Photoblog : I ‘heart’ Yash Chopra

I 'heart' Yash Chopra
I ‘heart’ Yash Chopra
Somewhere around home, Boston, Massachusetts

April showers bring May flowers, they say. Wonder what April snow brings? More woe? Last night we had snow. Again. Now, some of you may find the idea of white fluffy snowflakes softly drifting to the ground, rather poetic and beautiful. Total Robert Frost in Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening types. Yes yes, six months ago, I thought so too. Was ready to wax eloquent about the untouched beauty of the first snowfall and what not. But that was then and this is now.

Weary and wiser after six hundred snowstorms, I sing a very different tune now. A good helping of Hindi film dream sequences is just what I need. Some gorgeous blue skies, sun-soaked tulip fields, bright yellow dupattas fluttering against the warm breeze .. Yeah, Yash Chopra is my new best friend.

60 thoughts on “Photoblog : I ‘heart’ Yash Chopra

  1. pingoo

    Yea, it can get too complicated !! I am not into dvd shopping and all so I am not sure about reliable websites for telugu dvds, my friend got this vcd from India. I googled and found some website called movieexpress and it looks like a third grade site so I’d rather stay calm than point you to some unscrupulous websites :-|.

  2. Megha

    [pingoo] I know one website that I order Hindi DVDs from. Their Telugu collection is pretty small, but i’ll see if they can special order it for me or something. Else the next time someone is going to/coming from India, i’ll ask them to bring a copy for me. I’ve been craving to see this movie for too long! Thankoo for offering, once again! :)

  3. Megha

    [aNTi] Before my dad reads this and gives me a dirty look, I need to correct myself.

    The propreitor of Escorts is a RAJAN Nanda, not Rahul Nanda like I mentioned earlier. Rahul Nanda is a Bollywood publicist incidentally, and a pretty high-profile one at that. Back in the kitchenette days, Rajan Nanda’s dad, H P Nanda (I think that is his name) was the actual head of operations.

    Sorry about the misinformation and confusion :)

  4. Avinash

    A pretty good snap I must say! I am so much reminded of NY when you mention Boston so repeatedly. I was in NY for 3 yrs and never felt a thing but since I have moved to California I do miss it quite a lot.
    All said and done San Diego doesnt seem a bad place at all(if only it snowed here!!) and yes the only public place you would find flowers like those is the San Diego Botanical Gardens :-)

  5. Megha

    [Avinash] Thank you! For all the complaining that I do about Boston’s cold, if I were to move away from here, the first thing i’d miss is the snow. So I can completely understand how you feel. I guess that’s the thing with places. They grow on you without you realizing it, and when you move away you start to miss all the little things about them! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    [Debalina] Thankoo thankoo! :)

  6. Bhanu

    The pictures are very nice. Very vivid and perfect lighting. The uniformity of the picture is amazing and very pleasing to the eye.

    Just curious what photo gear you used.

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