Photoblog : I ‘heart’ Yash Chopra

I 'heart' Yash Chopra
I ‘heart’ Yash Chopra
Somewhere around home, Boston, Massachusetts

April showers bring May flowers, they say. Wonder what April snow brings? More woe? Last night we had snow. Again. Now, some of you may find the idea of white fluffy snowflakes softly drifting to the ground, rather poetic and beautiful. Total Robert Frost in Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening types. Yes yes, six months ago, I thought so too. Was ready to wax eloquent about the untouched beauty of the first snowfall and what not. But that was then and this is now.

Weary and wiser after six hundred snowstorms, I sing a very different tune now. A good helping of Hindi film dream sequences is just what I need. Some gorgeous blue skies, sun-soaked tulip fields, bright yellow dupattas fluttering against the warm breeze .. Yeah, Yash Chopra is my new best friend.

60 thoughts on “Photoblog : I ‘heart’ Yash Chopra

  1. Vignesh

    Yesh, yesh, a whole bunch of my friends were initially as giggly as a schoolgirl who got her braces off in time for the dance. That was till they went outside and tried to play with the snow. Without gloves on. Yes, you morons ! Its ICE ! Its cold ! And its slippery. So don’t bother.

    But I do love new snow though. The first blanket of snow, early in the morning, with a lone pair of foot prints leading up the path, is an image that is forever engraved in my mind !

    And first comments dibs this time around ;)

  2. gvenum

    Woow Fantastic picture. Very colorful. If only we also have the pictures of dames wearing those bright yellow fluttering dupaattas *sigh*…then you would be my best friend:)

  3. aNTi

    Yash Chopra might be your best friend now, but spare a thought for Juhi, Madhuri and Sridevi (to name three of those lal/peeli dupatte waalis). I am sure they soundly cursed him for making them flaunt those colorful (but light as tracing paper) dupattas and salwars in the Swiss Alps which probably froze every inch of their skin :P

  4. Sriram

    May you be *blessed* with more snow in May. Snow shall know when to fall in the season of fall. *eyes lighting up and with an evil grin* is that enough?

  5. pingoo

    What can I say ? Spring is here to stay and its such a lovely weather out here and you are talking about the dreaded snow !!

    A man can handle snow only so much, now its different when it comes to Robert Frost..he writes peoems about snow !!… no wonder, he is born to do just that, ask me why ? Well..he is Robert “Frost” damn it !! thats what he is supposed to do :).

    Talking of flying dupattas reminds me of this song from Pukar(2000), “Sunta Hai Mera Khuda”. Ok I know its a not a dupatta but a blue chifon saree in contrast with the white snow in Alaska !! they had hot fans blowing air and all that but the lady has some serious guts I tell ya !!

    btw, nice contrasting colors in the picture and ya, who said I am a man of few words ?? :)

  6. Anonymous

    Loved the pic…. U know how to use a camera efficently…Not a big fan f “Yash Chopra”…So no comments…

  7. shub

    *relieved at not finding yet another early-morning-punleashed out on us! *
    :D ;o)
    awesommmmmmmmmmmmmme pic gurl!!!!!
    simply super!! damn i can’t click flowers so prettily :(
    will post a couple today…you’ll see why i say ur awesome! :)

  8. pingoo

    Shmall korection That song I wanted to mention was “Kismat se tum hum ko mile ho” ..not “Sunta hai”. Also, looks like the problem (I mentioned in ur doodle) was with my browser and not blogger ..using ffox for now :).

