Jewel Thief

(Potential plot spoilers ahead)

I am becoming quite the Zee TV watcher these days. Perhaps it is the lack of anything else to see, the fact that I am a closet masochist, or simply that I miss good old desh and watching Zee makes me feel warm and fuzzy and oh-so-desi. Yeah, all that mush. The other night however, Zee couldn’t find their regular print of Love In Goa (1983), starring Anuradha Patel and Master Mayur. Yes, the same pimply-faced adolescent who often played Amitabh junior, most famously in Muqaddar Ka Sikandar (1978). So they mended their ways, atoned for their sins, and blessed us with — Jewel Thief (1967).

Now before we proceed to babble, a word of caution. As some of you know, the movie has some awesome plot twists. So if you haven’t yet watched it and intend to, you may want to stop reading after this paragraph. How can someone have NOT watched Jewel Thief, you say? Here’s why. You see .. people make movies like Sholay (1975) and Golmaal (1979). You, me and Patel uncle have all heard of them and, very likely, seen them. But people also make movies like Sindoor Aur Bandook (1989) and Meera Ka Mohan (1992). After all, the Hemant Birjes and Avinash Wadhawans of the world also need to justify their existence. The producers of these movies also have kids who need food, clothes and pocket money for Diamond comics. <cue song — Chunnu padhta Daaymond kaamix, Munni padhti Daaymond kaamix, mazedaar ye Daaymond kaaamix, Daaymond kaaamix!> So, for the sake of those Diamond Kaamix distributors and their kids, these movies should also be seen. So one might, since time is a precious commodity, overlook a Jewel Thief or two for the sake of a Bomb Blast (1993) and one should be forgiven for it. Thankoo.

The movie begins in style — A mannequin adorned with jewellery. An unknown man passes by. As he moves away, the mannequin’s neck is bare. Music builds up to a crescendo with an evil laugh permeating the background! And there onwards begins a thrilling ride. Who is the jewel thief? Is it Vinay (Dev), the commissioner’s son and a jewellery store employee? Or his look-alike Amar? As Vinay tries to find Amar and prove his innocence he finds himself falling in love with Shalini (Vyjayantimala), who says she is Amar’s fiancee. As he searches for his clone, the boss’s daughter Anjali (Tanuja), takes a liking for him, while Shalini’s brother (Ashok Kumar) doubts his every move, leaving one wondering if Vinay is taking everyone, including the audience, for a ride. The climax, set in Gangtok, culminates in the jewel thief’s grandest heist of all — the king’s jewels. The stage is set for a thrilling finish, with an elaborate song and dance number in ‘honton pe aisi baat‘.

Jewel Thief remains one of my all-time favorites from Bollywood, a masala potpourri of sorts. Crime caper plus film-noir plus musical from a master storyteller — Vijay Anand. A man, who along with Guru Dutt (Baazi (1951), Jaal (1952)) and Raj Khosla (CID (1956), Bambai Ka Babu (1960)) gave Dev some of his most memorable and atypical roles. The man’s output was varied yet consistent — be it his directorial debut, the road film Nau Do Gyarah (1957), a romantic Tere Ghar Ke Samne (1963), a philosophical Guide (1965), a slick thrilling Teesri Manzil (1966), or a masala mix like Johny Mera Naam (1970) — each movie is a complete entertainer, with excellent music to boot.

Which comes to another of his traits — song picturizations. Think aaj phir jeene ke tamanna hai and you’ll see Waheeda and Dev amidst bales of hay in the back of a truck. Sing pal bhar ke liye koi humein pyaar kar le and you’ll think of Dev romancing Hema through an unending series of windows. Think vaada to nibhaaya, O mere raaja and you’ll remember Dev and Hema pretending to romance as they dupe the cops. Listen to dil ka bhanwar kare pukaar and you’ll flashback to Dev and Nutan inside of the Qutub Minar. Or hum maine kasam li and you’ll think of Dev and Mumtaz sharing a bicycle. Each song memorable, but the scene on the screen just as unforgettable. That’s Vijay Anand for you!

