Eeny meeny miney moe

When people ask me why I don’t comment on their blogs more frequently, I usually claim to be terribly busy. What would the world of excuses be without the phrases work pressures and deadlines, na? But the truth of the matter is, I am one very jobless person. So when I’m not harassing someone or thinking of a new PJ, I check out the blogs of the nice people who have left recent comments on my blog. And thus I stumbled upon a blog about Women Bloggers by Sharanya. She writes about three female bloggers (eM, Primalsoup and moi) and does a personality analysis of us based on our blogs, giving full credit to her wet jeans for this brilliant dissection. Seriously, you should head over to her blog and read about it yourself. Here’s a relevant excerpt —

If the Blog personality of Walk in the Clouds is a reflection of who she is, then I would guess that Megha is a very politically correct person, is a bit of an enigma, is friendly with all but has only very few friends, has a sense of righteousness, is a Hindi film junkie (okay that is not personality cue, but little bit of cheating is allowed!), is I think a Guy’s girl (the kind of girl whom men can see as a platonic friend, in case you are wondering; and who probably makes women insecure) she is a loyal friend, will be a good confidante, is very independent, and is much calm.

Hee hee! Calm, she says. If only she knew. Of course, I am most flattered to be featured along with two blogs that I like to read. Total road-roller ran over me types flattered. But on a more serious note, I am happy that she enjoyed what I wrote and wasted time analyzing it so whatever I say in reaction to it are just some random observations. Please to not mind, Sharanya.

So I find myself facing a bit of a conundrum here. <cue song — kya karen kya na karen ye kaisi mushkil hai> The way I see it, I have the following options —

  1. I could commend her on her keen sense of perception and stellar analytical skills and laud her on how she hit the nail on the head about me. Of course that would mean I am agreeing with her on her analysis, thereby admitting I am all those things she says I am, thus lessening the very enigma she paints me to be. In addition, I also look vain and narcissistic. Yes of course, I *am* vain, but I shouldn’t use her analysis to make that obvious. I have my blog for that already.
  2. I could show generous gobs of modesty and coyly giggle, wave my hand articulately in mid-air and go ‘Me? *blush* Awww, no no .. you are too kind ..‘ and resort to other such humbug. This of course is most apparently pretentious and fake and thus will conflict with the sense of righteousness that she has so sweetly attributed to me. Plus I am an extra, and extras don’t giggle. Divas do that.
  3. I could take on a tone of indignation, demanding if she knows me in real life. I could ask her to show me links that indicate each of the personality traits she has credited me with and prove the accuracy of her analysis. Or I could flat out deny everything she says. Rant about how people are quick to stereotype you. But all this would give the impression of being unfriendly, which goes against her analysis.
  4. I could give her a righteous speech about how dangerous presumptions are. I could even throw in a ‘I have all my life been a prisoner of people’s presumptions .. I long to be free‘. It’ll sound rather fancy poetic types and make a good impression on her perhaps. Maybe the next time she writes my personality analysis she’ll add ‘articulate‘ and ‘free-spirited artist‘ to her list.
  5. I could graciously say thank you for reading through my archives. I could sum up her analysis of me as ‘fascinating‘. I find that word works better ‘cos people lately have wisened up to the fact that the word ‘interesting‘ translates to ‘I have nothing better to say‘. I could express a detached curiosity as to how she came to the conclusions she did, but not pursue the question too much. I could cleverly avoid agreeing or disagreeing with her, thus keeping the enigma intact. I could smile a Mona Lisa type smile and remain unaffected, deepening the mystery some more.

So I started to think — We easily form impressions of people based on just a few points of data we have about them. We do it all the time. I am just as guilty of it, so no higher moral ground here. But it is just as easy to give an impression as it is to form one. Especially so in the blog world. In each of the five examples, my reaction can lead to a different image of me. And by simply spending a few minutes tailoring the response I write, I can change the image that I form in people’s minds. At least my blog image. A reiteration of the truth in the Einstein quote at the top of this blog — a persistent illusion can indeed become a reality sometimes.

