The Paploo Stud-Wannabe

Julie Julie Julie, tu ladki nahin maamooli

All those who cringed at the image that song brought into their heads, please accept my heartfelt sympathies. And all those who are blissfully unaware, and thus have the smiles on their faces intact, consider yourself blessed. This is a song from Aaja Meri Jaan (1993) starring the inimitable Cushion Kumar. Imagine a pincushion, for starters. Or better yet, a whoopee cushion. I considered starting this post singing O Kreeeshnaaa yewww aaa da greataste mewzeeshan aaaf theees worrulldd from Meera Ka Mohan (1992) but no amount of mistyping can do justice to Kumar Sanu’s fine accent. Damn, I should be audioblogging.

So why am I hell bent on ruining your happiness with songs like this? You see, I had a most disturbing realization thanks to my last post. Apparently more people have watched Geeta Mera Naam (2000) than Johny Mera Naam (1970). At least the levels of excitement in the audience, about the respective genres seem to suggest that. Three paragraphs I dedicated to Jewel Thief (1967) and mentioned Avinash Wadhawan in passing. And yet. Tsk tsk. The commentspace of the previous post stands a firm testimonial to the fact that it is people like us who are responsible for that fine specimen of manhood — the PSW — the Paploo Stud-Wannabe.

We may cringe at the mention of their names, vehemently deny knowledge of their existence, but mention Bahaar Aane Tak (1990) and we turn into a classroom of seven-year-olds, jumping up and down, excitedly recollecting Rupa Ganguly’s parandha. Why? What makes us remember these PSWs with their cuts on eyebrows, funny sideburns, 80mph hairstyles and their moments of fame? Why do we recollect Prithvi crooning dil jigar nazar kya hai, main to tere liye jaan bhi de doon to a bunch of shrieking girls on screen, when someone mentions Dil Ka Kya Kasoor (1992), although a sum total of 5.5 people went to the theatre to see this movie? (0.5 = fell asleep half-way) Why do we remember people that we’d ordinarily be glad to forget about? Why do we get nostalgic about a lot of things that we weren’t so tickled about the first time around?

The answer lies in the memories. A final evening spent with high-school friends before you all moved to separate towns. A movie you watched with someone special. A heroine that reminds you of that gal in college you had a crush on. A hot summer evening spent sipping Rasna and watching Chitrahaar with mom and dad, while the cooler with the khus perfume ran in the background. The time Jagjeevan Ram died and a week’s mourning was declared resulting in all shops being closed, and you watching the same movie twice daily, on six consecutive days. The oily samosas of Sangam movie hall. The magical escalators at Abhinav theatre. It’s the personal associations, the feeling of nostalgia .. that lets us view the Rajan Sippys and Sahil Chaddhas of the world with a soft-focus lens.

But whatever our excuses, we have all done it. For the sake of old crushes and new loves, for the sake of friends and special moments, or simply for the lack of choice, we’ve been there. Gone to the theatre, paid good money for tickets, and watched with rapt attention while shape-shifting snakes morphed into humans in tight salwar kameezes and transparent kurtas and sang songs in the voices of Anuradha Paudwal and Mohammed Aziz. The all-problem-causing rain song, no less. Innocent heroine singing. Villian sees the heroine, lusts after her, pulls a Shakti Kapoor on her and kills her, compelling her to come back in another janam to reunite with her hero. Hero in the meantime, turns back into reptile-of-choice to wreak havoc on mankind. The only way to stop his rampage is for the lovers to unite. And unite they do. But alas, it is too late. Three hours, seven Gulshan Kumar T-Series songs, forty seven violins in the background and one hundred eighty-four extras in colorful dupattas later, you have walked out of the theatre with a death wish. Unless of course the audience is me. Who eagerly scanned the local newspaper pages looking for the sequel to Laal Dupatta Malmal Ka (1988).

102 thoughts on “The Paploo Stud-Wannabe

  1. Sriram

    [Meghs & loverBoy]Yeesh, the early worm is bad. Me shall never eat worms again. darn chinese ppl.. can’t even cook food. How dare they let uncooked worms on the loose? Oh, yes.. me is now recovering from the ill-effects of being early.

  2. The Greatest Hokie Ever !!

    [He who Shall Not be Flamed] Have u considered that the so-called ‘famous’ tape might have come bundled with the ‘Meera Ka Mohan’ tape ? me thinks the audio companies were doing a great service coz now we can blog about MKM !! btw, can u tell us about this Kudrat Ka Faisla ? Seems to be a promising venture, or Megha can enligten us before that….

