Thorny felt

Maine dekhaa ik sapnaa, kya dekhaa, bolo naa, bolo naa, please bolo naa .. *giggle*

That be a Lata-Kishore sung and R D Burman composed song from movie Samadhi (1972). This song also reminds me why I don’t like Lata’s giggle, but that is a different story. For those whose exposure to old Hindi film music comes from remixes, may you be tied to a chair and be made to listen to endless repeats of Sridevi singing. There, now that I got that out of my system, let’s continue with what I was saying. This is the same Samadhi of thorny felt, yes felt, come o king .. behind your bungalow, under the berry tree, haay re drunk, aha re drunk fame. That’s kaantaa lagaa, hayy lagaa, aajaa raajaa .. bangle ke peeche terii, berii ke neeche, haayy re piya, aha re piya for you.

Of course, the original song has Asha Parekh singing to garam-Dharam. Which leads to one of the most disturbing visuals in Hindi cinema — Asha Parekh being coy. No seriously, there are few sights worse than Ms Tanpura trying to be cute. This is a lady who cracked one of the eternal unintended jokes of Bollywood when she went to the temple in the climax of a film (any film, specifics don’t matter) and said — bhagwaan, main tumhaare dar pe badi ass leke aayi hoon. Yep, priceless moment.

But moving onto pleasanter things, Samadhi has quite a listen-worthy soundtrack. One of those wish-more-people-knew-of-it types. Has the middle-eastern influenced, Asha crooned o yaaraa yaaraa (whose second line I can never understand), another exceptionally sung Asha solo — jab tak rahe tan mein jiyaa, vaadaa rahaa o saathiyaa, the racy Kishore solo jaan-e-jaanaa jaao kal phir aanaa besides the bubbly Kishore-Lata maine dekhaa ik sapnaa and of course, the most famous of them all — Lata’s kaantaa lagaa. Whether you can blot out the accompanying visual of Shefali Jariwala’s thong or focus your attention on it depending on your preference, the song (and we are talking of the original, thank you very much) is wonderfully composed and sung and a winner through and through. Kudos to Pancham!

Samadhi also has the distinction of being one of the only TWO movies I know of with Dharam-paaji in a double role — one moochwala (not to be confused with Detective Moochwala from Target) and one without (paired with Jaya Bhaduri). The other movie being the Dharam-Rekha starrer — Ghazab (1982) where he plays a buffoon with buck teeth, one of his underrated comedic performances. Thanks to Sagnik for the Ghazab trivia. Interestingly enough, neither movie was much of a hit. Twice the usual number of doggy-abuses can be too much to sit through, I suppose.

The original point of the post was about more earth-shattering matters. I intended to tell you about a weird dream I had last night, hence the opening song and all. Ah well, will save it for the next post instead. By the way, as good readers you are all expected to head over to Musicindiaonline while reading this post, listen to the songs of Samadhi and come back and write comments full of effusive praise for R D Burman. In return, I promise not to giggle like Lata-bai. Thankoo.

48 thoughts on “Thorny felt

  1. The Greatest Hokie Ever !!

    One movie from the local uncle, Pratigya – starring Garam Dharam and Hema. Not a very well remembered movie but enormously funny !! and yesssssssss, heading over to MusicIndia, can I make a detour and listen to Bappi-da’s soul mooosik before spending the rest of the day with RD’s tracks ??

  2. Rohan Kumar

    Omigosh I didnt think anyone else wud have seen the movie Ghazab :), it has gotta go down as one of Dharam paaji’s most underrated comedic performance for sure.

  3. gvenum

    OMG…ROTF-IAPBA(Imagining Asha Parekh Badi ass)and ofcourse the blog itself. This one tickles my funny bone to no end. The winglish translation is just hilarious.
    Can you illustrate why AP is “Ms Tanpura” to this dont-realize- what’s-gonna-hit-you abhagi.
    I think I am asking for more distrubing visuals with your explanation. Oh well…may be after this I will be better prepared for life mentally and emotionally.:)
    BTW , I cannot read what you wrote after Shefali Jariwala’s thong. My apologies. If I ever come out of it I will sure comment on the rest of the blog.
    *remembers to click the repeat button on the SJ’s thong ..I mean video..phew!!!”

  4. missnupur

    :D Mai bhi “Megha” ban na chahti hun!!

    Didnt see any of those movies I think – but ‘badi ass’!!! LOL!!!