This also follows closely on the heels of what I was saying in my earlier post about blogging for an audience versus just blogging. A lot of what we write is reactive, consciously or subconsciously. Reminds me of the Mark Twain quote I read today — Sane and intelligent human beings are like all other human beings, and carefully, cautiously and diligently conceal their private real opinions from the world and give out fictitious ones in their stead for general consumption. Not to be left too far behind Twain in seeming wise, I leave with the following visual for you to ruminate over —

Worn down by the travails of life, the Hindi film heroine stands in the courtroom. She listens to the prosecutor telling the courtroom about the person she is. Cringing at the image he is painting of her .. it sounds alien. This is not her .. not the person she used to be. She listens and listens .. and when she can listen no more, she cries out — Nahiin, judge saahab, nahiin! Main aise pehle se nahiin thhi! Waqt aur haalaton ki zanzeeron ne mujhe aisa banne par majboor kiya! (Loose translation — No, judge dude, no. I was not like this before. The chains of time and circumstances have tied my hands and I alas, am no Houdini.) That heroine, cast in a role-of-a-lifetime, is of course, Shilpa Shetty. I know what you’re thinking, but nopes. Even Hindi film courtrooms have a dress code.

45 thoughts on “Eeny meeny miney moe

  1. Kaps

    With the kind of recognition u r getting, u r very close to becoming the next Shilpa Shetty of the Blogosphere.

  2. missnupur

    Very string views those! And I could probably say that the writer could have two motives –
    1. no motive at all..just writing for the fun of it.
    2. getting attention by writing very ‘intriguing’ stuff about someone she hardly knows!!

    There is an invisible rule here in Blogsville – “Assume Nothing – Expect Anything!” *I know I have cheated it from sumwhere – but it fits here perfectly!!

  3. loverBoy

    The ‘Mein Shilpa Shetty Banna Chahti Hoon’ types would of course, be analyzed best as Shilpa Shettys and not their true self. Because thats what they would portray themselves in their blogs. When Megs claims to be one of them, I doubt Sharanya’s analysis.

    Loved your translation part, and the last few lines…

  4. The Greatest Hokie Ever !!

    Brilliantly written, as usual

    I especially like the part, “We easily form impressions of people based on just a few points of data we have about them. We do it all the time. I am just as guilty of it, so no higher moral ground here. But it is just as easy to give an impression as it is to form one.”

  5. Devdutt

    Megha is a very politically correct person – IIRC I’d suggested exactly that in on of ur prev posts. I was rebuked while this blogger gets a plug? :O

    Wails – *Ye kahan ka nyay hai your honor?*

    To be fair, you’re quite the public figure now, so you’re fair game. The first amendment increasingly applies to you now.

    Just a matter of time before the paparazzi’s gonna start setting up camp ouside your door :P

  6. a-hem

    :) Thought provoking…

    I find that blog perceptions tend to be misleading, and that it usually isn’t a good idea to form an idea about someone based on their blog. Usually, the most I can tell is how well a person writes.

    And that’s all you need to know, really. :)

  7. zigzackly

    ‘cos people lately have wisened up to the fact that the word ‘interesting’ translates to ‘I have nothing better to say’.

    Really? Damn. Now I need a new line in small talk.

  8. Jack

    They’ll talk to ya and talk to ya and talk to ya about individual freedom. But they see a free individual, it’s gonna scare ‘em.
    Just what it represents.. not necessarily what it exactly means.

  9. aNTi

    This post immediately brought Mr.Heckles’s “I could play the oboe” statement to my mind.
    But, Ummmm, if those words were written about me (with the neccasary changes made to account for the fact that I am a guy) I’d be flattered by that description. But I don’t think it is a complete description cos sometimes the means matter as much as the ends. And one should never should assume things (words from a soul who matters a lot to me). So wouldn’t be surprised if u were offended. However couldn’t help notice that u finally turned out to be what you were described as, an enigma! And whats with the Shilpa Shetty fixation? I’d put Jayapradha on the stand anyday. At least she crys better and is a natural beauty as opposed to the nose job scarred Ms. Shetty!

