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The Bravenet guestmap is my new toy. Thanks to fellow blogger Manjusha for the pointer. The funda is this — your visitors come to your blog, go to a map and place a pin on it to indicate where they are visiting from.

Over time, you get a geographic distribution of your visitors, with lil comments, cute icons, flags and all that goop. Just the kind of cutesy sparkly thing that i’ll get all excited about for now and probably get tired of in some time. But while its around, its my new fancy, so please humor me and go place your pin on it. Thankoo! Convenient link provided above and on the left. Yes, unsurprisingly, it is the globe with the pin stuck in it.

11 thoughts on “Guest Map

  1. Megha

    Since it would look pretty silly for me to go stick a flag on my own guestmap, I figured I should respond to comments here instead. Thank you all. Please continue to stick pins into the voodoo doll, oops, I mean the map.


    I thought that was pretty cool too.. I wanted to put this on my blog too :D .. I guess I was the lazy one..the early cloud gets the rain ? :)

    So what stopped you from adding it to your blog now? :)


    There you go. Do your happy bunny thingy.

    The happy bunny dance has been done. *bows to the applause*


    hi,Nice to see the growth of Mozilla firefox and also ur blog hit stats from it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Will make sure I visit yours!


    Am here!!!

    Well well, looky who’s here after a long time. Why haven’t you been blogging of late, btw?


    Nice One

    Nice to see you leave your footprints this time!


    Hi there from the ‘Land of Opportunity’

    Hello back! How goes the library opening? :)


    Kool way to Spread the joy around the Globe,Megha!I am not sure whether i pick the flag based on the country i am living or based on the country i am from!Anyway when it comes to Flag,i don’t see myself picking any other flag than Indian!

    I use the India flag whenever I visit such maps too. The PBDHH funda :)


    No more wisecracks in my comment lists?:O Aww u break my heart!:) That was the only thing worth readin on my blog anyway:D Nice add-in BTW. But what if you have a visitor from Antartica…hmm??:D

    Now this is what I call aa bail mujhe maar. If you complain later about how your high-funda (aka geeky) posts are littered with completely random unrelated comments and wisecracks, there ain’t nothin’ I can do ’bout it! Consider yourself warned! :D

    Yesh, valid point about the penguin visit. I shall work on creating an alternative image for the map. :)


    Lo ji, jhande gaad diye humne:D…well aaj ka jhanda that is..the mad nomad shall move on:)

    Ji shukriya! Daman sounds a lot more exotic than Chennai! :)

  2. Anirudh Garg

    Elementary my dear Meghatson, I am pretty convinced that all the hits that I got on my blog are from yours. So no real point in mine having a replicated map :).
    However blogrolling on your blog, acting all quirky, has decided to exclude me too now, from updating, whether I updated my blog. There goes my miniscule readership :)

  3. Megha

    [Anirudh] Very funny. Am sure you have plenty of visitors of your own! As for blogrolling’s quirks, here is a cut-paste of what I said in response to Hawkeye’s comment on a previous post —

    … doesn’t always seem to pick up on site updates. Its moody that way. My suggestion (although this is a lil painful) is to ping the site everytime you post something new. This link should let you do it and you don’t need to sign up for an account with them for it either.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Hawkeye

    I pinned the globe on the prick. Oops. I pinned the prick on the globe. Hmmm? I pricked the pin on the globe. There, that sounds right. Right in the middle of russia. Ah.

  5. Megha

    [Sudhir] Glad you liked the map! Thanks to your comment on the email address gathering, I hunted around and figured out how to delete the email field, so no more worried about ids being harvested for spam. My readers have you to thank for that :)

    [Hawkeye] Thenkoo! Or should I be thanking you in Russian? *raised eyebrow*

    [ubermensch] Thank you! Do come by again! :)

  6. Megha

    [Rohit] Phir se shuru? Uff..

    That rum pum pum reminded me of ‘gori ka saajan saajan ki gori‘ for some reason? Is that what you had in mind? Anyways, to continue -

    La la la la la laaaa la la la laaa la la la .. tu tu hai wahi, et al. (desperately moving back to worthwhile songs after that lil trip down noise-lane.)

  7. zsa zsa zsu

    I think Rohit meant the Ram Lakhan movie song

    Rum pum pum rum pump pum rump pump pump pump…..

    aji.. oji… aji oji loji sunoji… main hoon man maouji

    okkkkk….weird lyrics.

    and i m commenting on a comment of 2005..uff

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