    How you come up with stuff like this…. bhagawaan hi jaane! :)

  5. aNTi

    thorny felt, yes felt, come o king .. behind your bungalow, under the berry tree, haay re drunk, aha re drunk fame

    Oh god… And did you have to remind me of Sridevi singing? And I did tell you right? I saw Kshanak Kshanam a couple of weeks ago, finally and I am being terrorised!

    Detective Moochwala!!!!!! Target!!!! I think I still have a couple of dozen issues stacked in a loft back home in Chennai!

    Pointless comment for a pointless post at a senseless time of the night and with a pointless number of exclamation marks! Me hitting the sack now!

  6. rumpelstiltskinâ„¢

    atlast… daily visits to ‘yumnyum’ has finally paid off… i had used to bring my “badi ass” on this blog on a daily basis to find something on films… and finally it paid off

    looking forward to read about the wierd dream… and why does it has to be “Thorny Felt”… i thought, after shefali zariwala it has become “Thongy Felt” or “Corny Felt” or something like that…

    and sorry, i am not one of the good readers to proceed to listen to the music of samadhi, no speakers… no nothing…

    enuff pakaoing… adios

  7. RT

    I am totally in awe of your extensive movie database. Right from noticing a rare raaga in the most auto-rickshaw type songs to Lata’s giggles to songs of Samadhi.
    Latabai-type giggle@badi ass..:)

  8. Swathi

    tat was a gud one ’bout Asha P ,n it wud b a matter of national debate as to whose giggles r worse Lata di’s or Sridevi’s?? (like the one in ‘rang bhari baadal …’)

    now I need to rush home(y? ‘coz unfortunately music sites are blocked here at work :))

  9. neha vish

    How can I forget the pain of Sri Devi shrieking
    Shona mere Shona… yak yak yak. It was a true torture through Childhood years. Chandni ruined by the high pitched shrieks of the tone deaf. :D

  10. Begumpetter

    Megha lopala maniac, it definitely seems like. And and and, yes very clever, zis new way of getting comments. Thanks for the post. Long years had I suffered thinking that only I’d seen the badi aas… Was everyone else blind? Was something wrong with mine eyes? The scales have fallen now. I’m normal. Well, somewhat.

  11. Megha

    [Hokie] Funny as in genuinely funny, or the unintentionally funny variety? And you say Pratigya has Dharam in a double role? And yes, you are welcome to listen to lots of Bappi on the way and back. Just make sure you don’t forget about RDB when you are there :)

    [Rohan] I think most people remember Ghazab cos of the song that used to play on Chitrahaar from it – Rekha singing (in Lata’s voice) – ae hawa ae ghata, kya tujhe hai pataa, while the simpleton country-bumpkin Dharam is dancing around gleefully.

    [gvenum] Why is Asha Parekh called Ms Tanpura? Not cos she has a mellifluous voice or anything. In fact, now that I think about it, she has a rather irritating voice as well! But I digress. The reason is her similarity in shape to the tanpura. Hopefully that has made things clear. If you need more help, I will have to resort to posting comparison pictures of AshaP and a tanpura, and that will not be a pretty sight for anyone, trust me :) And seeing your reaction, methinks you have to sing a recent Tusshar Kapoor song to Shefali – tune kya kiya, ye kya hua, dil thing thong thing bole :)

    [nupur] Why Nupur why! Isn’t one Megha inflicting enough misery already? :) And as for how I come up with these – I simply call it a manufacturing defect. Can you think of a better explanation? :)

    [josh] Will do so soon. It’s not half as interesting as the sight of Asha Parekh, I assure you! Good to have you comment. I didn’t know you read the blog :)

    [aNTi] Terrorized?!? You saw Kshana Kshanam – one of my favorite Gult movies of all times and you are being terrorized?! ([Pingoo], are you listening?) Sridevi is awesome and all her annoyances work to her advantage in it! Plus the movie was shot right outside my house, so seeing the movie is like a mini-trip back home for me :)

    I still have dozens of Targets stacked somewhere in an attic in Hyderabad. Mom periodically threatens to throw them out, of course. A big part of childhood they were – DM and his doggy. What was his name? Pooch? Memory failing me here.

    [rumpelstiltskinâ„¢] And why won’t you visit, read and comment when I write about non-filmy things? Huh huh? Will write about dream soon. Nothing filmy about it though. And it is not half as exciting as Asha Parekh being cute, so don’t get your hopes up. And tchah! So much promotion I do for RDB and you still won’t listen to the music. Tsk tsk!