  3. Megha

    [blogman] Why do you have to remind me of past wounds? Kyle said I was too old! *sniffle*

    [loverBoy] Oh my! That’s a pretty large number of movies that we missed! Thankoo thankoo :) A friend added a couple more to it —

    Yathharth – The Truth
    Zanjeer – The Chain

    [Hokey Pokey] I remember Parvati Khan but song-wong I don’t remember. I’ll let the knowledgeable folks take over for that.

    And not to worry. Der aaye to kya, durust aaye na. When you rewind them with love and care, the PSWs of the world will automatically forgive you :)

    [Mandar] Hope it’s a good one! :)

    [Rohan] Oh my lord! I had no idea DPS – R K Puram was opposite Sangam! And yes, I had heard of DPS much much before its recent claim to .. um .. fame :) But Innocent li’l kid that I was, I only knew Sangam, not its nefarious notorious neighbor! Thank you for filling a gap in my education :)

    [He who Shall Not be Flamed] Thank you, me is most pleased that you all concur with my madhouse nomenclature :) And .. *hangs head low* I don’t own the MKM soundtrack on tape .. I .. um .. own it on .. *gulp* .. CD .. *runs away and hides under the table*

    Btw, I am adding you to the list of people who I think will be willing to read a blog about MKM’s music. The count stands at 3, as of now.

    [Sriram] First the bees, now the worms. You sure have an affinity for the keedas don’t you? :)

    [Hokie] The name Kudrat Ka Faisla vaguely rings in my head as a Bappi Lahiri soundtrack. But beyond that, I have nothing. I shall humbly hand over the baton to [He who Shall Not be Flamed] to elaborate further on this masterpiece.

  4. He who Shall Not be Flamed

    [the greatest hokie ever] Not to be confused with “Kudrat ka Kanoon” (1987), which was a relatively famous movie with Jackie and Hema.
    “Kudrat ka faisla” was supposed to star Sunny and Neelam. Soundtrack got made, movie was never released.

    [megha] Thanks. To be frank, my knowledge of crappy Hindi movies is rather miniscule and restricted to 1991-95. (Inspector Dhanush, Nambri Aadmi, Pratigyabadh, anyone?)

  5. Megha

    [HWSNBF] Hmmm, Sunny-Neelam-Bappi. Somehow that combination brings to mind a different movie (perhaps the same production house as KKF?) – Paap Ki Duniya (1987) – most famous for the song – chori chori yoon jab ho aankhein chaar kya hota hai, a rehash of the Bangles hit – Walk like an Egyptian. I have to admit that Kishore spirited singing makes this song a favorite of mine, despite it being a copy and all. And Neelam’s dhoti-kurta which was such a fashion rage in those days. And of course the Lata-Shabbir senti-fest – bandhan toote na saari zindagi.

    Pratigyabadh and Numbri Aadmi ring a bell as Mithun movies, both with Bappi music, I think? The former was a B R Chopra production I believe, the latter I dunno.

  6. He who Shall Not be Flamed

    I don’t recall Paap Ki Duniya, but then the only time in my life when I was heavily into movies like these was between ’90-’95. Before that, i was too young and in the UK and afterwards, I went away to college.

    Yes, PB and NA are Mithun-da classics. And the wonderful Sangeeta Bijlani (may Azhar be cursed forever!) starred in both NA and Inspector Dhanush (which was actually a pretty good movie with Suresh oberoi, watch it sometime).

    Talking about Mithun, do you remember the name of the Madhuri-Mithun movie that had a song that went “Sheeshe ki umr pyaar ki..aakhir something something”. the tune is stuck in my head, but I can’t remember the name.

  7. Megha

    [HWSNBF] Tomorrow, I shall ask uncle-ji for Inspector Dhanush. It’s about time I saw a movie from that zamaana, and all this talk of MKM has reminded me of what i’m missing.

    Mithun-Madhuri – Prem Pratigya (1989)? Don’t remember the song, but don’t know of any other movie starring the two of them.

  8. rumpelstiltskinâ„¢

    megha: just a diversion from prem pratigya… your BLOG should have a post thats dedicated to all the movies of mithun da… and that post shud be called the “zoo”… movies like cheetah, shera (dunno why he didnt do movies named zebra, hippo, rhino etc) be included in that…

    once again… you (are a) rock… and this kinda sense of humour… where do u get it from? do u follow some humour cult? if so, pls do lemme know :-)

  9. He who Shall Not be Flamed

    There was also Pyaar ka Devata. But you are right. The song i was referring to is from Prem Pratigya. Visions of Mithun-da throwing a glass bottle on the floor, because he thinks Madhuri has betrayed her, and belting out large doses of senti.. from what i recall, Mithun-da is a local dada, and he saves Madhuri from some other goons who are trying to molest her, and falls in love with her.