So here I am sitting with my packet of Marie biscuits, watching Jewel Thief. Two of mankind’s great creations. *chomp chomp* The doll-like Tanuja is singing raat akeli hai to Dev Anand in Asha Bhosle’s heavenly voice. And suddenly, I have this major hankering for some nice adrak chai. So we have to pause for a short commercial break. When we return, we shall dissect the scene on the screen. And since no amount of talk about Jewel Thief is complete without gushing effusively about its soundtrack, we’ll do some of that as well.

Did I mention that I love to talk about movies?

ps .. Peoples, pliss to be patient. Part two of this post is coming soon to a blog near you. Songs and their picturizations will be discussed. And Tanuja. And her seduction routine. And The Return of Jewel Thief. And anything else your little heart desireth.

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  1. Australopithecus

    hehe.My dad used to tell me the stories of various masala flicks as bedtime stories.esp jewel theif for he was a major dev anand fan..that could be one of teh reasons i am like this now. and tragedy is that diamond comics are plain unaffordable these days..aaj kal ke bachche are missing out on a lot of things (esp chotoo lambu comics and even such wonderfull performerslike sumeet saigal and kamal sadhana and even kishen kumar)..we must start an organisation to bring down the price of diamond comics.pls to apply formula no 42

  2. The Greatest Hokie Ever !!

    [Megha] – “Slunking to corner, the wrath of Pataal Bhairavi might strike the Hokie anytime”
    How did you pull up that gem of yours ? Yes, yours truly was the 5 year old kid whose grandfather was the one whose wheat was confisicated :)

    [Australopithecus] – I remember my Mom telling me, “Drink the milk, else I will show you Kishen Kumar singing “Aaaja Meri Jaan”, owwwwwwwww”, nasty ! btw, says Krishna Kumar (how dare IMDB insult the greatest and best of all times in such a manner) acted in five “films”. Can someone tell me if they have seen no.2
    Yours truly has the honor of watching the other 4, missed no.2 on the list :(

  3. GratisGab

    Hai bhagwan! I step aside for a minute (ok more) and people have been bashing me up left and right about Hema Malini and the ill-fated Vansati I spelled out wrong (WRONG. OK, WRONG. Now be nice to me fellow-jobless-people!)

    MEGHA! You are a Southie raised in a non-Southie land, we are soul sisters girl. We are. Total Yaadon Ki Baarat type milan has to happen one day. I just know it.

    Anti, you want an effervescent women? Somehow only Eno fruitsalt comes to mind. Have to lay off those mangoes. Btw, Costco has these nicely sliced HUGE dabbas of FRESH mangoes. Which I am downing like nobody’s business with salt+kharam dotted generously…

    Off topic I know…but Megha encourages free spirits to roam freely on her blog…right?

  4. pingoo

    [Megha] Na, not that one. “Saawan kaa maheenaa aayaa hai Ghata se barasaa hai paani ve maahiya bujha de” was the song that I was thinking about and also this cute sa song “Kala sha Kala” with the clapping thing going on..we used to dance to this *ah those days*…the heroine looked kinda ok only in this one song (in a black shalwar I think). The song that you said reminds me of this number from Bees Saal Baad(1988), Kitne saawan baras gaye mere pyaase naina taras gaye.
    I know not about raagas, so I’ll pass that :).

