My so-called life

Target audience for this post:

  • People who wonder if I have a life
  • People who want to know if there are any real people in the aforementioned life
  • People who are not sure if this blog is real
  • Fans of The Matrix (1999)

I don’t usually rant on my blog. Every now and then a Tusshar Kapoor movie might come along and change that, but for the most part, I don’t. This post however, is a departure from tradition. So what’s bugging me? Several different things .. resulting in the longest blog known to mankind. Or so it feels. Proceed with caution.

  • Very recently when asked in a comment on this blog why I don’t write often enough, I responded cheekily with ‘I was too busy getting a life, so I didn’t have time to blog‘. In retrospect, this is not true. My blogging frequency and my getting myself a life have very little to do with each other. I’ve written a lot when I’ve been busy, and gone through dry spells despite having lots of time to kill. Also, I rarely write about what I did in my day or week, so life or the lack of it shouldn’t affect my writing. The inspiration (if I can be so pompous as to call it that) for my writing comes from things I think about, not from things I do. At least, most of the time.

    Also, I think ‘getting a life’ is highly overrated. It’s mostly an idea propagated by the 5.67% of the population who actually have a life, to make the rest of us feel left out. About a month ago the blog world was filled with rants and ballyhoo about the commercial monstrosity that is called Valentine’s Day. A holiday created to make singletons miserable, people cried. This is much like that. Getting a life is a concept created to make most people who live regular lives feel like they’re missing out on a lot of excitement, thus making them wallow in dissatisfaction.

  • I am lazy. There are topics that every self-respecting blogger ought to write about, and while I am a blogger and I can claim to possess oodles of that thing called self-respect, I’m also an extremely lazy blogger. A mere seventy posts over a span of one year and two months should be an indication of that. I write when I feel like it, not ‘cos it’s high time I did. Also, I often don’t write about things that have been written about on other blogs. If what I feel has already been expressed, that too in far more effective words, there is no reason to be redundundundant. That should address the question Sriram raised about why I did not say anything on the Mediaah! controversy.

  • I think a lot, at times. At other times I don’t think at all. And so I write about things that are on my mind. A random thought that came to me while watching a passerby at the train station. A conversation with a friend. Something on TV. A song I listen to that I love. Lyrics that I find beauty in. A sunset. Things like that. This blog is titled ‘A walk in the clouds’. For the linguistically inclined, megha in Hindi/Sanskrit translates to cloud. Multiple clouds are also megha, which conveniently explains my multiple personalities. So this blog is a walk in my thoughts. A very long walk at times, given my verbosity, but a walk nonetheless.

  • Do I have a life beyond my blog? Do I have real people in my life? — asked someone recently on my doodleboard. I think my blog sufficiently answers that question, so I’ll leave that as an exercise for the discerning reader. However the question I have — Why the burning interest in how real or imaginary my life is? I could be living in a pod in outer space and writing about the human social life I once had. I could be a researcher in Minsk, buried under a glacier, whose only connection to civilization is the supplies truck that arrives once every three months with frozen tinned sardines. My blog and Viktor. Yes, that could well be my life. By the way, Viktor is hurt at the implication that he’s not a real person. Supply truck drivers have feelings too.

  • I lead a moderately interesting life but I assume nobody would be interested in knowing about the contents of my breakfast or for that matter, my backpack. I could romanticize my life, giving the impression of a Bohemian existence, but honestly, it’s too much work. And so I don’t usually write about what I did, where I ate, who I met, my family, my friends, their lives and so on. If I do write about them, it is in terms of what I’m thinking about rather than a direct account of something they did. Thus you’ll find the ‘My life is divided into phases with respect to my mom ..‘ post, but you won’t find the ‘Woke up this morning with a phone call from my mom at 6am, ate some pickled peaches, puked, now here’s a blog about it ..‘ post. The only notable exception to the rule I follow about mentioning people in my life, is Kyle. It was a long time ago, Viktor, don’t be jealous.

  • Everything I write could just as easily be make-believe. But does it really matter? If I enjoy writing it (which I do) and you like reading it (which I hope you do) then the purpose has been served, and the rest is irrelevant. A close friend once said that a story should be told the way it *should* have happened, not the way it *had* happened. I agree. After all, what’s writing without li’l flights of fancy? A little real, a little imaginary, together makes one’s writing nice and complex, no? (For those of you who are not math geniuses, that was a complex numbers pun.)