    [RT] Aww thankoo. You still remember the Puriya Dhanashri comment! :) But I am known to notice the most pointless of things. In fact, as I tell people, the more pointless and useless a bit of information is, the more likely I am to notice it and remember it. But Lata’s giggle is a different matter. If you listen to enough songs of Lata, you cannot avoid the giggle. It makes your hair stand on end and gives you the most extreme urges to infict bodily harm on someone. If interested, I can point to more song examples, so you can judge it for yourself :)

    [Mustang] Yes, piya = drunk. Intentional loss in translation for the sake of humor, of course. You surely didn’t think I didn’t actually know what she meant by piya, did you? :)

    [Swathi] Yes, they are close contenders, for sure. How about Lata’s giggle picturized on Sridevi giggling? That should pretty much clinch the deal I’d say! The rang bhare baadal se song ka Sridevi is the one I was referring to. The part where she *sings* in it – la lala la lala laa laaa .. shudder.

    [neha vish] Aah, another sufferer! Chandni was a painful movie period. Be it Sridevi’s singing, Lata’s fading voice or running into a fat tub of lard (aka Rishi Kapoor) wherever you went. Much pointlessness. Always good to see you :)

    [IdeaSmith] Thankoo thankoo! We aim to please. Good to have you here! :)

    [Begumpetter] The secret identity comment posting continues, it seems? And it is not *only* lopala, thank you very much. And yes, when it comes to my idols (in this case R D Burman) I have no qualms about resorting to shameless self-promotion. Now please to go and dutifully listen. How be my Bhagyanagaram these days vaise? Long time, no hear?

  12. Sriram

    With someone not stopping by, I shouldn’t be commenting, but c’mon.. how can one not comment after seeing this line -> bhagwaan, main tumhaare dar pe badi ass leke aayi hoon... How dare you terrorise poor readers by threatening to tie them up in a chair with Sridevi songs.. yeeeesh.. the horror!! me shall now go to the corner and sulk for you not stopping by “the Great One’s place”.. *sulk*

  13. Jammy

    Thanks Megha….if not for the wunderful blogging, then for taking me back to the days of Target…
    The new avtar of Teens Today didnt quite do the trick and used to make me long for Target all the more..
    Gone are those good ol’ days… *** a tear makes its way down the cheek…uh oh…not to compare with Amisha’s tear in Mangal Pandey ***
    btw..on a side note…why’s your blog named yumnyum?

  14. scorpigle

    u never fail to amuse by ur knowledge of trivia.. lets put up a plaque for u… :)
    [anti & megha] count me in as a kshanakshanam fan.. love that “jaamu ratiri.. jaazji komma” song…

  15. rumpelstiltskinâ„¢

    [megha](“CTRL + C” to your style)

    okay okay… i will read the other posts as well… but then just like i cant enjoy love stories written by “dan brown”… do i have to say anything further…

    somewhere deep (actually not so deep) in my mind yumnyum is second imdb… and the more interesting one, and i intend it to be that way… i hope you dont mind too much… (it doesnt matter as long as you have spam control on your blog)


  16. Invincible

    Asha parekh joke was :D :D
    she is dubbed as the most successful imposter by some. She used to fake (oh so successfully) that she is beautiful !! she has a huge number of flicks to flicker with fame for her profound ‘acting’ skills.

    will b back to know the reason behind this post, the dream !

  17. Vijayeta

    Hey Megha,
    Glad to meet another Bollywood lover! Also, thanks for reading my blog about THAT WOMAN. These characters ARE actually a part of the script i’m working on currently :)
    Do read Part 2 of that story and drop yr comments :)

  18. Megha

    [Sriram] Well someone should know that someone is very lazy, so even though someone stops by someone’s blog, someone doesn’t comment. But pliss to not sulk. Me shall make amends soon :)

    [Jammy] Never read Teens Today, so can’t really say. But yes, I have the best memories of Target! And I am most grateful that there is no Amisha Patel lurking around on my blog. Much thank you for that. And now for the mystery behind my blog name – it’s just a south-Indian-ized variation of my initials – M&M became YumnYum :)

    [scorpigle] Thankoo thankoo. My dentist won’t be happy, but I thank you :) (Okay that was a sad joke, but it still deserved to be cracked, I think). Nice to see another Kshana Kshanam fan. I love jaamu raatiri as well as ammayi muddu. Sridevi looks oh-so-adorable in the latter! :)

    [IdeaSmith] Ooh thankoo! Much thrilled for the link! And who be doing this recommending? Iyer is it? In that case, I need to say nice things about him for a while, I suppose. Will see you around more often, I hope :)

