Ephemeral spark of the jobless mind

Early morning creativity at work here, so not to mind, pliss.

Q: What do you call a good-looking but dumb babe, who says contradictory things?
A: A foxymoron! ;)

I am quite happy with myself for this creation. The oxymorons amongst my readers (the smart kind, the plain vanilla ones and the tutti-frutti types) are to not take offense-woffense, please. Thankoo.

36 thoughts on “Ephemeral spark of the jobless mind

  1. Mustang

    Q: What do you call a good-looking but dumb babe, who just gets stuck on usless things?
    A: A epoxymoron!

    Q: What do you call a good-looking but dumb babe, who smells awful?
    A: A toxymoron!

  2. Megha

    [aNTi] :) !

    [shantanu] Ah, I picked a perfect time then, didn’t I!

    [Mustang] Oooh I likes! The chemical engineer strikes! Yikes! Yay, I made a poem there. My degenerated ingliss doesn’t mind your spelling mishtooks, pliss to not worry.

    *singing subah ho gayi maamu, maamu, re maaaaaaamu in the background*

  3. Vignesh

    Talking about oxymorons, we had quite a few in the earlier posts – trekkie girl, captain picard and trekkie flirt.


    Alright, alright, I promise thats the last Trekkie thing I will say. On this post, atleast ;)

  4. gvenum

    Cool one..ingenuius stikes again….Technical queshtin…. I see foxy as sly,clever in dictionary… Is it that she conveys contradictory image about her smartnees?….sorry for the idiotic question.. I haven’t had my caffeine quota yet….:)

  5. Megha

    [Vignesh] Oxymorons or not, they all exist. So you’re just gonna have to deal with us :) And I will not be baited by the Picard dig, so phooey! I’m keeping a count of your Trek references, boy. One of these days, you’ll run out of your quota .. *dirty look*

    [gvenum] Thankoo! And Rajesh has answered your ‘foxy’ question, but if you want to take the foxy = sly/clever and hence contradictory interpretation, thus attributing an additional level of complexity to my inane PJ, who am I to refuse :)

    [Rajesh] Thank you! As always, glad you liked. And thanks for the dictionary suggestion for gvenum as well :)

  6. aNTi

    So, what you term a hot blonde who delivers clever ripostes?

    A foxymoron again ;)

    * decides he is not in the same league as the blog owner as far as creativity is concerned.

  7. Sriram

    esscoos me! me still LMAO after reading this. will come back and try to make some puns later. (*gets a flash of brilliance and decides that he’s no match for Meghs in pun-land*) Oh never mind!

  8. shub

    grrrrrrrr…….avodi early mornings megha…
    its best for you
    and even better for us!!!
    ps: I too get such random thoughts every other minute…i refrain from postin them!! well…atleast i try! ;)

  9. SmartOxymoron

    Im offended. Very.
    Q:What will you hear if _I_ hear one more pun from you?

    Just kidding, that was pretty well spun ;). Hey, add this to the list…
    Q:What do you call a precarious twist in a joke thats on the verge of falling(to pieces)?
    A:A hairpun bend.

    Dont mind me, Im just your regular Meghalomaniac :). Damn! just five puns…Im losing my touch :(.

  10. oxy_moron

    hehe:) Bull’s Eye!


    ps: Keep hitting them eyes like this and it wouldn’t be too long before you become one helluva eye-banker:)

    What? Bhayankar ho gaya kya? :D

    lemme scoot on my scooter now

  11. Fun_Da_Mental

    I aabject to this pwaast yaar aawnaar… Meghalomania is accused of absuing newton’s fouth laaw which sayj… “beauti + birain = kaanstunt”. this mean that good-looking babe *must* be dumb and there ij no koschan of ujing ‘but’ in thee pwaast.

    I therephaar rekivest yaar aawnaar to convict meghalomania under jhumritalaiyya penal code number 420420 and make her write more ophen.

    Defense prosecutor pleaj…

  12. SmartOxymoron

    My Lord. The Defence concurs with the Public Prosecutor’s Fun_Da_Mental arguments. I request that the plaintiff be awarded Hard Labour(atleast TWO posts a day) for life.
    The Defence however raises objection to the Fun_Da_Mentalism on the part of the Prosecution in using the vernacular language(and an obscure dialect at that) in court. He should be locked up in a padded cell somewhere so he causes minimum linguistic damage. The Defence rests.
    (Pun count just 2. *Woe* is me!)

  13. jax

    good one!! liked that title ‘ephemeral spark of the jobless mind’ too!! hahaha

    reminds me of an old one for some weird reason – what does a agnostic,dyslexic,insomniac do? he wakes up all night and wonders if theres a dog!

  14. Megha

    [aNTi] Ouch :) And if your wisecracking lines are not in the same league as mine (aka as inane as mine), I take that as a sign of hope for you! :) Don’t give up!

    [Sriram] I have faith in you. Let me know when you think of some :)

    [shub] I would gladly avoid early mornings, if I could. But I cannot, and so you have to pay the price for it *evil laugh* And why O why do you refrain from posting pearls of wisdom like this? :)

    [neha] Hee hee! She is here! :)

    [SmartOxymoron] The MeghaDeth one was good. And the hairpun bend was especially cool :) But I cannot grant you Meghalomania. Sorry, no can do. That being my email ID already, I got dibs on that. But nice to know you are one too :) And five? I counted only four! Which one did I miss? (Another reply to you follows below)

    [a-hem] Thankoo thankoo! *waves from the ramparts of her castle in the clouds, blessing the citizenfolk with her magic wand — a corn on the cob* Ah, that felt good :)

    [oxy_moron] Haan, just a tad bit :) And about the eye-banker business — I know a certain bug who is on the hunt for one while she flies the clouds, and I don’t like what you might be insinuating here. I have a feeling she won’t appreciate it either! *suspicious look*

    [Fun_Da_Mental] Baba re! Sharam nahin aati ladki ke blog par aake aise fundaes dete hue? Tsk tsk! Socho, what if there is a smart AND good-looking gal who reads my blog who has had a soft corner for you, and you just kulhaadi marofied your own foot? And SmartOxymoron has usurped the defense prosecutor title. Kya ghor kalyug aa gaya hai!