  • My blog is my toy, my playground. I try out new features on my template ‘cos renewing things and not letting them stagnate is very important to me. I thrive on change. It inspires me, and I’ve been told on occasion, that it inspires others too. My blog does not look the way it does by chance. It looks like this by choice, because I have spent time to make it look like this. I’m a designer by profession (there, the token bit of personal info that was expected from this post) and while I spend most of my design time on relatively fruitful enterprises (resulting in relatively fruitful paychecks) I like wasting some of it on my blog.

  • So how do I find the time to write silly eight verse poems about pointless things while actually trying to live a life, you ask? Inspiration. I write when I am inspired, else I don’t write at all. I don’t waste a lot of time *trying* to write. I either write, or I just close shop and find myself something else to do. I, however, do take my writing somewhat seriously, which I think I should, considering there are people other than me who take time out of their day to read it.

Bottomline — If you are looking for straight answers to questions like who I am and what I do, you won’t find them on this blog. However, I do volunteer information about myself. I just disguise it in the midst of a lot of words, trusting my reader to find what they are looking for. As I often say — My life is an open book. You just have to read between the lines.

34 thoughts on “My so-called life

  1. sd

    “I, however, do take my writing somewhat seriously, which I think I should, considering there are people other than me who take time out of their day to read it.” :)
    Well said!

  2. Devdutt

    Well, I guess its a good thing that I didn’t post the mean version of the limerick in my last comment–seeing that u are not in such a good mood. U know what would be a great UI trick though? If the clouds could turn black when u are all gussa-gussa :P

    Hmm a Belarusian supply truck driver and a ‘telugu inti aadapaduchu’ research scientist??……but then, stranger things have happened. You might be a lot of things; but unoriginal, u r not:D

  3. aNTi

    Viktor….hmmm.. interesting insight into your love life.. lol :)
    And still in touch with Kyle? ;) lol He must be a year older than he was. Sit tight, another 15 years to go with Kyle. But u will give Viktor a chance, wont you?
    (*hides behind dark glasses, a stuck on mole on his right cheek and a hastily pasted on beard…)

  4. dkjariwala

    Wow! I must say you have a great writing style. :)

    Btw, I totally agree that one should post when they feel like it and that’s what I do. [Btw, I don't get requests to post more often like you get]. And you know what? Even Joel Spolsky and McSweeneys agree with us. From Joel’s about page.

    “Whether or not I put things up will depend largely on whether, on a particular day, I have anything to put up,” to paraphrase McSweeneys.”


  5. Sriram

    Err.. me don’t get it. is there a slight undercurrent of hostility in the post? (afterall, you said tis up to the reader to “assume”) I agree with you on most parts and esp with “a story should be told the way it *should* have happened, not the way it *had* happened.” What I don’t understand is your effort to convey to readers who are inquisitve about your personal life, that you do have one. (Do you? Are you in the Matrix? or the “real” world?) An easier way to address them would be “buzz off”. try it. it always works!

  6. pingoo


    Pinging [] with wonly 4 kochens:

    Reply from (What’s ur name?) I am Megha time=0 TTL=01 post
    Reply from (What do u do ?) Request timed out.
    Reply from (Are u seeing someone?) Kyle wants to see me time>6 months TTL>50 posts
    Reply from Megha: (What do u do ?) I am a Designer !! time>12months TTL>69 posts

    Ping statistics for
    Kochens: Sent = 4, Received = 3, Lost = 0
    Approximate round trip times :
    Minimum = 0ms, Maximum = 12months, Average = 8months

    The blog is alive and doing well, why do people want to ping it !! blog might go into secure stealth mode and may not reply to pings any more :-|. As they say “lokulu kaakulu”, so just relax. Don’t be upset (if ur) there are all kinds of kaakulu in this world :) !!

  7. Akruti

    Megha,write what u feel like,and when u feel like,this is u r blog, and u r feelings u put in.And n number of words wouldn bring beauty in to a piece of writing until the writer cannot feel it.let it be on anything,me,myself,blogs or the world.somehow i could relate to most of the points u said here:)
    ok,so u r waiting is over megha,now i commented also,and seriously i liked the tone of the post:)

  8. Stuti

    This is so funny, there is man/woman/something floating around talking about the merits of having a life! :O

    It would be pertinent to point out the said he/she/that is desperately in need of one to begin with. Freud might have a thing or two to say about all of this! :)

    Though I have a take on this ‘having a life’ notion. I have been in a stage when I was supposedly having a life, and I was mostly unhappy then. Now, I am part of the ‘don’t have a life brigade’ and life is looking good! Paradoxes I tell ya!