  9. Fun_Da_Mental

    Snowy summer and even snowy winter! Woww.. now that makes life so much fun hai na? :D I can understand the inspiration behind making Yash ji your best friend. :p Nice picture btw! :) Aptly animates your post…

  10. Megha

    [Vignesh] I agree! I might crib about the snow today, but I do love the feeling of the first snowfall myself so I wasn’t kidding about the waxing eloquent part :) And yes, the first comment trophy can stay in your closet until the next post :)

    [gvenum] What? Now you want me to post pictures of Juhi Chawla and Sridevi on my blog just to bribe you to be my best friend? It’s a guaranteed way to increase traffic though! Hmmm ..*contemplative look on face*

    [aNTi] Seriously! I’m sure pretty much any woman who has watched those song picturizations has shivered silently and prayed for them. Men too, I’m sure, are sympathetic, but i’d imagine they are a little more preoccupied with the actual watching of the Sridevi/Juhi/Madhuri on screen in those tissue paper sarees, to be busy shedding tears for their health and well-being :)

    [Mustang] I do ‘heart’ the baarish as well, but don’t ‘heart’ it enough to want it 300 days of the year :) But I loved Seattle when I visited it and if not Boston that’s the next place i’d consider living in, perhaps! And i’ve heard soo much about the tulip festival that I can’t wait to see it in person! Have you been to it yet? Taken any pictures of the flowers? Do share!

    [Sriram] You can wish all the evil upon us, but the gorgeous summer that Boston is known for is just about to begin, and nothing you do will change that! Hah!

    [pingoo] Thank you. The ‘man of few words’ part has been duly taken back. And the Frost funda was ‘cool’ :) Ever since I wrote this blog some gorgeous weather has descended upon us, so looks like the Yash Chopra movie is turning into a reality, after all. And you’ve already made the song correction from Pukar, so I don’t have to say anything to that either :) Are you still having trouble posting comments using IE?

    [Anonymous] Thank you! I can’t call myself a fan of Yash Chopra either, but the weather made me long for some of his sunny locales, that’s all :) Thanks for dropping by!

    [littlecow] Thank you! Glad you liked! :)

    [shub] Aw thank you! And my early morning creativity will surely return, so don’t get too excited just yet ;) Look forward to your pictures!

    [Prasad] So smart! :> My dream stopped with the blue skies, tulip fields and yellow sarees itself. Didn’t care for the unnecessary details, you see ;)

    [Arunima] Glad you dropped by and thank you! Hope to see you around again :)

    [Fun_Da_Mental] The photo was supposed to be focus of the post, and the bak-bak was just extra masala. Instead this thread has become a detailed discussion on Yash Chopra heroines and the relative flimsiness of the sarees they wear. Glad you liked photo though :)

    [SHK, AK, SK, AK etc] Shahrukh (?), Aamir, Saif, Akshay? Or am I completely missing the point? Pray elaborate? :)

  11. girl wearing a bright yellow dupatta fluttering against the warm breeze

    Jaao humko to aati sharam hai

  12. Megha

    [girl wearing a bright yellow dupatta fluttering against the warm breeze] Aink? Where did Urmila and Ramgopal Verma tapkofy in the middle of Yash Chopra and the mountains? :)

  13. Megha

    [Suresh] All my cribs notwithstanding, I think snow is pretty darn good even right outside the window :) Thank you for dropping in!

  14. Megha

    [Guardian_Angel1] We had snow three days ago, but we’re back to being toasty now, so it’s all good once again :)

  15. pingoo

    I am posting this comment using IE :). That was a momentary problem I think but actually I re-installed OS on that machine today so I can’t check if that is still a problem. The error said that “something you have done could have caused the problem” ..and I promise, I didn’t do anything to deserve that *sniff*.

    The ‘man of few words’ part has been duly taken back

    Not so soon ! it will come handy anytime :). So are you playing the song yet ? “Yea the weather is really fine, up on cloud number nine” :).

  16. pingoo

    Oh yea ! if you liked the Frost funda you don’t want to miss this pj ….

    Ajit – Robert, Yeh Robot kaise banate hai ?

    Robert – Telvad saar

    Ajit – Silly boy, Robert ko Frost karne se banta hai “Robot”

    *runs and hides under the bed*

  17. Megha

    [pingoo] Awww.. bad bloggy. I apologize on behalf of my blog for saying mean things to you.

    Yes, all weather-related songs in all possible languages have been duly added to the playlist :)

    Eeesh for the Ajit joke, and ROTFL for telvad saar! :) Robert and Narsing are like two peas in a pod! I so love love the chap. On that note, Kshana Kshanam deserves a blog in itself!