    Well ! some one chose to mention about the beauty cuz you have certain things assosiated with certain people and thats the thing I assosiated with her :). Now, that strand of hair was not sent to a lab for DNA testing to identify if it has a bovine origin but then I dunno why she thought it was cow’s hair !! prolly for the same reason as she asked me once with an innocent face “Do cows roam around on the streets in India ?”. Well all I could do was chuckle and say “Yes they do roam around and hence I can identify a cow when I see one.. unlike here ..where you get to see a cow only on the Stonyfield yoghurt lid” and come to think of it..its not just cows but other animals like cats, dogs, pigs(not to be seen on the roads these days, dwindling numbers….some animal activist should act quickly and restore their past glory). Funny questions they ask or so I feel :). Now this info was not really needed to xplain the cow hair but its ok I hope ? ;-) educated aa?? *you can stop scratching your chin now* :)

    [aNTi]That was hilarious ! now I do have a friend who says it right but pronounces it in a funny way – Hum Aap Ke Hain (Ha as in Harry and In as in India) Kaun. Got it ? :) and DDLJ as Dilwale Dil Duniya Le Jayenge :). Since we are already here, let me tell u that SRK is generally known among the household maamis as “Saarukk”, with the K in the end pulled and twisted a little (like in the song rukk rukk rukk arre baba rukk o my darling give me a lookk).

  5. Invincible

    For a moment i thought the title read Jewel Thief :)
    n when i step in, i see Ashwini Bhaves, Avinash Wadhwans, Kishen kumars(lolol, the name itself has the punch .. no need to watch a movie), Basantis, Marie biscuits, Parle-Gs, Good-Days, dog-biscuits..
    LMAO …. :-))))))

    I was flabbergasted !!!!
    y dont u send dis to Dev Anand, i m sure he wd ‘take off’ soon :)

    also saw lot of blog-oursourcing hppning ..

    So am leaving my precious comment for d upcoming sequel ..

    May b u can change blog into a chat room n give link on yahoo chat rooms(or other assorted ).
    It wud Rock !! .. jes a thought, which wud sparkle a few hundred lines of reply i m sure ;)

    (n i cudnt stop noticing the DesiPundit trackback.. kudos !!!!)

  6. Megha

    [Australopithecus] That is such a brilliant idea on your dad’s part! What could be a better source of stories to satisfy a kid’s vivid imagination :) And I couldn’t agree with you more. Bollywood’s infrastructure has vastly changed from fifteen years ago. And the unfortunate side-effect of that is that there aren’t any genuine paploos anymore! Even the B and C-grade paploos are now packaged and marketed as highly polished products, resulting in a drastic shortage of students from the Kishan Kumar school of acting. If this continues, what will happen to our kids? Who will they heckle and mock? Sigh.

    [Hokie] Where did I pull that one? Out of the pain in my heart at having to deal with the suggestions you threw at me, where else? Tsk tsk. And Aaja Meri Jaan! How can I forget that movie! I OWNED that soundtrack for the longest time, until I ‘accidentally’ left it at a friend’s place once and never brought it back. Heh heh. Needless to add, said friend and I are no longer on talking terms. But before I make more fun of it, let me add on a more serious note that the title song ‘aaja meri jaan‘ is an R D Burman composition, the lone saving grace of an otherwise deplorable soundtrack. A beautiful composition woven around RDB’s favorite jalpari theme, it is said to have moved SPB to tears when he recorded it.

    And words fail me here. What in the world could have possibly compelled you to watch – Aaja Meri Jaan, Kasam Teri Kasam, Bewafa Sanam AND Papa The Great? No, you cannot tell me you had a crush on a girl who thought KK would be the next Amitabh. That excuse can work for Avinash Wadhawan, but not for Kishan Kumar. So please to share your sad story, so we can all commiserate.

    [Gabby] I tried very hard to resist, but you have made it impossible! Van-Sati ?? LOL! Now you’re turning her into this sad opressed woman who lives in the jungle! :D Too much this be, Gabby! And why do you think i’ve been practicing kya hua tera vaada all these days, girl? Okay, so I had a different family reunion song rehearsed, but they are all from the same family of Nasir Hussain films, so we should can at least pass off as cousins, i’d say :)

    Eno’s fruitsalt! LOL! Maybe like Dev sees Nutan in his glass of alcohol and sings to her in Tere Ghar Ke Saamne, Anti can see his gal in his bottle of Eno. See how I connected this comment back to Vijay Anand even? I am so pleased.