  10. Anonymous

    Megha, Could you provide the feeds for your post comments. Reading the post alone is hugely incomplete.
    - A fan

  11. pingoo

    Now ! if something had to come up it will come up no matter what, just realized that..I was thinking about “Paap Ki Duniya” even before the topic of Chunkey Pandey came up and I was tempted to refer it but dunno y I refrained and here it is already being discussed :). I have very good memories of this one song in that movie..chunkey jumping like a monkey and the cute neelam(both in parrot green dress I guess) dancing to the tunes of..“Main Tera Thota Tu Meri Maina”

  12. Rajesh J Advani

    *Dazed, but alive nonetheless*

    *at least, still alive*

    Good lord, what is this blog turning into?!

    Unfortunately, I only have the following to contribute to this discussion (for lack of another term, and at the risk of sounding like a kindergarten student in a class for PhD students) –

    Remember Love ’86? Starring Rohan Kapoor – {I believe his name in the movie was ‘Omi’}. :) {Of course the movie also starred Govinda, Neelam, and Farha but they were not exactly PSWs, even if they should have been :) }

    Unfortunately, (or is that fortunately), I don’t remember anything about the movie except one scene where mom-in-law-to-be puts a boombox with a child’s voice inside a Godrej Almirah and locks it up, to expose the lock-picking capabilities of the grooms-to-be.


    Quite sad, I think, considering I remember seeing a lot more of those Chunkey Pandey type flicks.

    And now that Mithun-da has been mentioned, I can bring up that other “Julie Julie” song, starring that great hero of heroes {remember, that a bullet passed through his head taking the brain tumour with it, leaving him cured – or was I reminded of that piece of trivia on this blog? hmmm, highly probable, I think :) } –

    Julie Julie,
    Johnny ka dil tum pe aaya julie
    Tere liye chad jaaun soolie
    Tu hi to meri jaan hai jaan hai jaan hai jaan haiiii

    :) And now this kid shall get back to the back of the class :)

  13. IdeaSmith

    LOL….I once saw this Manisha Koirala-Sanjay Dutt starrer in a theatre and I still remember it because of this yucky song..”Angiya mein kuwan hai, kuwain mein paani hai, paani mein doob maroongi!”

  14. Mantri

    The Reema Laagoo filled 90′s movies are in itself difficult for most of the mankind to recollect ,and here u r forcing junta to recollect absolute masterpieces of an era which most of us didnt know existed.

    I recollect in amusement a song from Krantiveer(’94) wherein Nana Patekar romances our very own Bindu(Love rap).It was probably the first love raps to which the Big B has suddenly taken a liking singing in every ad,movie and galli mohalla for that matter.

    It went something like..
    “Kabhi shambar ek Kabhi Shambar two , hua love fever shuru…jao jao jaldi jao doctor ko bulao …nawz dikao mera….”

    and nana patekar actually mouthing the queen’s language wid stuff like
    “baby u r old wine” lol.

  15. Megha

    [rumpelstiltskinâ„¢] The ‘Zebra’ and ‘Hippo’ movies would have been made, had the SPCA not intervened. The idea of a ‘Zoo’ post is most exciting, but I highly doubt I can do justice to someone like Mithun. Firstly the man has too much output – unlike the Avi-Wads and Sum-Saigs of the world with 5 dismal movies in their lifetime, Mithun has 5 dismal movies every quarter. Secondly, I haven’t seen *enough* of them to .. *ahem* educatedly analyze and dissect them :)

    I continue to be happy to know that one see shades of Manoj Kumar (Patthar Ke Sanam (1967)) and Salman Khan (Pathhar Ke Phool (1991)) in me ;) And surely you don’t think someone would teach this nonsense? Although, now you’re giving me ideas to start a cult of my own! Hee haw! *evilly grins and rubs hands in glee*

    [Anonymous Fan] I wish I could, but as long as I remain with I am restricted by their features, so I cannot :( Hopefully i’ll make the shift to my own domain someday soon! Nice to see a fan drop in, even if anonymous :)

