Pyaar ke mod pe..

When it comes to Hindi film music, there are tons of songs I love. People make fun of how I have songs I love, songs I looove, and songs I luuuuuuuve. But amongst the many, there’s a smaller subset that truly touch my heart. Be it the lyrics, the singing, the music or some altogether indescribable element .. there are some songs that make me go weak in the knees and a li’l wet in the eyes. This is one such number.

The music of this movie came as a welcome relief at a time when noise still ruled the scene. And in the midst of a powerful and violent movie, soft melodies like this brought peace and calm, much like the bird that symbolizes its title — Parinda (1989). The soundtrack has the more famous and universally favorite duet — tumse milke aisa lagaa tumse milke. But this song is my pick from the album. Outstanding music by R D Burman, exceptional singing by Asha & Suresh Wadkar, and simple, beautiful lyrics by Khursheed Hallauri, a rare female lyricist for Hindi films.

The scene — near the seashore. The moment — just around sunset, surrounded by the gold and orange hues of the twilight sky. The strains of the santoor, the bass guitar, the saxophone in the interludes, and Asha’s mellifluous voice .. the way she completes the antaras and returns to the mukhda, giving it a slightly different twist each time, something extra .. something more that tugs at your heart. Pyaar ke mod pe chhodoge jo baahein merii .. tumko DhuunDhengii zamaane mein, nigaahein merii ..

pyaar ke mod pe chhodoge jo baahein merii
tumko DhuunDhengii zamaane mein, nigaahein merii

zindagii mein jo kahin aur main kho jaauunga
tumse milne ke liye lauT ke phir aauunga
ae merii jaan-e-wafaa dekhnaa, raahein merii

aisaa naa ho ae sanam jaao to phir aa naa sako
merii ye tamannaa hai tum mere paas raho
kyon tumhein bhaatii nahiin aaj, panaahein merii

koii ban jaaye meraa aisii taqdiir nahiin
dil ke aaine mein ab koii tasviir nahiin
ye haqiiqat hai, asar kho chukii, aahein merii

saath main tumhaare huun, ab koi gham naa karo
khud ko tanhaa mere hote humdum naa karo
hoke maayuus naa dum tod dein, chaahein merii

Film: Parinda (1989); Singer(s): Asha Bhosle, Suresh Wadkar; Lyrics: Khursheed Hallauri; Music: R D Burman

Love, from a woman’s point of view. No red roses, no pink teddy bears, no chocolate-covered candy-hearts. Just a gentle assurance that I’ll always be there.

45 thoughts on “Pyaar ke mod pe..

  1. pingoo

    This is definitely one hell of a song !! always luved it, madhuri looks so simple yet stunning in this song *sigh* One more song on the same lines which sounds more or less like this song is..Meri Duniya Main,Vaastav(1999) by Sonu Nigam and Kavita Krishnamurthy…that must be high up on ur list too, I hope :). Nice pick.

  2. Megha

    [pingoo] Aha! I had a feeling you’d have something to say about this song :)

    And yes, meri duniya hai, tujh mein kahin is very much a favorite of mine! Although I think it sounds rather different from pyaar ke mod pe. Perhaps the ‘romantic number in the middle of an underworld film’ similarity is what you’re talking about? In that case, tumse milke is a closer comparison, don’t you think?

  3. Fun_Da_Mental

    OMG!! You won’t believe thisssssss…. but “Tum se milke” is running on my comp RIGHT NOW!! :))))))))) Goshh.. whatta coincidence! (Or is someone spying on me? :O) )

    Boyyy.. this song has been in my favorites list for past year and half now and guess will remain there for few more years! :-) Beautiful song and equally beautiful post.

    Nice one Meghs. :-)

  4. pingoo

    hey hey hey !! clarification – I was comparing “Tumse Milke Aisa Laga” with “Meri Duniya”..Sorry for the confusion :).

    Perhaps the ‘romantic number in the middle of an underworld film’ similarity is what you’re talking about?That and also something which I dunno how to put in words :).

  5. Megha

    Ah okie, *that* makes a lot more sense!