    Narsing? Ee paata polchuko? :)

  18. pingoo

    *people ajitated with ajit’s pj stoning the bed, bed is almost breaking…gathers both his legs and runs* *run pingoo run*(forrest gump ishtyle) *pj pingoo never to be seen !*

    Yup, Telvad saaar is the awesomest joke for which I can die laughing :).

    Ee adavi majjalo bridge evaru kattaru ra ?

    Narsing – Telvad saar

    *bam** kick on the butt…bridge shaking*

    laughter galore :) !!

  19. Megha

    [pingoo] Nahiiiin! PJ Pingoo ko vaapas laao! Hamaari maangein poori karo!

    Absolutely! Even today, one mention of telvad saar and I burst into laughter! *sigh* Such good memories :D

    Music sense-aa ledu .. ammayi ni pattukomante, pattukolevu .. tchah!

    Narsing? Gypsy ekkada poyindi?
    Telvad saar!


    Narsing has NO other dialogue in the entire movie, you ever notice that? :)

  20. SHK(read SRK), AK, SK, AK etc ..

    girl wearing a bright yellow dupatta fluttering against the warm breeze

    tere aise ada pe to fida hum hai

  21. Vandana

    Nice picture Megha…
    If you are tired of the cold winds and incessant snow, how about letting the “clouds” drift to warmer lands. Our dharti in this part of the world is parched, waiting for some “bijli chamkana and Megha barasna” ;).
    So how about Chalo Texas!! :)

  22. Megha

    [Vandana] Thank you! Nice to see you drop in! :) We are expecting gorgeous 70-degree weather this weekend, so it looks like spring/summer has finally arrived. So you won’t hear me crib anymore!

    And Texas! Your weeks and weeks of 110-degree weather scares the bejeezus out of me! *shudder* Give me my 5 feet of snow any day! :)

    [SmartOxymoron] Thank you! Apparently you’ve been busy sniffing some special kind of flowers? ;)

  23. pingoo

    *PJ Pingoo sab ki maangein poori karega….tho aaj bhaagna cancel !! :p*

    Moosik sense ledu !! ek do teen ..

    Gypsy lo… baaga prayanam jariginda ?

    Oh really ? I never noticed that ..he doesn’t say anything or what ?

  24. Guardian_Angel1

    So Megha, will you be going to the marathon on monday?

    Do let me know something to recognize you by in real life.

    Apart from the sunglasses of course.

    May Guy Bless You

  25. Vandana

    Infact Megha,this time of the year is indeed the best time to visit us, beautiful wild flowers every where. So it’s not like what you bostonians think, there is a piece of heaven on this part of the earth too ;) and at springtime it’s the best!!!
    I betcha you won’t be disappointed with our wildflower festival too :)

  26. Matter of Choice

    Hmmmm…am i getting confused here?? i thought the everlasting scenes from yash movies were about a sreedevi/madhuri in a see through saree with sleeveless blouse prancing around a hero (who ofcourse is clad for a trip to alaska) in the alps!
    The poor gals..what all these heroines have to suffer in their quest for stardom!
    but the post took me back 2.5 years to my first sight of snow..out there in stockholm..early morning one saturday me sleeping after a heavy night of driniking and a friend calling up and asking me to open the windows. even in my cranky mood i knew it will be special..and special it was..the snowflakes slowly drifting in to the outside completely covered in snow..a heavenly first snow sight

    Even my hangover of the day and the subsequent mishaps in the winter (like having to walk a snow/ice covered for 1 km everyday and achieving an average bum-meet-snow rate of 3 per day) cannot make me forget the magic of the first snow!..some thing like first love huh? :)

  27. doc

    Hey there,

    I had your blog bookmarked from few weeks now but never got time to read it. Cant even remember from where I bumped into it but glad I did.

    The picture is really beautiful. Which flower is this? cus I am pretty bad in these things.

    see ya later than.