    Megha is all for the encouragement of free-spirits and their generous flapping of wings. But she doesn’t care much for bird poop :)

    [pingoo] Now, thanks to you, I cannot stop humming saawan ka mahina aaya hai ghata se from Ayee Milan Ki Raat. The gal on screen was Shaheen, known to be Saira Banu’s niece. And thank you for filling a gap in my education. You see, I only know bald cows, so I was never introduced to the idea of ‘cow hair’. I feel much enlightened :)

    [VC] I personally prefer raw mangoes in untouched form – no salt, no kharam, no nothing :)

    [Invincible] Noooooooooo! Please to not turn my precious blog into a Yahoo chat room! But yes, we seemed to have .. um .. digressed a little off the topic of Jewel Thief, haven’t we? *grin* And thankoo! :)

    [fingeek] Hmpfh. That’s what a cookie/biscuit is supposed to be like – light as air, melt in your mouth and disappear into nothingness! Double hmpfh :)

  7. Rajesh J Advani

    [Hokie ^ Greatest] How about adding the following to your list – Soch (starring Sanjay Kapoor). A veeeeery interesting movie :) Highly recommended! ;)

    [Invincible] Blog-Outsourcing! LOL!!! :D

    [Megha] Yes, I’ll watch Dil Se too.

    Btw, I don’t think I’ve watched Meera Ka Mohan but I know I’ve watched Radha Ka Sangam. Any connection? :)

    Btw, the Marie ad goes something like this -

    All I want is English Marie. Oh so English the real Marie.
    Crispy, Crunchy, Oooooooh

    *sigh* Nostalgia. :)

    popcorn, samosas, Marie and Good Day biscoots, adrak chai, filter coffee and coke (ice optional)-

    Arre? What about Orange Juice? Fresh Squeezed. No ice. :D


    Timesheet Effort Entry -
    Reading comments: 5 hours
    Sifting through comments to compose comment response: 2 hours
    Composing comment response: 0.5 hour

    No wonder I don’t blog that much anymore…


  8. blogman

    I know Karachi Bakery, but not the other one you are referring to.

    My haunts have always been local bakeries near my home. After I got my wings (read .. first two wheeler), the base was shifted to King & Cardinal (had a friend who lived nearby).

  9. pingoo

    Ah ! that piece of info right there, I didn’t know that, so she is Saira Banu’s niece..hmm. So u like the song ! cool song na…don’t you think Aziz sounds like Shabbir in this song ??

    Can’t resist to talk about one of my fav songs when u mention Kishen Kumar :),“Acha sila diya tune mere pyar ka” from Bewafa Sanam. I think its one of the first songs that catapulted Sonu Nigam into the limelight. One of those songs which gives me shrills !

  10. The Greatest Hokie Ever !!

    [Hokie] sighs and ‘beowwwwww’ sheds bucketful of tears at reading the “projector uncle’s tales”. Hokie also grew up in a “company township” and our “uncle” was nice enough to always show Kishen Kumar movies !! That was his favorite backup, but when the backup becomes the primary, you know what starts happening. btw, the aaja meri jaan composition being a RD creation was a zinger. Wow, Megha, u sure are a mine of information…

    anyways, hokie also has a dubious record, once I start watching a Hindi movie, I have Never ever left it incomplete, how bad it might be. After all, the kids of the producers have to eat na ??

    [Rajesh] – Soch was werry interesting, definitely worth a watch. I think Sanjay Kapoor never gets mentioned alongwith the Avinah W and Kishen Ks of this world, definitely potential material..
    Hokie sings ‘Dilbar Dilbar’ and retreats to his corner sighing…

  11. Megha

    [Rajesh] I shall steal a friend’s joke here and use it on you.

