No mo’ snow!

Snowdrift has been my word of the day. For those of you who live in warmer climates and have never heard of or dealt with one and are probably sniggering at me right now with a smug look on your sun-tanned face — a snowdrift is a mass of snow that’s heaped up by the wind. So what? Well, when you get about 25-28 inches of snow in a weekend coupled with 50 mph winds, the piles of snow against your main door, your car, your front yard, everywhere .. are about 4 feet tall. Enter our friend, Mr Snowplow Operator who takes these 4-foot piles and pushes another truckload of snow on top of it. What one ends up with is quite a Himalayan experience. (No not Bhagyashree’s husband. And if you didn’t get that joke, you need to brush up on your pointless Hindi-movie trivia from the early 90s.)

So the weather inspired the poet in me. Yes, let us assume, for the sake of this post that there IS a poet in me. After all, my last creative outpouring was also about the weather. So here I am, back with another. Can we keep the collective groans in the audience to a minimum please? Thanks to fellow blogger Hob Gadling for added inspiration.


Snow, snowdrifts, sleet and ice
Driving around is not very nice
Yay! I have all-wheel drive!
Without it I couldn’t survive.

Woke up in the morn’ and — whoa!
Falling all around, soft and slow
On the tree branch, on the black crow
Feels like Christmas again, ho ho ho!

*sigh* I am no poet, I know..

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20 thoughts on “No mo’ snow!

  1. Rajesh J Advani

    Kabutar ja ja ja
    Kabutar ja ja ja

    Pehle pyaar ki pehli chithiiiiiiii


    Saw a pigeon in Manhattan at around 9:30pm Friday night. Temperature was 5F (-15C, and that’s without windchill)! Was that a hot bird or what? (Damn. If only it had been a baby hen instead…)

  2. Devdutt

    I stepped out Sunday morning, and couldn’t resist appreciating the sheer symmetry of an unending line of parked ca’a’rs (pronounced Boston style), with their hoods buried in the snow. As if all of them had driven into a snow embankment in unison.

    My appreciation came to a screeching halt when I saw that the cars on the other side of the street were seemingly untouched by the blizzard. That’s the frustrating beauty of a snowdrift. Having to learn a lesson in irony from Mother Nature so early on a Sunday morning sure beats the hell out of sleeping in, doesn’t it?

    I’m more of a limerick man, so here goes:

    There was a ‘telugu inti aadapaduchu’ from Boston,
    Had a pair of gloves, then she lost ‘un,
    With just one glove, she shovelled the snow,
    Missed her footing, stubbed her lil’ toe,
    And yelled she’d move to Austin.

    PS: I really dunno what a ‘telugu inti aadapaduchu’ actually is, but u guys were having so much fun with it that I simply had to use it in my masterpiece. :)

  3. Sagnik Nandy

    well, i reached your blog through very limited blog hopping (just followed ur link :) ) and i shall surely visit it again. i loved ur copyright notice and felt bad for not coming up with somethig like that myself :( cheers and keep blogging.

  4. shantanu

    well, instead of sniggering at u, i’d like to be there and see all that snow as i’ve never seen such a scene. it’d be lovely i bet. though i wund’t be living there though. that’d be darn hard. just a visit or two wud be good. :)

  5. iii

    Yes you are no poet… just a poetess or maybe a limerick-istess
    I am no poet or a limerick-ist..def not a poetess or any kisstess *grin*

    bad limerick alert…. Y’ all can groan loudly.. I dont mind

    megha rains and shes in pain!
    megha snows, complains of drifts!
    megha re megha! no rhyme no reason
    Just a different megha for every season
    …….. catch my drift? *Atchoo*

  6. Akruti

    Bhagyashree’s husband exp is goodone megha,u still remember them:) i guess i can only feel to an extent what ur trying to say,i have never been in such a place so it looks beautiful to me,ya,but then reality always contradicts the myth or dreams:)
    telugu ammayi ki hello chepdamani vacchanu:) elaunnavu?

  7. Rajesh J Advani

    Tip tip barsa pani
    Yaad aa gayi meri nani
    Dhar dhar giri baraf
    Main to hoon teri hi taraf
    Gaadi par na hota hai control
    This is the time for Rock’n'Roll

    *sheepish grin*

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. :D

  8. pingoo

    Wow ! that’s some real snow we are talking about. First of all I can’t take this snow and upar se this wind chill(the main culprit)…how can people survive ? OK snow is pretty for the first time or may be the first few times (if you haven’t seen one before i.e) Can’t live with the snow every day, day after day.

    How can I forget Himalaya lol…his eyes were almost popping out in one song I remember, that was scary.

    Feels like Christmas again, ho ho ho!

    hahaha :d that was funny lol looks like every one is into poetry here !! snow inspires poets ? I din’t know ..I am no bard of avon but what the heck !! let me chip in too :p don’t laugh ok ?

    Snow snow there you go :p
    when u fall I feel so low

    I slip and fall walking on the ice
    I walk again and lo ! fall twice

    why do u love to stick to the tire
    cause an accident and then some fire

    I drive so fast when you’re not around
    fast is past when you surround

    Snow snow there you go
    Do I like you ? A big no :p
    OK laugh all u want !!

  9. Hawkeye

    Hey, you been playing around with your template? coz the side panel (in IE) is not appearing at the side but at the bottom… have a looksee.

  10. Megha

    [Hawkeye, Devdutt] I think i’ve fixed the problem. Checked on IE, Firefox and Opera and looks fine at my end. Please confirm? And thankoo for catching it!

    (The doodleboard and guestmap are temporarily disabled. Will come back alive in a day or so)

  11. Prasad

    Hmm… the poet in u is really good :)
    so, enjoying the snow thr.. hmm.. u should have added a couple of pictures too so that we ppl out here in India could aswell enjoy seeing it in pictures atleast.. :)

  12. gvenum

    Wah wah. Ek ek ka kya poetry hai. Megha’s “poetry” sure did touch the “Kavi” bone in everyone.

    “Woh Akele hee likhti gayi
    Jaanib-e-so called shayari Magar
    Humsafar miltey gaye
    Aur begane shayaron ka Kaarvaan banta gaya “

    -from “Beganey Shayaron ka Badshah”

  13. Sidharth

    I can sooo relate with you having survived 3 nasty winters in Michigan!! /:-|

    Cant describe how happy I am now that I have moved to Sunny Florida :)

  14. zigzackly

    Just wondering if your readers know who’s responsible for that wonderful design work on the South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog?


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