  10. Closet Claustrophobic

    Greetings etc! How be you? Oh, I am feeling for Sharanya, poor poor girl. First my dear cousin sort of does her self deprecatory sarcasm bit, which leaves you reeling anyway. And now you, though your brand is so much more quaint and almost a gentle put-down! There, I formed my analysis too. Before I get heckled and mocked at lemme scoot!
    And who is this Shilpa Shetty now? I can’t seem to put a face to her, is she the tall thing with a Sridevi fixation? (Read funny, rolling of saucepan sized eyes followed by inexplicable fits of hysterical giggles!)

  11. anshul

    hmm. Only sometime ago, I was wondering how random the quotes in Google’s personalized homepage are. This Twain quote is a puzzle (which I saw a few days ago, in my page). If he’s “seeming wise” :), then that quote might not have been his real opinion at all, assuming he was sane and intelligent.

  12. Nandu

    Reading your blog for the first time, is pretty neat. Totally adore the Shilpa Shetty references…..God, that is SUCH a guy way to react…:) Though personally, any discussion about good looks and scanty clothing, coupled with ‘not too much acting talent’ is incomplete without mentioning Sonali Bendre….

    Oh, and you had one more option about your admirer/profiler/friendly-neighbourhood-Freud, you could’ve simply ignored her….:)

    Will be back!

  13. A passerby

    It seems like self-referential blogging about the act of blogging and the nature of blogs and bloggers contains the seed of torturous self-defeat in its coils. It almost seems like the prelude to a judgemental code of conduct and behavior, and a prescription for sophistication and satire rather than the refreshing naivete of raw creativity – no?

    [hmmmm...cryptic as ever]

  14. gvenum

    @A passerby
    huh!!!…What the hec was that!!! *just spilled my coffee in my hand trying to read it*

    Megha and calm!!!!:) May be its the calm before the storm she was referring too:)

    Awesome post as usual and you seem to save the best for the last as evident in your hilarious last paragraphs of your previous 2 posts.
    One more thing to look forward to in your blog:)

  15. Megha

    [Kaps] And I have you to blame for it, amongst others. Linking me in Linkin Park and what not. Mucho thanks! :)

    [missnupur] Oooh, I likes the second one very much! It nicely fits in with the theory that as bloggers we are all attention gluttons! Nice seeing you around after a long time! :)

    [loverBoy] Okie, I am completely and totally confused by what it is you’re trying to say, so please to help me out and elaborate :) But I am glad you liked the translation! It was my favorite part of the post, as well :)

    [The Greatest Hokie Ever !!] Thank you! Glad you liked. And nice to see you drop by! :)

    [Devdutt] Yes baba yes, you get full credit for the politically correct thing, don’t worry. But I objected then and I object now. One of you really needs to explain to me HOW I give that impression though. Methinks i’ve scared off Sharanya with my post, so it might be a while before she responds, so why don’t you elaborate? :) And the paparazzi?! Okay, that’s it. I’m calling the movers tomorrow!

    [a-hem] Usually, the most I can tell is how well a person writes. And that’s all you need to know, really. – Perfectly put, Hem! Nothing else should matter on a blog, really.

    [zigzackly] Ah, you have come to just the right place then! We out here, specialize in mundane one-liners, pointless small talk and a whole load of other nonsense. Nice to see you around after ages! How’ve you been? :)

    [Jack] Hmm .. so true. What a free-spirit inspires the most, is not so much the longing to free oneself, but the urge to confine the other.

    [aNTi] An oboe, no. A keyboard, yes :) I love that moment in Friends, one amongst the many favorite Phoebe moments! And an enigma? Now that was definitely not intentional ;)

    Like I said to Sharanya, I am not offended or anything remotely like that. My post wasn’t intended to mock her either. It is her opinion and she’s definitely entitled to it. It was just that the whole exercise made me realize how easy it is to give someone an impression, and I decided to say something about that.