    [SmartOxymoron] And now you’re ganging up with Fundoo! As for writing more, it is all a master plan you see. I write less often, so that the reduction in quantity gives people the illusion of quality. It doesn’t always work, but I try anyway. And ‘woe’ is me? Tum wo ho? :) (Yesh, I have punned. Multilingually even. All is normal in my world once again!)

    And what two puns in the second comment? Again I counted just one! I’m losing my touch it seems. Tchah!

    [jax] Now *that* is a good one! :) Thank you. Glad you liked!

  15. Primalsoup

    I think, I want to be a Foxymoron.

    Dumb babe is good; one can that way find much many kindred souls, given the proportion of them that inhabit the populous.
    Saying contradictory things and confusing the living-daylights out of people is a very useful skill too.
    And good-looking is not a bad thing to be at all! I am imminently suited to be the ambassador of world peace! :)

    Much thanks Megha, I think I have finally got a purpose and shall work towards it.

    I like that phrase, ‘Ephemeral spark’; I have made mental note to throw that in my next HR interview and presentation to client! Like, the Ephermeral Spark and ingenuity that the advertising protagonist’s exhibit creates empathy with the woman and also has the hint of aspiration, or some such…

    Ooh, and I don’t like the irreverent tone and puns on I-Bankers at all, it’s bad enough that the world at large is forever taking digs at them. The poor babies, all they do is make some few million bucks. I could accept that flaw! :)

    And I must confess, it is very tough to write a comment on your Blog. First of all, there are 3,54,876 comments[all very witty and punny] before I get to the page, then each of those 3,54,876 comments seems like a post in itself, then your reply to those 3,54,876 comments seems like a post yet again; so poor Foxymoron that I am, I get very confused, on what exactly should I be commenting on. Also, I am very bad with all these wicked puns – I usually don’t get it and I certainly can’t come up with them as a spontaneous act, woes of being Foxymoron or what!

    Okay, that looks like the longest comment on this page; sometimes I do myself proud! In that sense, I have a reverse theory to yours, which is, ‘when you cant dazzle them with quality, do so with sheer quantum’!

    Taa daa dum!

  16. Stuti

    Good one! And look what you started among all your commentors?!

    And I can see my cuz Bug doing a fine self-deprecatory act! Don’t let her fool you for a bit! :)

    Lemme scoot before Super-Sonic-Sarcasm missiles are fired at me!

  17. Megha

    [Sagnik] I am tempted to wonder what pun I cracked on or around the 16th of March that was better than this, but better sense has prevailed, so I shall not ask ;)

    [ag] Thank you! Glad you dropped by :) Do visit again!

    [Primalsoup] Oh my lordie, this is a record for the length of comment to length of post ratio, for sure! Glad that my ephemeral spark (yes I quite like that phrase myself) has provided you with a purpose in life. It warms the cockles of my heart to be able to help in such most unexpected of ways. Thank you for giving me a chance .. *ahem*

    And 3,54,876 comments? YOU are complaining about this? You of the seven hundred sixty-five thousand four hundred thirty two comments per post fame? You of the celebrity stalking fame? Tsk tsk!

    [Paddy] *booo hooo* What is the point of me coming up with it all by myself when apparently someone else beat me to it! :( But thankoo for the link all the same. Next time I shall check first before writing about a spark of mine :) And nice to see you around after a while!

    [Sangeeta] Thank you and nice pun! :) Glad to see you around again. Does this mean the egg-jhams are over?

    [Closet Claustrophobic] I am innocent, milord! If junta takes over my commentspace, I cannot be held responsible for it! And CC and SSS .. alliterative cousins, eh! :)

    [Arun] Thank you!

    [Neelima] Glad you liked! :)

  18. LiveYourDreams!

    was jumping from one blog to another and stopped by your blog…

    Interesting design!

    Also read your agnostic vs atheist write up..

    co-incidentally, me just wrote something like that too..

    not plagiarism though :)

  19. Suhail

    Cool stuff megha. Came via CSF. Never hath mindless crass been so entertaining ;)
    Here is my doubly moronic take :
    Q. What do you call a Sindhi babe who chokes you to death ?
    A. Choksi-mar-on
    Easy na ?

    V.well done design. I shall come back and as Morquendi suggested loot, plunder, pillage :)

  20. Megha

    [LiveYourDreams!] Glad you landed on my blog in all your jumping! :) And thank you! I’ll be sure to stop by at your blog and read your opinions on the topic. Do visit again!

    [Suhail] Ooh nice! Glad to be the supplier of mindless crass ;) And nice to see your drop by! Do visit again!

  21. Abhi

    And here is one:

    Q: What do you call a good-looking but dumb babe, who is not her?

    A: A proxymoron.

  22. Abhi

    Q: What do you call a good-looking but dumb babe, who is Sharon Stone’s friend in ‘Basic Instict’?

    A: Roxymoron.

  23. Abhi

    Q: What do you call a good-looking but dumb babe, that resembles a rock (a good-looking and dumb rock, of course :-))?

    A: Roxymoron (Rock-si-Moron).

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