    But anyway before I get booted for spamming or such lemme scoot!

    More power to you! :)

  9. Mustang

    Write wht u please Megha, this is ur blog! but slip in a word or two abt Viktor, ur so-called life, those cute verses, Swimmy and ya Sobhan Babu

  10. Vignesh

    Ive had this comment window open for exactly a day now. I been trying to think of what to say, there is so much I would like to say about this topic… but you know we rationalize things we want to say to ourselves and over a period of time just find them redundant ? Thats what happened right now and all I can say is….

    I so totally love your template !!!

  11. Rajesh J Advani

    Mustang, I disagree about The Matrix. The first movie is a story.
    The Matrix Trilogy and the Animatrix together, are a concept.
    I loved the first movie. I liked the trilogy. And was inspired by the Animatrix. :) Almost wrote a couple of shorts myself :)

    Oops. Here I go stealing comment space to propogate my own views. Sorry!

    Btw, Sriram, if Megha was the kind to take the easy way out, you think this blog would look like this? :)

  12. Megha

    [Anuja] On my doodleboard, you wrote :

    God, you seem to have taken it all personally. I meant that in a somewhat twisted brand of humour. Seems like you can’t handle critcism too well. My apologies.

    My response :

    * I am not God. If God has taken it personally, that’s between you and God. I’d rather be left out of it. By the way, that is a joke. Don’t take it personally :)
    * Relax. The post was not written as a response to you. Your doodle was one of the *many* issues that I have addressed.
    * What makes you think I was not being funny? C’mon, the comedienne in me is hurt! I thought the Belarusian truck driver was a particularly nice touch :)
    * Do you have a life beyond Blogs? Do you have real people in your life? – you asked. I think you were being unnecessarily curious about whether I had any real people in my life. How can that be called criticism?
    * No need to apologize. You don’t know me personally for me to have taken your words personally.

    Anyways, time to give this topic a well-deserved burial. Let us move on to better things.

    [shub] Thank you. Hopefully it won’t shut people up so much that they stop writing! :)

    [Rajesh] I’ll ask Viktor to start blogging and you can read his blog and find out for yourself. Oh, it might be a while though. I won’t run into him for another three months. We stocked up on supplies just last week :)

    [sd] Thanks! Glad you liked :)

    [missnupur] Yay, the Matrix funda didn’t get missed! :) And thankoo for the encouragement!

    [Devdutt] Aw c’mon now, a cloud is allowed to garjofy and barsofy from time to time, isn’t she? I like the black cloud idea a lot though. Now I just need to waste some time and get it working :) Mood is just fine, not to worry. Post all the nasty limericks you want :) And thank you .. glad to know that I can be original when bugged. Copycat anger is no fun anyway :)

    [aNTi] Kyle is history. All I have are memories. Viktor is the present. *solemn look* And you can enroll in the witness protection program if you want, but I will still hunt you down! Grrrr! :)

    [dkjariwala] Thank you! Am glad you liked what I wrote :) Yeah, writing should always be a ‘when I feel like it’ thing. Am sure journalists who have deadlines deal with it a little differently, but amateurs like me who write a personal blog, have the convenience of writing when we choose to. Thanks once again!

    [Sriram] I did start by saying there were things bugging me. But nah, no major hostility and other such big words, not to worry :) It is good to rant on one’s blog, every once in a while .. keeps things interesting :) Oh, I still haven’t said whether I have a life or not. Everything I write could be an illusion. I, the writer, could be an illusion as well. There is no spoon :) And as for ‘buzz off’, it is so much more fun to say it in eight paragraphs rather than two words, don’t you think? :)

    [pingoo] With an ID like pingoo, it was inevitable that you wrote something about pinging sooner or later hm? :) That comment was a classic! But no, not upset. Just felt the need to put my foot down and speak my mind. Thanks for the support :)

    [Jupe] The Three Investigators? What’s the connection? Fictional characters? Are you implying that Viktor is imaginary?! *mock shock* :)

    [A_Guy_Curious_About_Blogging] Am glad you found your answers! But as I asked on your blog as well, I sure would like to know what questions I answered? Glad you dropped by on my blog!

    [Prasad] Again with the ‘fan following’! You just couldn’t resist eh? :)

    [Neelima] Ah, she finally commented! :) I’m glad you agree and could relate to a lot of what I said. Yeah, writing should be from the heart, else it is just a bunch of words with no feeling.