    And no, your honor, no. I am not in love with Shilpa, even though my blog will have you believe otherwise. It was only a tool to connect the previous post with this one. I promise, no more SS references. I shall seek inspiration from my southern roots and direct my attention to the Jayapradas and Sridevis of the world. Or better still, I shall stop doing gender bhed-bhaav and zero in on my favorite person – Chiranjeevi. That better? :)

    [Closet Claustrophobic] Aha, look who is back after ages! Welcome welcome and other assorted good stuff. And not fair, I say! Here I was indulging in some general wiseass-ness and you’re offers sympathies and all to Sharanya and making me feel hajjar guilty. And yes, tall thing, kinda flat-faced, famous for her midriff – the same one.

    [anshul] Ah, so you’ve started using the Google personalized page as well! Yes, that’s where I read mine from :) And interesting recursive logic that. Given that Twain is considered one of the most quoted people in the world (the winner in that category being ‘Anonymous’ of course :) ), pretty much all his quotes are then hogwash and not his actual thoughts hm? But here’s another quote of his that might explain just how much of it is hogwash – We keep half of what we think hidden away on our inside and only deliver ourselves of that remnant of it which is proper for general consumption.

    [Nandu] Thank you! And sure, Sonali Bendre works just fine. We are most accomodating, that way :) And as for ignoring my profiler/analyzer – She made me think about the ease of forming an impression in people’s minds, so it’s all good. Nice to see you around :)

    [A passerby] And satire lacks creativity, you say? (cryptic indeed)

  16. Megha

    [gvenum] Hey I admitted to it myself, so you can’t make fun of it now! :) Glad you liked the last part. The translation was my favorite bit :)

    [A passerby] If you’ve ever visited [gvenum]‘s blog, you’ll see that his Caffeine Deficiency Syndrome can have disastrous effects on the blog world. So for the sake of all of our sanity, please to not be saying things that result in the spilling of his coffee. Thankoo :)

  17. Anonymous

    [Jonathan Swift]: Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody’s face but their own.

    [Anthony Trollope]: The satirist who writes nothing but satire should write but little – or it will seem that his satire springs rather from his own caustic nature than from the sins of the world in which he lives.

    [The passerby] The cryptic utterance was not intended as a mean-minded poke but just voicing something that truly perplexes me.

    - The passerby

  18. aNTi

    Megha: Phoebe rocks! And that was one funny episode! As for zero-ing in on Chiru, I am all for it!

    *sings “Gang Gang, bajao bang bang”!

    I think with you being among the front row of dancers, Sharanya is looking at you in awe from a couple of rows behind and watching you give Shilpa Shetty a run for her money ;)

    Btw, thou shalt not use “nonsense” anymore. Henceforth it is “Naaansense” (spelt with three a’s)!

    * sheepishly deletes an errant “n” from somewhere in his comment!

  19. Megha

    [A passerby] I, for one, did not find your comment to be a mean-minded poke. It was thought-provoking and the question in response was asked in earnest. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the quotes. I particularly liked the one by Anthony Trollope. As always, I look forward to hearing your views. Cheers!

  20. Megha

    [aNTi] You know what’s uncanny? That I was listening to gang gang, bajao bang bang even as I read your comment! Yikes. Yes, I am known to have eclectic tastes in music, amongst other things. This time the extra ‘n’ was over at Gabby’s place, but hmmm .. I am beginning to wonder about the reasons behind it all. Now don’t howl and scream just friends. I’m just kidding :)

    And that ‘bread-intelligence’ is going to be the end of me, one of these days, I am telling you.

  21. GratisGab

    Voila! I know more about you now. That was easy, did not have to take the trouble of forming my own opinion :)

    Blogs are good…we can be whatever we want to be out here!

  22. aNTi

    Megha: Eclectic tastes indeed! But, ya, if Shivaji Rao Gaekwad had stuck around in Bangalore handing out change to bus passengers, Chiru would have definitely had one more hardcore follower in me.
    And why would I howl and cry? I am old enough to take some good natured leg pulling with a smile! But the connections and the parallels are starting to become too uncanny!

