I am on a new trip. I want to write short blogs. This is not to say that the long manuscripts with no end in sight will stop. No no, those will most certainly be there. I love to randomly ramble about pointless things, of course. (Which by the way, is totally different from ‘pointlessly ramble about random things’, something I do NOT do. Yes I’d like to believe that, so shoo!)

But I rarely write the ‘Hey, I woke up this morning and I was thinking..‘ type of stuff. The ‘Oooh! I just had a life-altering thought! Why don’t you come to my blog and read all about how my brilliant mind works?‘ routine is rather self-indulgent and vain, I guess. But then again, isn’t that what blogs are all about? Blowing one’s own trumpet in the name of self-expression? I know mine is.

13 thoughts on “RRAPT

  1. Anirudh Garg

    Both have their place in the blogging world, the long and short of it.
    Yes, I agree many of your posts are not pointless, random though they might be. Your reviews and previews especially are super !

    One more comment about your blog, its simply one of the “best looking” blogs around .. Also you seem to be constantly adding chothu ghantes and seentis .. good work

  2. iii

    Yeah, I had the random “aha moment” about the pointless (or pointy?) thing..albeit not a life altering one..;-) as soon as I posted that comment…! thanks for confirming… :-)..intially was wondering if u had turned a spell challenged evangelical …(rapture theory)..silly me

  3. Megha

    [Anirudh] Thank you! Glad to know you find the reviews and previews worthwhile.

    [iii] See, that is what happens when you read too much into my RRAPT. Literally! :)

  4. Vignesh

    Firstly, sorry about accidentally deleting my post! Nothingz goin right for me from the morning, and this was just one of them ;)

    I dont get the point… Whatz the big deal about the size of a blog? If I write a blog, at the end of it, I would like to feel good about it. Dont think I would bother about the size. Mebbe I am missin something over here… Pardon the newest blogger around the corner ;) Am just 1 week old in the big bad world of blogging!



    PS: Hey I added 1 more article to muh blogsite!!! Check it out… And also be nice and post a comment!!!

  5. oxy_moron

    Rrapturous post! I’ve always believed that Rrapting (though I had other random words for it) requires a lot of talent and effort and should be taken extremely seriously. Depending on one’s geographical, demographical and sexual dispensations it can be an art, a science, a scientific art or an artistic science and in certain cases, a way of life (eg. AB in Namak Halal who says, Aaj rrapt jaayein to hamein naa uthaiyo!)

    Shall keep watching this space from some glorious and delightful rrapting!

  6. Megha

    On a general note, I think there seems to be some confusion about what it is I meant to say. My point was that regardless of what kind of rambling one does (random or pointless), blogs tend to be a lil self-indulgent and vain, even if cloaked in the name of self-expression, my own blog included. But to quote Seinfeld – not that there’s anything wrong with it! As I always say – If you don’t blow your trumpet, who will. And what better place to do it than one’s blog!

    [Hawkeye] Yes with gurus like you .. But what part were you alluding to? Being vain or writing shorter blogs? ;)

    [Vignesh] There’s absolutely no deal about the size of a blog. That is the very point of my writing. To write about a non-issue and give it undue importance. Thought that was apparent by now :D By the way, I am always nice. *ahem* I already posted a comment!

    [oxy_moron] With puns and digs like these its a minor miracle you haven’t yet gotten a couple of rraptas! :> But you have escaped by mentioning ‘aaj rapat jaaye‘, one of my favorite masti-waala rain songs. Asha sounds so playfully sensuous and Smita sizzles on screen. And Amitabh. Ab kya bolun!

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