    A: Dil Se picture dekhi hai?
    B: Haan, dekhi hai..
    A: Dil Se picture kaise dekhi? Log to aakhon se dekhte hain!

    Yes, that was a bad one, but the movie was no less bad, so I had to use it on you. Of course Preity Zinta’s existence more than made up for all the bad in the movie, so I cannot really complain. And [fingeek]‘s mention of the My Fair Lady tune didn’t remind me of the song, but now, thanks to your lyrics, I have the English Marie jingle playing annoyingly in my head in 8 track sound. Thankoo very much for that. You are very kind.

    > No wonder I don’t blog that much anymore…

    Your blog’s loss is my commentspace’s gain .. *sheepish grin* :)

    [blogman] Bulaqi Kashmiri Bakery was near Lakdi Ka Pul, very close to Nasr School – which is my alma mater, hence the local bakery connection funda for me :)

    [pingoo] Yes, Aziz sounds like Shabbir in this song. But Aziz sounds bad enough when he sounds like Aziz, so going and sounding like Shabbir is harakiri, if you ask me. You can see i’m not much of a fan of either :) But given what Shabbir did to RD’s tunes in Betaab (1983) my angst against him is definitely more!

    I have been singing achha sila diya tune mere pyaar ka since the whole topic of Bewafa Sanam (1995) came up yesterday! And you are absolutely right. It is one of the first songs where Sonu Nigam stepped away from being a recording artist singing cover versions of Mohammed Rafi songs and came into his own as a playback singer. On a related note, I have to narrate a unexpected mondegreen I discovered in this song recently :)

    One of the paragraphs of the song goes like this —

    ashqon ki maala mere gale pehnaa ke,
    khush hai vo ghar kisi aur ka basaa ke
    kar diya khoon dekho, mere aitbaar ka
    yaar ne hi loot liya, ghar yaar ka

    A friend of mine firmly believed for years that the first line was —

    aashiqon ki maala mere gale pehnaa ke ..

    I have this visual of this particularly nasty woman akin to angulimaal who made a maala out of all the guys who fell in love with her and put the maala around this chap’s neck :) I know unrequited love can turn people bitter, but my friend’s interpretation of these lyrics was on an altogether different level of bitterness, methinks!

    Of course Hindi film songs and mondegreens can make for a totally separate and funny discussion, in themselves! :)

    [Hokie] Thankoo. When it comes to R D Burman, I take a special interest in remembering trivia, that’s all :) And I TOTALLY relate to the ‘never leave a movie incomplete’ theory! If you believe a movie is bad, don’t watch it. But if you start it, finish it. I have tried to follow this rule even on multiple viewings of a movie. This has resulted in unfortunate events like my watching Jaani Dushman – Ek Anokhi Kahaani (2002) THRICE. Yes, I am ashamed .. *slinks into a corner*

    Ah, Sanjay Kapoor! The song that comes to mind always is aati nahin, aati nahin from Prem (1995), a song that SK sings looking so constipated, that one wonders if this was the director and lyricist’s sense of humor at work, or if there was a greater cosmic justice at play somewhere. Oh and let us not forget the finger wagging .. aati nahin .. *wag wag* .. aati nahin. Ugh.

    [Rajesh] LOL! I take it you are not much of an Aditi Govitrikar fan? ;)

  12. pingoo

    The 4 lines u mentioned r simbly sooperbu. Now is it a coincidence or what ?? ashq is mentioned in so many songs but we had a similar discussion to urs, when this song was played once… one of my friends asked another friend
    “Oh so you know the urdu meanings of the lyrics ? xshplain ashqon ki maala ?”
    friend thought for a while and then pounced back, its garland of tears..he guessed from the context I think… but he was spot on :).

    “aati nahin, aati nahin from Prem”

    That’s xactly what came to my mind when I read SK !!(Not saaruk khan..on that note he reminds me of …k ka ka ka ..kiran) Chunkey Pandey once said the same thing -> linking the song with constipation :).