  23. Sriram

    Awww.. I was able to control myself from throwing myself on the floor with fits of laughter until the last few lines. Why do you have tobring in SS and do this to me?

    *Clears throat to add “serious” tone to voice* Maybe the person who wrote the analysis has to be enlighted by one of my posts. Refer random stupidity. (if you haven’t read it before) I strongly believe that a blog is not a true reflection of one’s personality. For eg, there have been friends (who are psychologists) who thought the author of my blog was a total whacko, and needless to say, they were shocked and surprised to know it was Moi who wrote them :) Of course, they had to admit they were wrong and I was write.. Ok, me stops my “journey to seek glory” here. but as Arnie so eloquently says. “I’ll be Back!” and may I add “to trouble you as always” at the end of Arnie’s lines?

  24. Megha

    [GratisGab] See, one person does an analysis and I share it with all. Total open book and all I am. Ahem ahem :)

    [aNTi] I know I know, you’re such a good sport :) And i’ve been a lot lot nastier to you and you’ve taken it all in your stride. But you did say she might read the blog, so for her sake (since she doesn’t know the crackpot I am) I thought i’ll clarify :) But this is good. You have your Rajni, I have my Chiru and there is peace and calm in the world once again!

    [Sriram] I can’t believe you set yourself up for this one! .. there have been friends (who are psychologists) who thought the author of my blog was a total whacko, and needless to say, they were shocked and surprised to know it was Moi who wrote them .. Wait wait .. *holding tummy and rolling with laughter* Did you actually say that and think I won’t laugh until my sides split? *trying to control herself, wiping tears from her eyes* :) You ARE a total wacko, how could your friends not know that! :)

    Trouble? What trouble? Pure unadulterated entertainment, that’s what this is! *cackling away to glory once again*

  25. VC

    You may want to add #6a & #6b to your list of ‘I could..’s

    #6a. I could just write up a list of all the things I could do but not actually do any of them (and, in my next blog, provide a list of reasons why I did not).

    #6b. I could just write up a list of all the things I could do and let the blog reader figure out exactly what I have done.

  26. Megha

    [VC] Shhhh, not so loud! The fact that I actually did #6b was left as an exercise for the discerning reader :)

  27. VC exercise for the discerning reader.
    What about for readers like me? On second thoughts, don’t answer that Q.

  28. Megha

    [VC] Okay I won’t :) But i’ll just say this – you aren’t giving yourself enough credit. I counted you as one of them. After all, you were the one who verbalized the idea :)

  29. Sagnik Nandy

    boy, i read yoru blog a lil later than i normally do and i had to scroll down half a page of comments to make mine :) btw, have you ever thought of the persnalities of all we people who comment on yoru blog – not by reading our blogs but just by reading our comments, frequencies of them etc. ??

  30. Rohan Kumar

    Guess u have managed to move ur way up from the sidey extras into the blogosphere of Shilpa Shetty’s and Malaika Arora’s (the list wud have been incomplete w/o a mnetion of her :) )

  31. Pushuka

    [Megha] “I know what you’re thinking, but nopes. Even Hindi film courtrooms have a dress code.” …. you are absolutely incorrigible. :) .. and boy, your online personality certainly seems to have a flair for theatrics… the courtroom scene was hilarious and I was totally ROFL… 8-)

  32. Megha

    [Sagnik] Now that is an interesting question. And a tricky one to answer. A lot of folks who comment on this blog have blogs of their own that I read regularly. So it is kinda hard to form an impression only based on the comments you write. But yes, I have impressions, perhaps incorrect ones, but I surely do. Hmm, now that should make for an interesting blogpost. Oooh, now you’re giving me ideas! :)

    [Rohan] I guess I am stuck with that SS label for life, and I cannot even complain since I brought this all upon myself. I will henceforth be known as Megha of the ‘all bloggers hope to be Shilpa Shetty one day‘ fame, and I will just have to live with it. Sigh :)

    [Pushuka] Thank you thank you! That is a high compliment! :) And yes, the drama queen is one of my many alter-egos :)

  33. phatichar

    Hi, first time here…and this is good stuff :)

    keep writing. Who knows someday you might end up not being ‘so jobless’ after all..

    take care.