    [Closet Claustrophobic] Thank you! See, I was trying to be subtle and not point out the obvious, but you helped me out :) Interesting paradox that, and I agree too! I’ve found myself being most content when i’ve not had a gazillion things to do. And spam? Not at all. Feel free to write all you want! Am sure your thesis will beg to differ though? :)

    [Mustang] I’ll continue writing about pointless and innocuous things, as thou asked :) About the Matrix topic — The first movie introduces a concept that the second and third movie then build upon further. In all this real vs imaginary talk, it was the fundamental concept that I was referring to, hence the reference to the first part. All three movies have been watched duly stocked at home, not to fikar :)

    [fantababy] Thank you :)

    [Vignesh] That was one very cool comment! On a more serious note, I totally know what you mean. I start out by having a whole lot to say and end up feeling like i’m not adding any real value to the discussion, so finally end up saying nothing (Me? Say nothing? Yes, I know it is hard to believe, but it is true, so don’t laugh!) Of course, that shouldn’t deter you from sharing an opinion, in my opinion :)

    [Rajesh] Feel free to steal all the commentspace you want! And it is ironical you mention my blog looking like this thanks to my not taking the easy way out, since THAT is exactly what prompted people to wonder if I had a life outside of my blog :) Thanks though!

  13. eM

    You know, all these people who ask you to “get a life” etc, are probably just jealous because they don’t have enough of a life to blog about. I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you! :)
    And being an HTML-dodo, I’ve been secretly jealous of your blog for ages now… *sigh*

  14. Nidhi :)

    “I, however, do take my writing somewhat seriously, which I think I should, considering there are people other than me who take time out of their day to read it.” :)

    :p yup.. u know us so well even though we r the readers n u r the writer! :D Happy Holi ..n when is da colorful postie comin :D

  15. Lady in R3d

    Hi, I’m a newcomer to your blog from clicking on a comment you left on Mint Chutney’s blog. Wow! glad I came here. Love the title of your blog, the logo, and the content! :) I shall return to read more.

    I’m a new blogger of only a week. Enjoying your mixture of well-written thoughtful posts, humor, and that “extra something.”
    I hope you’ll stop by a new admirer and now regular reader of your blog. :)
    I only have 2 posts up with my photograpy and poetry, but I welcome feedback. I crave it. ;)
    Lady in R3D ~~8^)

  16. sanaja

    wow…u write really well…i loved the “kyle” post…hilarious..wish the guys I knew were as straightforward and honest as that kid…

  17. Megha

    [SmartOxymoron] Thanks much! Glad to know :)

    [eM] Aw thank you! :) I now have the image of this nearly-extinct bird sitting at a computer tweaking her blog template! But on a more serious note – feel free to ask if you have any questions or need help with your blog HTML. Always happy to help :)

    [Nidhi] Am glad you think so, although I don’t think I always understand my readers :) And my next post is up, although its more eggy than colorful. Hope you like! And happy Holi to you too! :)

    [Lady in R3d] Thank you for your kind words! I’ve never watched the Claire Danes TV show myself, but i’ve always liked the title! :) Glad you stopped by and hope to see you around more often! I’ll definitely visit your blog and read. And if feedback is what you want, feedback is what you shall get :) Oh, and I’ll respond to your other comment about the blog categories separately. Had some questions for you about what you meant ..

    [sanaja] Thank you! Glad you came by! And I echo your sentiment. Kyle’s honesty is very refreshing, even if cute and hilarious :)

  18. m.

    i came a-hopping and found this post. i just wanted to say i liked it verrry much!

    being a person who appreciates clarity, i also found your blog generally appealing for that reason: you come across as a clear person who knows when shes stating an opinion/position, when shes just having fun etc etc.

    it was nice to meet you!


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  21. SimpleMistery

    Hello Megha

    Fantastic design (by profession I guess) and great words. I felt a lot of thought tried to be presented in humour. I do not read any blogs unless I am searching for any particular thing that I have to know about. This one was recommended by a friend of mine who liked it a lot. I started reading it and felt a lot about it that I should reply. This is my first one ever in a blog!

    I aspire to be able to write well one day like you do :) I will not say words like “keep up the good work” to some one who does it so well.


  22. sam

    My life is an open book. You just have to read between the lines.
    Best goddamn phrase I’ve read in quite some time!!

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