  13. sanky

    Haan Mi-Lord main apneee safai main yeh kehna chahoonga ki..I just wanted a juiccyy next post …keeping the ending as shrouded as can be kept :)

    expose the ending!! …*holding my ears and chanting shiva shiva shiva*……never would I expect such literary felony …from megha….with a soul like a safed saree with blue border… washed with nirma…..

    Aap se request hain milord kee is mulzim ko baizzat beri kar diya jay!!

  14. aNTi

    [Megha] Gawddddd Kishan Kumar! I don’t remember the lyrics of this song, but what i still remember is the visual of him holding a gun with both hands with his back to a wall beating his forhead and crying. I hate ALL you guys for bringing back this memory! Creepy guy, he was!

  15. Priyavadan

    [anti] he still is creepy, nothing has changed and I bet it never will change! “aacha silla diya tuneh mere pyar ka..” is that the song you were referring to?

  16. Suhail

    Haha. talking abt mondegreens..I remember when Ali Haider’s Hawa-Hawa was at its peak(‘ab us’ ka pata mujh ko bata de…mein usse milongaa..ek baar mila de..yaar mila de) , one catholic friend Tony, in all his shweet-innocence asked me..

    “..yaar tujhe maloom hoyenga..bol ‘abdul’ ka pata kyun bolta hai?”
    hehehe :D Me being of the seedha-saadha-like-jalebi variety made up some big story. Thankoo.. thankoo..for reminding me about Tony and his various antiques.

  17. Megha

    [pingoo] Oh yes, nice lines na? I never paid attention to them until my friend’s lil confusion though :) So you’re saying I have Chunky Pandey’s sense of humor? Eeesh! :)

    [sanky] *enters singing doodh si safedi nirma se aaye, rangeen kapda bhi khil khil jaaye* Okie dokie, your appeal has been accepted. After all, I am known to be a reasonable person. Mulzim ko ba-izzat bury .. oops .. I mean .. bari kiya jaata hai. Khush? :)

    [aNTi] Aww, now now, you sound as tormented as Sonu Nigam does in that song :)

    [Suhail] LOL! One is curious what explanation you provided to Tony for Abdul ka pataa. Zaroor monotony end kar diya hoga. Your fellow jalebis are curious to know and keen to learn.

    And yes, as [Priyavadan] pointed out, hawa hawa is Hasan Jahangir not Ali Haider. Other notable gems from the same superhit album that come to mind -

    * aaja na dil hai deewana, roke chaahe laakh zamaana
    * le bhi le dil tu mera, o jaaneman
    * shawa ye nakhra gori da

    Yikes! Why is that I remember so many of his songs? Need .. to .. purge .. brain .. immediately!

  18. phatichar

    Oh boy, is this spooky or what? That’s exactly how it used to be in our colony as well. May I ask you which colony you grew up in, in the north??? Am just curious. And hey, anytime…it’s great fun sharing similar childhood memories with people :) The net’s a great place to be, huh? Take care…

  19. Megha

    [phatichar] In Orissa actually, near Rourkela. So not quite as far North as you. You were in Jamshedpur, right?

    It sure is nice to run into people with similar stories :)

  20. Anonymous

    ah back on zeetv i see. the programming is fine, but ajmeri baba is driving me up the wall.

    100% guaranteed results!!


  21. Leon

    I hate it when you write about movies coz I can’t comment.. lol. I’ve seen very few Hindi movies and almost none of the old ones.. not even Sholay.. (embarrassed)

  22. RT

    I dont know how the discussion is balancing itself between jewel thief to ayi milan ki raat type and bees saal baad/mera saaya..
    But liking a stray “pooriyadhanashri raag” in the mediocrities of mohd azizs is what caught my attention..:-)
    My first time here and must say lovely blog and informative too.. Gave me a lot of insight on kishan kumars and shabbir kumars of the world and I laud at your attempt to resurrect them..:-)

  23. aNTi

    [Megha]: How soon is “soon”?