  34. Sharanya

    I figured this was a bad idea, the day you commented on my Blog! :) I think its time for me to say something after all. Very amusingly written as ever. But beyond that I ought to apologize – to you most of all. As also your readers, who are as offended. I hadn’t meant to seem judgemental, but on hindsight realize that’s perhaps how I sounded. Peace.

  35. nish

    i personally think shilpa shetty is one of the most underrated actresses we have. she’s done some awesome characters, baazigar (so what if she wore frocks and had big hair), and phir milenge … namely. she wasnt bad in main khiladi tu anari either. and she’s looking gorgeous in dus. and she’s got a great body.

  36. Sriram

    *Growl, snarl and other assorted sounds associated with anger* Me is a whacko? awww… how could you? How could you Meghs? Nooo, it is unfair. err.. now I forget what I’m calling unfair, but will still do so! Me is working on a post that promises to “reveal” something y’all might not expect! (Ha, now that’s a way to increase some traffic to me blog, or make YOU drop by :D) Oh, and yes, I can see you rolling around laughing.. kinda figured that out when i posted that comment (heh heh).. May be you’ll be a “fan” (Not the ceiling kind) after my next post. (Boy am I hyping this up or what!)

  37. Invincible

    commenting first time (bla bla) ..
    have been loosely reading some of ur posts for a while (more bla bla..) very well written (etc etc ..)as always (ga.. ga..)

    Now i will begin.
    The 5 traits. Awesome, i wud use them as ready reckoners :)

    And it is really easy to give an impression (especially a false one) thru written words. Y otherwise wud YM/MSN b so popular :) :)

    I think of blogsphere as a free space, much like the ‘open source’ commnunity. You publish ur part, and then its ‘public property’. others r free to make/break/dump/interpret it.
    Everyone here’s a public figure (unless otherwise stated). So anyone can be a journalist and use anyone for their own publicity.
    The last thing one wud want to see is an apology from someone, wouldnt u (or u wud:-) )
    The most I admire @ur posts is they are really loooooooong and assertive and sprinkled with some interesting (b4 the transformation) quotes. Being still an infant in blogging, I am fascinated by ur blog template too.

  38. Megha

    [phatichar] Thank you. Am glad you liked it around here and hope to see you around again :) And by the way, I think your blog identity is totally cool. Love it! :)

    [Sharanya] This is what I was dreading the most. Please don’t apologize. You see, I am easily guilted, so if you apologize, then i’ll feel guilty for writing this post and then i’ll apologize and then it gets messy with a whole load of sorries about something nobody should be sorry about :)

    As I said in some of my responses before too (and I hope you read those as well) and I’ll say it again – I was not offended in the least. Firstly, you didn’t say anything offensive. You said nice things about me, regardless of whether I agree with you or not. Secondly you said them on your blog, which is your space so you shouldn’t apologize for it. Thirdly, being judgemental is human nature, so if we started apologizing for that, we’d all be one very sorry bunch. So that’s a no no. Lastly, if my ‘meant to be tongue-in-cheek’ post in any way offended you in turn, I apologize. I wasn’t trying to mock you or make fun of you on my blog. Your post really made me think about the ease of forming impressions in the blog world, and thus the creation of the post. And the Shilpa Shetty part was what I call a ‘necessary evil’ :)

    I hope you will continue to visit and leave comments too :) And maybe I shall seek inspiration from you, don my judgemental hat and do a post profiling my commenters, what say? ;) Am glad you responded. Cheers!