    I don’t see a tune similarity between meri duniya hai and tumse milke, but I do think they both have that ‘dance around the room happily’ quality about them. At least that’s my poor attempt to capture that ‘something indescribable’ in words :)

  6. Rajesh J Advani

    Nice thought :)

    Your closing line reminded me of a beautiful song originally sung by Michael Jackson for the Jackson Five, and later covered by Mariah Carey. It’s called “I’ll be there”

    You and I must make a pact
    We must bring salvation back
    Where there is love
    I’ll be there (I’ll be there)

    I’ll reach out my hand to you
    I’ll have faith in all you do
    Just call my name
    And I’ll be there (I’ll be there)

    I’ll be there to comfort you
    Build my world of dreams around you
    I’m so glad that I found you
    I’ll be there with a love so strong
    I’ll be your strength
    You know I’ll keep holding on

    Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter
    Togetherness is all I’m after
    Just call my name
    And I’ll be there (I’ll be there)

    I’ll be there to protect you
    With an unselfish love that respects you
    Just call my name
    And I’ll be there (I’ll be there)

    I’ll be there to comfort you
    Build my world of dreams around you
    I’m so glad I found you
    I’ll be there with a love so strong
    I’ll be your strength, you know I’ll keep holding on

    If you should ever find someone new
    I know he’d better be good to you
    ‘Cause if he doesn’t
    Then I’ll be there (I’ll be there)

    Don’t you know baby
    I’ll be there
    I’ll be there
    Just call my name
    And I’ll be there
    Just call my name
    And I’ll be there

    And oh yeah. Happy Valentine’s day!

  7. Sagnik Nandy

    I love Tumse Milke a lot myelf – brilliantly rendered BUT am slightly biased gaint it coz its inspired from “When I need you.” My fav R.D. Burman (a genius) romantic track will be Sach Mere yaar hai from Saagar … and a happy V Day to you and all the comment-ers of ur blog

  8. Megha

    [Rajesh] Ah, lovely song! Hadn’t heard it in a long while. And Happy Valentine’s Day to you too!

    [Sagnik] Thank you, and a happy V day to you too! Yeah, the Leo Sayer inspiration is definitely there, i’ll admit. Perhaps that’s why my leaning towards pyaar ke mod pe. And sach mere yaar .. *sigh* .. the songs of Saagar deserve a post in itself!

    [a-hem] Wishing you tons of the same! In your preferred color, if the pinks and reds annoy you :)

  9. kaashyapeya

    As you say, there are just tonnes and tonnes of great numbers, so making a list is probably a bit foolhardy, but let me add a few anyway.
    Zindagi var nehi bhoolenge o barsaat ki raat…..
    Mere meheboob tujhe…..
    Surmayee aankhiyo mein….
    (this one’s probably my personal fav)pal pal dil ke paas…- for the lyrics
    And most of all, ayega aanewala from mahal. Says it all and does not need to be spoken about.
    Yes, my tastes primarily run into old songs.

  10. Prasad

    hmmm… good song..
    even I’ve a huge list of songs i like.. my fav number is “Pehla nasha….” from Jo Jeetha Wohi Sikandar…
    another song I like alot is “Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi….”
    and the list goes on n on n on…. :)

  11. shantanu

    as usual, i havent heard the song but nevertheless the lyrics are beautiful, yaar thoda pehle post likha hota to I cud have recited it to my valentine…:)

  12. Requiem for a Dream

    Hey there Megha,
    I am extremely happy to have stumbled upon your blog..this theme of using hindi songs is so so nice and unique…there is so much emotions in this music…wow,i am awestruck…continue the good work.

  13. Megha

    [kaashyapeya] Making a comprehensive list might be impossible, but it never hurts to talk about some of them, does it now? :) Being a big oldies fan myself, I love most of the songs you’ve mentioned. And surmayi akhiyon mein reminds me of Sadma which in turn reminds me of ae zindagi gale lagaa le – another classic in terms of music, lyrics and singing. Ufff, what a song! Keep them coming!

    [Prasad] Ah, both lovely songs! I nearly wrote about tere bina zindagi se koi in fact! :)

    [shantanu] Der aaye durust aaye! Am sure she’ll appreciate it, even if it is a day late :) Hope your V-day was good!