    [pingoo] Ah yes, the tota-maina song, how could I forget that. Most-est irritating, if you ask me. But then again when was Chunky not irritating? Maybe to a small extent in Tezaab (1988). And never refrain from mentioned a PSW, or else it’ll come back to haunt you sooner than you think :)

    [Rajesh] Glad to see you survive the .. um .. whatever you want to call this thing :)

    Rohan Kapoor is a unique species in that he is a second generation PSW. Let me clarify. This does not mean his dad is a PSW. It simply means he is the son of a famous film persona who tried to use daddy-dear’s fame to overcome his own PSW-ness. Rohan Kapoor was the son of the famous singer Mahendra Kapoor. Now MKaps himself was a staunch B R Chopra loyalist, so it was natural that beta and made his debut under the Chopra baton, which he did (although BR and Yash had split by then) with Yash Chopra’s Faasle (1985) which also debuted Farha. Intesterestingly Love 86‘s other three stars did reasonably well, but Rohan Kapoor fizzled out soon after, starring in a couple of films with Neeta Puri before disappearing completely. I’ve heard he played anchor to a music-related TV show along with his dad later?

    Another example of a second generation PSW would be Raj Tandon, son of the filmmaker Ravi Tandon, and brother to Raveena Tandon. Ravi Tandon’s arguably most famous movie being the Rishi Kapoor-Neetu Singh starrer Khel Khel Mein (1975) and perhaps the most famous song from this R D Burman soundtrack being ek main aur ek tu donon mile is tarah, he decided to launch his son in a namesake movie – Ek Main Aur Ek Tu (1986) with Rubina, who was the actress Ranjeeta’s sister. The only worthwhile thing about this movie is its music by R D Burman, who daddy Tandon was loyal to.

    And Julie Julie! If you can remember this song, then you are no back-of-the-class kid! :) This musical delight is from Jeete Hain Shaan Se (1988) with music by Anu Malik.

    [IdeaSmith] I have no clue about this song, and from the sound of it, I should thank my stars about it. Do educate us. Wherefrom is this masterpiece? The movies that come to mind starring the two of them are Khauff and Kartoos, but i’m sure there are more! By the way, nice to see you drop by here and leave a comment :)

    [Mantri] As some wise man once said ‘those who forget history are condemned to repeat it‘. This is something like that :) Btw, I haven’t seen Krantiveer but I have watched this song on TV. And Hindi songs being interspersed with English lyrics. That’s a whole different rant worth a blog of its own! Nice to see you drop in to leave a comment :)

    [HWSNBF] See, I stayed away from both the Mithun-Madhuri delights, so i’ve fortunately missed this glass-bottle-on-floor moment.

    You suffered some of my archives? My sympathies. Oddly enough you are the third person to have asked about an IIT connection after reading my blog. Nopes, no IIT lineage. I have a close friend who went there though. Why do you ask?

  16. He who Shall Not be Flamed

    I actually remembered the second line of that masterpiece of a song.. “Toota jo ghar kisi ka to hau ras ki baat kya?”

    About the IIT thing, no particular reason for asking. General feel, I guess, and some references here and there. I don’t find it odd at all that others have asked the question before.

    Thanks for the Ramesh Mahadevan link, BTW.

  17. pingoo

    Yes ! learnt my lesson :).

    [IdeaSmith,Megha] – I kinda remember this song…Its from the movie Khauff only ..“Saiyan More Saiyan” its called, [IdeaSmith] mentioned the third and fourth lines I think, if that helps :).

    Station pe patri hai, patri pe gaadi hai, gaadi se katke maroongi

    she says..I guess we can do that after listening to this song :).

  18. Megha

    [HWSNBF] Yay, another potential mondegreen! I haven’t heard this song, but just from what you’ve quoted, i’m guessing the lyrics are likely to be ‘toota jo ghar kisi ka to hairat ki baat kya‘ :) Your version of the lyrics of the second line are rather .. interesting .. though. Especially since the whole drinking theme goes well with ‘ras’ :)

    Hmm, about the IIT thing, perhaps there is something that is apparent to others that is not so apparent to me, so I won’t question it anymore :)

    [pingoo] Okay I have done the deed. On your and [IdeaSmith]‘s mention, I have gone and heard the song, realized that I had heard it before and safely forgotten about it, and now you shall pay dearly for bringing it back into my playlist.

    *exits singing baagon mein peepal hai, peepal pe rassi hai, rassi pe phaansi chadhoongi* Grrrr ..

