool! Although checking the Gmail tab isn’t that big a deal, having a pop-up notification for your mail is a nice lil bonus!

    Happy browsing! :)

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