    [rumpelstiltskinâ„¢] First of all, thankoo for recommendations and all. In return, I shall promise to be nice to you for the duration of this comment. And my non-film posts are like Dan Brown’s love stories!? This is you trying to be nice? Oh the horror! Where is that puddle of water to drown myself in? And nah, I don’t mind. I don’t have a mind, so I rarely mind. Spam away to glory ;) Always good to have you stop by :)

    [Bonatellis] Thankoo. Glad you liked :)

    [Invincible] :) Asha Parekh is like the female Rajendra Kumar. Horrible to look at, average to below-average acting, but somehow managed to work with all the big banners and delivered hit after hit! Some sort of good luck charm I suppose. My personal peeve against her is that she was a Nasir Hussain camp favorite and thanks to the Nasir Hussain-R D Burman teaming, she had a large number of gorgeous RDB songs picturized and wasted on her :(

    [Vijayeta] Howdy! Glad you stopped by! Very curious to see how THAT WOMAN and THE MAN get translated on screen. Keep us posted on the film! :)

    [Anonymous] You must a new visitor to this blog, hence you make the classic beginner’s mistake. As most regular readers of this blog will tell you – there is never a point to anything I write.


    Oh yes memories of Asha Parekh…the fantasstic, classy hip butterfly who later became an assiduous yet assinine Chief of the Censor Board.

    Sir-Mix-a-lot’s muse…no doubt.

  20. pingoo

    Asha Parekh is like the female Rajendra Kumar. Horrible to look at, average to below-average acting, but somehow managed to work with all the big banners and delivered hit after hit!

    IMO,She did look pretty in the first couple of movies she acted”.”(period. there ends the pretty thing). Not sure about the name of the movie and all :).

    I am a rakhee hater (No no.. I am all for raksha and suraksha bandhans, I am refering to our very own “Sharmilee”(1971) girl..we can safely exclude this movie though). I feel that her face is dead expression what so ever !! (she doesn’t blink as often as humans are supposed to !!). Ok I’ll stop here :p.

    Not sure what’s there to be “terrorized” about kshana kshanam ?? :O..anti, enti senses of humours aa ?? :)

    I love jaamu raatiri as well as ammayi muddu. Sridevi looks oh-so-adorable in the latter! :)

    oh ! and I thought she looked more “sensual” in the later :). OK..may be not for u ;-)…u keep the adorable, I’ll keep the sensual :p.

  21. gvenum

    >>Asha Parekh is like the female Rajendra Kumar. Horrible to look at, average to below-average acting,

    How Rajendra Kumar survived in movies for so long is a mystery. I think every decade there is one actor atleast who forces themselves upon the audience whether you like it or not.

    Rajendra Kumar- 60′s,70′s
    Raj Babbar — 80′s
    Kishan Kumar–90′s
    Tushaar kapoor, Udai Chopra – well…

  22. Sagnik Nandy

    reference much appreciated. for ur deluge of readers lemme tell you that the only reason i remembered that trivia was coz it was one of the first movies that i saw in a movie hall (i was probably 3) and threw up generously courtesy the violence. So till date my parents remind me of the movie :)

  23. rumpelstiltskinâ„¢

    i am most obliged by you saying a few good lines about me on THIS BLOG… any kind of publicity is great publicity for Lil Iyer…

    as far as recommendations are concerned, whoever tells me women dont have a sense of humour… will be directed here… i guess its ok with you… ya right you said you dont (have a) mind… and let me reiterate something that i had said sometime back… you (are a) rock :)

  24. Megha

    [GREATBONG] Punny, vairy punny. I especially loved hip :) I guess the lady is good with the giving of nightmares. Be it with her behind in the 60s and 70s or with her scissors in the 2000s.

    [pingoo] How can you find Asha Parekh pretty AND Sridevi sensual in the same breath! How how how! Ghor insult to Sridevi I tell you! Makes me want to modify Paresh Rawal’s ‘music sense-aa .. ledu. Ammayini pattukomante ..‘ dialogue and say something about your ‘ammayi sense‘. But I shall be nice :)

    She doesn’t blink as often as humans are supposed to – LOL! You sure have a major axe to grind about her :) But I agree with your sentiment. She’s pretty high on my list of annoyances as well. Wait till you watch how scary she looks in the title song of Kasme Vaade (1978). A perfectly wonderful song that continues to give me the chills cos of her zombie expressions!

