The day is finally here!

1918 2004

The fat lady has sung! 86 years later, the impossible dream has finally come true! The Red Sox have won!

We’ve got you, Babe! ;)

10 thoughts on “The day is finally here!

  1. iii

    Jesus (read johny damon) might have saved ye this time!
    Cause the yankees were Ruth-less and gutless , Must be the Bane of A rod…. babe after all, must have been offended with comparing A rod to him !!!! ..go figure!!!….But never fear… the Babe Will be baaaack! (t)Ruthfully and ruthlessly! ooooooooooooooo

    P.S Red hot Soxxy to give it to em!

  2. Ramchi

    Let’s hope the Red Soxx sweep is a sign of things to come for the other “BIG” race!Hopefully it would be the year of “Boston Boys”!

  3. Anirudh Garg

    I “figured out” baseball only ten days back in a single Red Sox and NYY game. I just said to myself, bahut ho gaya, shame on you, being a Bostonite you dont know baseball ! I am glad I did !
    The kind of frenzy taking over this town, is seen to be believed. For a person like me, for whom, some of the happiest moments in life have been when India beat Pakistan in cricket, I can kind of identify with the ecstasy enveloping this region ..

  4. dumbs

    is baseball really interesting? my roomie watches and screams. i tried to give him company but never got the thrill. what is so good bout baseball?

  5. Megha

    [iii] The demons of the Babe have been exorcised. He ain’t coming back, so you’re just gonna have to deal with the truth about Ruth! :>

    E S R U C :)

    [Ramchi] One still hopes yes. The Patriots and now the Sox! But it is the morning of November 3rd, and with Ohio remaining uncertain but slightly leaning in favor of Bush, my hopes are dwindling.. :(

    [Rajesh] You’d have to be a Bostonian to understand that. Its a Beantown privilege you see! Can be a nightmare when one has to do the laundry though .. if you’re not careful you can end up with a lot of pink socks! :|

    [Anirudh] Yeah the Sox fever really gets to you in this part of the world, doesn’t it?

    [Dumbs] I’m a moderate baseball follower but a big Sox fan. Its not the game itself as much as the loyalty to the team, especially this team that’s been the underdogs for so long and has such a story around it! Its hard to live in Boston and not get caught up in the Red Sox loyalty. Plus it helps to have a rival you really hate – the obnoxious Yankees!

  6. Jay

    They deserved to win … but the Yanks are probably goin to win another whole bunch. The Sox are never goin to have as much money as the Yanks … that’s the real curse.

  7. Megha

    [ChilledSteam] The Yanks could win a ton more and I wouldn’t care. Its *how* we won it that makes all the difference. As for money, I’d rather not support the richest team in the league that practically buys its way to a World Series win. Instead i’d prefer to root for a team that defies the odds and wins.

    The 3-0 comeback. The 4-0 sweep. Schilling’s ankle. Now those are the legendary stories you tell your kids about. Not about how fat A-Rod’s paycheck is!

    Thanks for the comment :)

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