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Look at how high Firefox is on the list of browsers used to visit this blog! And see where IE is! *wiping tears of joy* My precious readers.. you have done me proud!

Yes, I know these are results for just *one* day, and come tomorrow, some IE-happy user might skew it in a different direction, but still.. even if its only for the moment, it makes me one very happy bunny!

*hops away*

7 thoughts on “Blog statistics

  1. iii

    Hmm mea culpa, must be me…I guess I have too much time on my hands and you have too many interesting blogs/ links on your blog…
    (ok me is first in the line of confessions, people follow a neat line in front of the confession booth…after all this is still a commentocracy!)

  2. Rajesh J Advani

    Yippeee! Woohoooooo!

    Firefox rocks!!!

    Did you know, that if you’re using an earlier version of Firefox, you can upgrade to 1.0 using the “check for updates” feature? Now that’s what I call cool!

  3. Mustang

    ‘m glad i cud make tht difference!!! now i will ‘ve to frequent ur blog jst to keep the firefox flag high!! n stop foxing over sux :p

  4. Hifzur

    Firefox, is indeed very cool. The tabbed browsing is my favorite part. The only problem is, there are quite a few sites, where Firefox, doesnt work as well as it should. The fault, I believe, is the site’s and not Firefox’s, as the sites may not have conformed to the required standards. But with time, Firefox, must be a force to reckon with. What with rumors abounding that Google’s foray into the web browser market, might likely start with Firefox. (Hint, Hint, Firefox’s 1.0 default homepage !)

  5. Hawkeye

    Bah, IE rocks! All you MS bashers out there, I think there’s nothing as good as MS products for user friendliness. Vote for IE today. Win great Diwali gifts.

  6. Megha

    [iii] Given that you are one of the people I actually converted to Firefox, your having lots of time on your hands is never a problem. Visit all you want! :)

    [Rajesh] Oh I didn’t know that. I had upgraded by the time you posted this comment, but hopefully this will help someone else!

    [Mustang] Yes, you now shoulder a heavy responsibility! Don’t fail us! Firefox is counting on you!

    [Hifzur] Ah is it? It saved my 0.9 settings so I didn’t know about this! Cool!

    [Hawkeye] Long time no see! Why doesn’t my blog show your blog as updated even though you recently posted to it, you ask? Cos you’re an IE supporter that’s why. My blog knows evil when it sees it. :D Hee hee! Okie okie, I shall be nice. That’s likely cos doesn’t always seem to pick up on site updates. Its moody that way. My suggestion (although this is a lil painful) is to ping the site everytime you post something new. This link should let you do it and you don’t need to sign up for an account with them for it either.

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