    [Gamesmaster G9] First of all, love the ode to Mithun-da in your blogger name! :) Yes, total dumpee/unrequited love anthem it be. Few days hm? Time to move on to bachna ae haseenon lo main aa gaya perhaps?

    [Requiem for a Dream] Thanks Pankaj, nice to know you liked the song and my blog! These songs are very close to my heart and I enjoy talking/writing about them, although it’s quite commonly done around the blog world it seems, so no points to me for uniqueness. Glad you came by, do visit again!

  14. Nidhi :)

    Last linez summed up everything! :)
    n yo thatz even my fav song! itz beautiful.. currently listening to Thandi Hawa ..from Jhumroo.. by Kishore Kumar.. there is something in his voice which can make u smile even after a bad day n make u cry after a happy day! itz so sweet n touchin!
    tka care will be bac very soon.. was buzyyyyyyyyyyyy! :p
    keeep smiling :D Nice postie!

  15. missnupur

    Yes gurl!
    You are so right… we have been misrepresented as materialised chicks by Gifts and Card Companies for sooo long!

    Us girls don’t need those things.. ‘need’ being the catch word!! ^v^

  16. Handful Of Hell

    The lil thought at the fag end of the post, could well be the precursor to the post itself. Two lovers besotted in love craving for the each other’s eternal company, nothing material about it. It’s difficult to understand if the song is impressed by the thought or the thought by the song. Anyway, sweet song, sweeter thought.

  17. Ravikiran

    Hi Megha, nandha,

    Nice blog, I have been reading your weblogs for a while now. Way to go. Your blog is a relief in the clutter.

    I am moved,touched by Nandha’s line on background music…

    Something that I feel strongly about, the line is perfect for my own blog.

  18. Megha

    [Nidhi] Lovely song! Now humming the lines saare haseen nazaare, sapnon mein kho gaaye .. And Kishore .. *sigh* a voice that is pure magic. No words to describe it!

    [Sreekesh] Indeed, hope is all it is. Optimism from both sides, not just hers. Welcome and thank you for dropping by!

    [missnupur] Totally! Although I’m sure some guy reading this is definitely going to react with – oh you may not ‘need’ anything else, but you ‘want’ those things anyway! :) But yes, I agree. Well said!

    [Handful Of Hell] Its the thought that drives the song, I would say. Hard to write poetry without the underlying feeling being there. At least that’s how I see it, though i’m not a poet by any stretch of imagination. Am glad you like the song as much as I do!

    [nandha] Hm, what a nice thought that is. A musical accompaniment to life, as we live it. Would be wonderful!

    [Ravikiran] Thanks for leaving a comment this time! Nice to put a name to a regular visitor. Glad you like it here and hope to see you around more. Oddly enough, I had stopped by at your blog just yesterday, on a friend’s recommendation. I’ll leave it to you to figure out who that might be :)

  19. Sagnik Nandy

    boy, ur blog is a place for tete-a-tete. so now i visit it for two reasons – (a) read the stuff that u write and (b) find new blogs by following the urls of ur commentors :)

  20. Megha

    I shall bow graciously and conveniently hog credit for the all the interesting URLs as well :) Thankoo thankoo! And hopefully you come for a third reason as well — (c) read the comment responses *I’ve* written? Else writing this response itself is kinda pointless.

    Oh by the way, curious observation — for some odd reason I’ve always spelt commentor with an ‘o’ and not with an ‘e’. The word is spelt commenter in the dictionary, so I thought I was the only odd one who spelt it differently. Now I see I have company! Its fun though. Rhymes with dementor .. so it has that ominous Potter-like quality to it.

  21. Sagnik Nandy

    prev comment had spelling mistake :(

    as you can see i anyway come back for option (c). btw, to be honest i dint know the spelling of commenter :) so no wiz(ard) kid meanings were meant :)

  22. Megha

    Ah that makes so much more sense! Was wondering about that.

    By the way, that also means you come back for (d) spell-checking and proofing your own comments :)

    And the list grows..