  19. Megha

    [aNTi] Already knew about the link from a long time ago, but you might have also mentioned it at some point. Posted about it on [He who Shall Not be Flamed]‘s blog, which is what he was saying thanks for :) I’ve used though, so both domains seem to work.

    [HWSNBF] I have got to share this. After that lil lyrical mishap of yours, I went hunting for the Prem Pratigya song to confirm, found it and listened to it. But that wasn’t the best part. What was most howlarious was that there was a site that allowed you to download a ringtone of the song! Who WHO, on God’s green earth would want sheeshe ki umr pyaar ki as their ringtone? Um .. do you?

  20. He who Shall Not be Flamed

    Um, no :) That would be going too far. I’m not exactly a huge fan, its mostly about nostalgic associations and vivid memories from a long ago phase in life.
    I missed Tezaab and Madhuri’s earlier movies and PP was pretty much the first time I saw her, a movie seen in a small town, where I was visiting grandparents. For company I had G, friend, confidante and head-servant of the household. The movie hall had folding tin chairs.

  21. scorpigle

    Talking of Mithun da.. one more addition to his ever growing list.. Chingari coming out by this year end.. alongside ravishing Sush.

  22. Megha

    [HWSNBF] Ah :) See, I would probably be willing to watch a Naagmani a second time just for nostalgia’s sake, so I figured it didn’t hurt to ask :)

    I haven’t seen too many of the ‘tin chair, dabba theatre’ type of movies, but the ones I did, I still have fond memories of. Small towns, semi-functional fan making funny noises et al. So was Prem Pratigya G’s choice or yours?

    [scorpigle] Ah! This is the Kalpana Lajmi film written by Bhupen Hazarika, where Mithun plays a priest?

  23. He who Shall Not be Flamed

    my choice. the whole madhuri dixit thing. the fact there weren’t too many movies to choose from made it easier.
    You can’t really have multiplexes with tin-chairs, you know. :)
    I would watch Naagmani again just for “Mera laung Gavaccha”, and the ravishing Shikha Swaroop.

  24. Megha

    [HWSNBF] Ah yes! Anu Malik in one of his infinite comebacks.

    [rumpelstiltskinâ„¢] Aww, you flatter me. But I shall duly visit and offer the vishesh tippani that is being sought. It sounds most promising already! :)

  25. Paddy

    >paploo stud wannabe
    somehow your word choice for the title was so sticky that I had it surface up in my mind atleast a dozen times.However you come up with them..

  26. Jammy

    Woke up this morning with this song in the head:
    Paagal dil mera…tum se yeh keh raha….ab tho tere bina…raha jaye naa..
    aaja meri jaan…tumse hai pyar…aaja mere paas aa…mujhko churaaa…
    unfogettable SP’s playback with typical southie accent…:)

  27. Megha

    [Paddy] I honestly don’t know where I come up with them myself, but if they work for you, then more power to them ;) Although I am very curious exactly what context the phrase resurfaced in your mind. Do tell :)

    [Jammy] Oh my lord! Here is someone who actually knows the other songs of the movie besides the RD-title song! I am most impressed! And my heartfelt sympathies for starting your day on a Cushion Kumar note! :)

  28. Anuradha

    Hey your post rocked and the comments rolled. the movies u mentioned provided more entertainment now then they did when I watched them.

  29. Pallavi

    hahah that krishna song was the wierdest song ever… LOLOL… we had a lot of fun making a parody of that.. it is another story that the song is a parody in itself… Sheesh

  30. Megha

    [Anuradha] Aww thank you. Am glad you enjoyed it. I hope you’ll be back for more :)

    [Pallavi] Oh yes, that song is a classic! :) Nice to know there are other souls who remember it, song-wise and picturization-wise! :)

  31. Randomizer

    Megs.. tussi great ho! simply great!!! and I thot i was the only sick person around that enjoyed those flicks. I used to own a whole collection of those T-Series cassettes back then! I hope my mum has still saved that treasure. still going thru ur blogs…

    [Pingoo] don’t u feel bad! me saw Jiyala – The Daring! I always thot it was a paki movie. the movie didn’t baksh Ghulam Ali either.. it had a song which was tapofied from one of his ghazals.. it went like .. ‘Kal Chaudvin ki raat thi.. shabbar pe tha charcha tera’. i swear this song has made me give up listening to ghazal.

  32. Raj

    I thought I was the only one who remembered all those movies (especially the T-Series ones). ITs good to know that there are others like me out there. :D

  33. Anonymous

    A hot summer evening spent sipping Rasna and watching Chitrahaar with mom and dad, while the cooler with the khus perfume ran in the background…..
    How did u know aboutmy childhood!