  28. Megha

    [Twin-Gemini] Had snow in May (over Memorial Day weekend) once in the past, so anything is possible (.. with Niky-Tasha kitchenette! said the jingle) But the gorgeous blue skies, sunshine and perfect temperatures are back, so it looks like spring is here! Yay! Still time for summer though :)

    [pingoo] I don’t think he does, at least. I don’t have access to the movie (been looking for it since a while) so the next time I get my hands on it, i’ll check it out!

    [Guardian_Angel1] Nopes I didn’t run or watch the marathon! :)

    [Vardan] Thankoo thankoo! :)

    [Vandana] I’ve heard a lot about your wildflower festival and seen pictures too! In fact, why don’t you take some pictures of the flowers you wrote about and post them on your blog? And I can imagine it is beautiful out there right now. It is your summer that scares me, not your spring :)

    [Matter of Choice] See, you remember the Sridevi/Madhuri in a tissue-paper saree, I remember the blue skies, the running through the tulips fields (or sarson ke khet if one prefers that) and the bright and colorful dupattas. As your blog identity suggests, it is all a matter of choice after all :) And so true about one’s first snow being much like one’s first love! There may be prettier or more extreme snowfalls one gets to witness later, but the first one is always special. Glad you visited again! :)

    [doc] Glad you dropped in, regardless of how you bumped into my blog :) This is a red and yellow tulip (no clue about the botanical name), which should explain my inane digs and references to Yash Chopra movies and what not.

    [Anonymous] Much thanks! Glad you liked! :)

  29. Megha

    [aNTi] Ah and I thought I was the only too! :) It shall be sung here for your sake then —

    Grill it, with Niky-Tasha kitchenette! *ting ting ting ting tingtidi ding*
    Bake it, with Niky-Tasha kitchenette! *ting ting ting ting tingtidi ding*
    Fry it, and broil it, and cook it, and heat it .. with Niky-Tasha kitchenette! *tingggggggg*
    Anything is possible, with Niky-Tasha kitchenette!
    Anything!! is possible, with Niky-Tasha kitchenette!
    *ting ting ting ting tingtidi ding*

    Did you know — the kitchenette was named after the kids of Rahul Nanda (who was the propreitor of Escorts who owned the kitchenette operation I guess). Nikhil and Natasha’s names became Niky-Tasha. The same Nikhil, many years later, married Shweta Bachchan, Amitabh’s daughter. How do I know all this? ‘Cos my dad worked for Escorts back then!

    Just some random trivia for you! :)

  30. Megha

    [aNTi] Nah, but I do know some people who went to RECT. Why do you ask? Is kitchenette trivia usually a RECTian hallmark or something? ;)

  31. aNTi

    Nah.. the qn was actually casual and indirect. I mean, a dude i know has very few blogs on his roll (incl. urs and mine) and I kinda know him casually from his days in RECT and my days in a dustbin close to RECT. So was wondering if you were at RECT with him….

  32. Megha

    [aNTi] Ah Dhammo! :) I know him through another friend actually, who was also at RECT with him. And as an odd coincidence, this friend’s name is Karan. Talk about uncanny! :)

    I dabble in trivia some, although I never quizzed (except at primary school level) so I don’t think I am anywhere in the leagues of you and him!

  33. aNTi

    I dabble in trivia some, although I never quizzed (except at primary school level) so I don’t think I am anywhere in the leagues of you and him!

    Whoa whoa… Hold on.. you are making it sound like I told you I won Mastermind or something. lol.. I am just “common man reincarnate”!

  34. pingoo

    Ahh….. you’ve been looking for the movie and didn’t find it ? There should be a vcd at home, though its been a while since I popped it in the player !! If you are interested to download or something, we can arrange for that :)…too big to email !!

  35. Megha

    [aNTi] Am sure you’re still much better than I. I tend to focus on the more worthless, pointless kind of trivia. What did Kajol wear in XYZ rain song? What are the lyrics to the Melody chocolates jingle on TV? Stuff like that. Ask me an actual worthwhile question, about people, countries, leaders etc and I’ll go blink blink :)

    [pingoo] I would love to see the movie, but it’ll probably be too complicated. I’ll try to see if I can order the DVD from some Telugu movie shopping site. Do you know of any reliable ones?

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