  23. Twin-Gemini

    Hi Megha

    I am not a big fan of the (g)olden days music, but after reading this post, am completely rethinking about it. It’s plain and simple and very lovely. I will listen to this one soon and find out for myself :-)

  24. Megha

    [Sagnik] I did, I did! Ever realized that I can write only if a certain someone who blogs five times a day gives me a respite from reading? Some people.. :)

    [Twin-Gemini] Glad to hear you are considering it. Hope you like it as much as I do. Takes some getting used to of course, since the music of the past decades is rather different from the technologically advanced music of today. But once you get into it more, I’ll bombard you with further recommendations :)

    Also, while 1989 doesn’t quite qualify as the golden era the music definitely is worth its weight in gold. At least in my opinion.

    Thank you!

  25. Sivani

    Hmm, the wonders of – it meant I could immediately listen to the song – although their version is not a duet.

    And then of course I listened to Tum se milke, and thought immediately of a post by Dharmendra. This song, while not a direct lift, has definitely been “inspired” by an old Leo Sayer song,
    “When I need you” – click link to listen.

  26. Megha

    [Sivani] I cannot seem to connect to the MIO server right now, but since you mentioned the song to be a ‘non-duet’ version there, here’s what I think has happened ..

    The song that MIO carries is not exactly a solo version. It *is* the duet version, but with the male paragraphs edited out. And this isn’t even MIO’s fault. Weston (the music label that Parinda was released on) re-released the CD of Parinda about 5 years ago, which for some iexplicable reason, and despite having tons of CD space (since it was a solo CD, not a combination with another soundtrack), has the *edited* versions of some of the songs, notably tumse milke and pyaar ke mod pe. The duration of the complete version of pyaar ke mod peis 6:30 while the edited version (which is what MIO carries too, i’m guessing) is only 3:29! Imbeciles! Oh and sorry if that was too much information :)

    And yes, as I mentioned in response to Sagnik’s comment, I agree the Leo Sayer inspiration is definitely there. What post of Dharmendra does that song remind you of though? Now you’ve got me curious :)

  27. Megha

    [Sivani] Ah, I missed this post of Dharmendra’s for some reason! And of course I believe you :) I shouldn’t expect you to read each and every comment before writing one, after all. That can get quite tiring! And you nicely gave an audio link to the song and all, so more brownie points for you!

    Speaking of Hindi film songs and their western ‘inspirations’, the Inspired Indian Film Songs site is a very good resource. This is just in case you haven’t already heard of it.

  28. gvenum

    This song has become my all time favorite now. It got so much meaning. There is nothing like “a song which has nice lyrics and pancham music”.
    Hope I get to listen to the whole song as against the edited version on MIO.

    Happy Valentine’s day to you..guess little late:)

  29. Megha

    [gvenum] There is nothing like a song which has nice lyrics and pancham music – Very true! And I hope to blog more about such songs :)

    Happy Valentine’s day to you too!

  30. Anonymous

    A random search landed me here. This song is really beautiful. It reminds me of saturday midnights in manhattan. The gorgeous skyline of manhattan, hudson river, george washington bridge, Back seat of my brothers car and pyar kE mOD pE….


  31. Aakarsh

    Absolutely Fantastic song. There was a time when i couldnt get this Tape in the music stores(here in hyderabad) and one-day when the film was being aired on TV, i connected the Tv to my stereo and recorded the song.
    fantastic guitar work, brilliant tune..and superb rendition.
    The movie itself was very came when Ramgopal Varma was not around.

  32. Raju Bathija


    Thanks for writing about `pyaar ke mod pe’ from Parinda. It is a beautiful song, one of many many which great R.D. Burman has composed. One similar song which immediatly comes to my mind is: `bauhat door chale jana hai’ from Heera Panna.


  33. Brat

    Thought I must mention that the search for this song was what landed me to this site and I am glad i did :).

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  35. Lakshmi

    luv tht song n felt the exact same thing u felt n wrote abt…nice read…easy on the mind…n i knw its uncanny but other than the name of ur blog i loved the quotes, the matter n themes as well…Do check out mine as well…its sweet labour waitin to happen…

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