    [nish] Ladies and gentleman, we have a Shilpa Shetty fan! :) Okay, since a lot has been said about Madame Shilpa in this space, I need to get serious for a minute and say what I really feel about her, as an actress and star —

    I personally found Phir Milenge to be an eye-opener to SS’s acting skills. She is understated and elegant and carries herself through her role with ease. I also liked the movie overall, and Shilpa had a big part in that. As for Baazigar, while i’ve never found her ‘acting’ to have caught my eye, I will say this – that movie was all about SRK. It was one of the high-points of his career and a movie that established his new ‘anti-hero’ persona (along with Darr). To be debuting in a movie like that, to have a relatively small role and get bumped off half way through the film and STILL make a mark of your own, speaks a lot for her screen presence. Her acting skills are undeniably there, but I don’t think she always uses them, preferring to score points instead with her midriff (one that is worthy of showing off, no doubt!) But yes, the gal has talent and I just wish she did more roles that allowed her to show off her acting. But Bollywood being the way it is, loves a stereotype, and chances are Shilpa will remain the ‘UP Bihar lootne’ gal for a while.

    Oh and thanks for dropping in and commenting. Hope to see you around again! :)

    [Sriram] Having read this hyped up post of yours before writing this comment, I must say, it was well written, and one of those extremely rare posts which didn’t contain any profanities. Or maybe it did, and my ‘Sriram-swear-words’ filter was on, so I didn’t notice them :) Either way, it was a departure from your usual style of expression :) But watch out! Your fans flock to your blog because you cuss them out. If you start being nice to them, they’ll think someone kidnapped you and took over your blog. Bad bad idea.

    And they say one should never lie to oneself, even if you lie to everyone else. So repeat after me ‘ Sriram is a wacko’ . Yes, very good :)

    [Invincible] Thank you for dropping by and commenting (usual politeness), glad you’ve been reading regularly and glad you like what I write as well as my template (pretentious modesty). There, now that we are done with that, lets move on to better things :)

    Thank you! One of my readers added parts #6a and #6b, which I think are quite nice too, so please to not miss those :) Interesting angle likening the blogosphere to the open source community. Sadly, that’s also the reason why intellectual property rights get infringed upon here. People believe that the output that these ‘online journalists’ generate is a gigantic pool that everyone can dip into, take as we please and modify at free will. Which while definitely not true, is unfortunately the case often.

    The last thing i’d want is an apology from someone too :) I assume you are referring to Sharanya’s apology above and I’ve responded to her in this comment response, so it should give you an idea of what I think of apologies on this matter. And I think I missed what you meant by the ‘before the transformation‘ comment. Please elaborate :)

    Cheers and hope to see you commenting again :)

  39. Invincible

    wow! that was so quick :)

    quote: ‘cos people lately have wisened up to the fact that the word ‘interesting’ translates to ‘I have nothing better to say’.

    quote#2: …sprinkled with some interesting (b4 the transformation) quotes.

    Another thing i liked is the Creative Commons License :-)) . Obviously one wouldnt want someone to copy-paste their stuff. it’s like ‘limited open source license’ (it exists somewhere) u can take it free but dont publish it as urs.
    Also, if someone can write @ me in their blog, i can very well dedicate some space for that post in my blog. Free journalism :)

    i m too dumb to notice pts 6a & 6b amongst the innumerable comments. i just luved ‘Assume nothing – except anything’.

    Sure u are going to see more of me.

  40. Vishnupriya

    hiii! (first timer on your blog). i thought the concept was really cool. i think i have a mental picture of every anonymous blogger, and i think i’ll just see if i can describe what i think theyre like.

  41. Megha

    [Invincible] Ah THAT! Thankoo for explaining :)

    [Vishnupriya] Yes, I do think it’s a pretty neat idea! Should be interesting to see your mental picture as well :) And thanks for stopping by and hope you’ll drop in again :)

    [sanky] Ah really? Cool! Apparently I give off more impressions than I realize :)

  42. general specific

    I’ve wondered every time i read your blog exactly this.. And i was going through your previous posts just for this very reason. Don’t think you read the comments on posts you wrote two years ago.

  43. Megha Post author

    [general specific] I do read them. Just don’t reply to comments on old posts, that’s all. Now pliss come over and comment on the new post, will you? :)

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