  34. shruti

    Recently i heard this song ‘woh beete din yaad hai’ . I know i watched the pop video long back but i dont remember the video.Came to know its by Tanya. Can anyone remind me wht it looked like etc.plz.Tht song is haunting me.


  35. shruti

    Recently i heard this song ‘woh beete din yaad hai’ . I know i watched the pop video long back but i dont remember the video.Came to know its by Tanya. Can anyone remind me wht it looked like etc.plz.Tht song is haunting me.


  36. chikki


    one of you send me a song VIDEO from
    themovie MOHRA “tip tip barsa pani”………….
    i’wd be thnq full to YOU………………


  37. Justin John

    “Krishna You Are the Greatest Musician of this world” was a superhit songs. All the songs of Meera Ka Mohan were superhit. My favourite was “Zaaroori hai Mereliye Zaroorira Saason ko jaise hoti hai hawaaaaa”.

    Another person said that they don’t remember the song “Julie Julie” from “Jeete Hai Shaan Se”. The song and the film was a hit. It had Mithun, Sunjay Dutt and Govinda. The song was “Julie Julie, Johny Ke Dil Tumpe Aaya Julie, Tere liye Mar jau Zooli, Tu Hi To Meri Jaan Hai Jaan Hai Jaan”.

    Cushion Kumar(Kishen Kumar) is avery good actor. The only problem with him was that he looked different. I love the songs of all his movies like “Aaja Meri Jaan”, “Bewafa Sanam”, “Kasam Teri Kasam”, “Papa The Great”. He had also done one very good music video as a killer. The music and singer was M.M Kreem.

    Do you all remem the songs of “Jaan Tere Naam”. The song was a national anthem “Yeh Akka India Jaanta hai kil eh dil tumpe marta hai. Dil kya cheez hai jaanam apni Jaan tere naam karta hai”

  38. Pingback: Ingliss… at Nandan, Blogged!

  39. riz

    hi there, some corrections up there …

    i know its late but …. better to be late then ……….

    @ he who shall not be blamed , dono man if you are still there but here’s the clue ..

    the song was origionally ….
    “sheeshay ki umer pyaal ki akhir bisaat kya ??
    toota jo dil kisi ka tu hairat ki baat kya ?? “

  40. Usman

    Hi, I am looking to download the song

    Sheeshay ki umer pyaal ki akhir bisaat kya
    toota jo dil kisi ka tu hairat ki baat kya.

    Please send me the link of this song, also please tell the movie name. will be greatfull.


  41. ParanoidAndroid

    This site was one of the only links that came up when I tried searching for that song from “Jiyaala” that went “kal chaudhvin ki raat thi”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have appalling taste in music, it’s just that no one believes any video could truly be as horrific as I describe. Has any of you actually seen it? Those people looked like they had fricking leprosy or something!! If anyone has a link to the video, please pass it on! :D

  42. Elaine

    Kya karthe the sajna tum humse dur rahke…. Pls tell me the movie name, Need to download the song…

  43. yugal

    I have consciously collected these songs, apart from the usual ones. Now my collection has (a glimpse) .. ping me at and i will send u the songs :)

    a) Kya karte thhey sajna tum humse duur rehke
    b) O Krishna you are the greatest musician of this world
    c) Julie Julie, Johny ka dil tumpe aaya Julie
    d) Kali Teri Choti hei paranda tera laalni
    e) Mohabbat inayat karam dekhte hein (on Tariq Shah and Moon Moon Sen)
    f) I am a disco dancer
    g) Yaad aa rahe hei tera pyaar, kahan hum kahan tum hue tum kahan gum
    h) Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy aaja aaja aaja, suna de wohi dhun (Disco Dancer)
    i) Yaar bina chain kahan re sona nahin chandi nahin yaar toh mila arre pyar kar le
    j) One two three four hum saare masti ke chor everybody dance with pa pa pa
    k) Ek aankh maaroon toh parda hut jaaye dooji aankh maaroon kaleja kat jaaye (jitendra sridevi)

  44. Kim

    [Shruti] ‘wo beete din yaad hai’ is a remake of an old song from Horror Movie ‘Purana Mandir’ by Ramsay. The old version is really nice.Must try!!
    As far as new version is concerned. it goes like this… Tanya Singh is in love with a guy. He dies in an Accident. she looks gloomy and Sad.
    Great Song though

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