    And I have been having those Hassan Jahangir ditties as ear worms for years now…

  24. Anurag

    Seventy eight comments!!!!! What do you do, bribe these people to come and post comments? Wow!!!

    Jewel Thief is a wonderful movie. I love the dance sequence for “Hothon pe aisi baat…”

  25. Sriram

    [Anurag] Yes she bribes us all with that Marie biscoot packet and hence we are hypnotized… now add jewel thief into the mix and now you know the result!!

    [Meghs] Ok, that does it. time for me to bring out the voodoo. (No NO, not the axe deo!! the REAL voodoo dolls and magik istuff) *threateningly holding a voodoo doll of a t-rex* when is part two coming? you the telling now or else me is the poking t-rex with voodoo needle!!! *umm.. can I add my pirate laugh at the end?*

  26. Megha

    [Zaph] Personally, I think it is Pandit Maharaj who has the best tag line. All your problems solved in seven days, guaranteed. Black magic eliminated in 72 hours itself! What a fascinating thought. Tsk tsk.

    [Leon] Nah, nothing to be embarrassed about. While it is a sacrilege for someone like me to have not watched Sholay, I think everyone has a list of ‘famous must-see movies that I have not seen and dare not admit in public for fear of being lynched‘. I definitely have mine :) Also, as you will notice, the discussion in the commentspace is rarely about the topic of the original blog. So even though you have nothing to say about Jewel Thief, chances are you’ll find something to say about Marie and Parle-G biscuits, so there is hope yet :) Glad you decided to comment, either way! :)

    [RT] Thank you! Always try to look for the positive, even when it tries to hide behind the voice of Mohammed Aziz, I say! ;) Nice to have you drop by, and glad you liked it here. Hope to see you around again :)

    [aNTi] Soon is .. um .. soon :) Got a little buried in work the past few days. Hopefully in another day or two. But probably not JT – part 2. I have something else in mind ;)

    And thanks to all that Hassan Jehangir talk, I went and downloaded and listened to some of his old numbers. Big mistake. BIG big mistake :|

    [Anurag] I indulge in my silliness and let the reader indulge in theirs? No other reason that I can think of really.

    Honton pe aisi baat and other songs of this movie shall soon be discussed in an upcoming post, so I shall resist talking too much about them right now :)

    [Dan] Thank you! Glad you dropped by :)

  27. Megha

    [Sriram] You always sneak in a comment when I am writing a response! Uncanny, I tell ya!

    Part Two of JT will be coming soon. But I had something else in mind to write about, which I hopefully will in a day or so :) In the meantime, how about trying for an extra for POTC: Dead Man’s Chest? ;)

  28. aNTi

    [Megha] But Hassan Jahangir was quite the rage at one point of time – with baggy pants and dark glasses to boot! And I remember my friends dancing for a Hassan Jahangir compilation mix for a school function! God, we were stupid!

  29. Megha

    [aNTi] I have been trying to play some nice RD melodies to rinse the Hassan Jehangir crap out of my ears. And the ‘God, we were stupid’ line nicely sums up the theme of my next post :)

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  31. Meera

    hey.. If anyone knows who sings this song could u please post who the singer is

    “aaja na dil hai deewana… rokh chahe lakh zamana”

  32. Paul

    I love this movie and I really love the beautiful Tanuja. However, I am still a bit confused on the plot details. For example, can anyone tell me how Tanuja found out what day the next heist would take place? I ask this because I assume that is what she told the Police Commissioner about when she went to visit him. Or maybe I am mistaken on what she told him? Feel free to email me as well.

  33. Gita

    Saw this movie when I was a wee kid-loved it then and am sure I will love it today. If I can get my hands on it.
    Will munch chocolate bourbon- Britannia along with my dog Molly who loves ‘em too.

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