    But coming back to adorable vs sensual – I think Sridevi has a certain childlike innocence about her in the ammayi muddu song. Of course, she most certainly has tons of oomph and sensuality, I ain’t doubting that part :) But in her playful giggly-ness (and mind you, not all her giggles are pleasing) when she sings the ‘ammammammooo godavalee‘ part of the song .. she’s soo very cute and adorable! Add to that the baby-pink saree and all.. ufff! And I say this all as a perfectly straight gal, of course :)

    [gvenum] That’s uncanny! As I wrote the Rajendra Kumar comment I was thinking to myself about other people who fall in the same ‘successful and well-known but everyone loves to hate them‘ category and Raj Babbar was the first person that came to mind. There’s not a single soul I know who actually likes the chap. I don’t think Cushion Kumar counts though. He is hated yes, but he was never (thankfully!) a hit.

    [Sagnik] So this is what we have to do to lure you to comment on the blog. Hmmmm! Btw, the idea of a lil 3-year old hiding behind his mom cos he can’t bear to see Dharmendra being beaten up is most cute :)

    [Arvind] Much thankoo for reference. Shall duly visit and find out what i’m missing! :)

    [rumpelstiltskinâ„¢] Thankoo. Pathhar ke Sanam is flattered at your kind words :) Please to keep recommending the blog to others, visiting often yourself, and bringing your family and friends when you do so. Refreshments will be provided. And there are people going around spreading malicious rumors that women don’t have a sense of humor? Who be these cretins? Bring them to me pliss? I have my rope, chair and tape of Sridevi singing all cued up and ready!

    [aNTi] Awww. I think her high-pitched voice works to her advantage in Kshana Kshanam. It suits her high-strung neurotic character perfectly :)

  25. gvenum

    True! R.Babbar is someone who everyone loves to despise. The worst part is some of the most beatiful songs were picturised on him. Notable one is the “Hothon Se Choolo Tum”. Thanks to Anita Raj and the love for the song that I was barely able to manage to watch it, what DD’s favorite song on Chitrahaar.

  26. Megha

    [Kedar] I used to have a guestmap thing, and the cluster maps also seem nice as a concept, but I don’t like them red bubbles. Gives it a very alien goo from a bad Star Trek episode type of feeling. Yes, I have an overactive imagination, what to do? :) But thankoo for suggestion. Please to excuse my not taking it :)

    [Priyavadan] Argh, when you don’t put commas in your sentence, it leads to much confusion. Okie, in that case, the compliment is meant for you, not your boss :) (For anyone who is reading this comment and trying to make sense of it, please read original post on Priyavadan’s own blog)

    [gvenum] Ah yes, a wonderful song skillfully destroyed. Raj Babbar was an annoyance whenever he showed up on screen. But as a special bonus he’d decide to get all romantic on us sometimes. We’d hear him sing songs and sport intense brooding aashiq-type looks. THAT, in my opinion, was the worst of them all!

  27. pingoo

    How can you find Asha Parekh pretty AND Sridevi sensual in the same breath!
    Yo, I said ke I found her pretty in the first 2 or 3 movies she acted . I can’t stand her but don’t you find any of these – 1, 2, 3 pretty ??

    I can give you n number of pointers for Rakee’s expressions(or the lack of it) but that deserves a whole new post and a whole new comment space :). Btw, Jaya Badhuri has mastered some serious expressions in recent years, what those expressions mean – yet to be cracked !! Remember the scene in K3G after that family song or something when SRK lands from a black chapper and runs into the palace…notice the expression on Jaya’s face…you won’t know if she is crying or smiling. To xplain in mathematical terms, if you assume each movie as a curve, then prem(aati nahi) meets k3g at this point and it can be safely termed as – the point of constipation. No kidding.

    Looks like you are a major Sridevi fan :). In that song you mentioned ammayi muddu, I still feel she is more sensual than adorable. But considering your straight angle, let’s leave it at cute/adorable :p. And yea I do agree with what you say about the ‘ammammammooo godavalee’ part of the song .

  28. Tugga

    Forget dadamoni, I think, what about A K Hangal. The bloke was playing an andha lachar buddha (remember the “itna sannata kyun hai bhai?”, which, by the way was converted to a much more hilarous “itna andhera kyun hai bhai?” by MTV fully faltu) and there he is in Lagaan 25+ years on, still playing the buddha ( or should that be boodha?)

  29. kuffir

    asha parekh a tanpura ? what does that make sadhana- an ektara ? and yes, nanda would be the sitar of course, but i don’t think you’d find the musical equivalent of vyjayanthimala..
    btw, ghzab was the remake of a kamal hasan starrer in tamil.


    hehe, genuinely funny…..
    fabulous catch…”badi ass”…

    But more than that nice laugh, thanks for reminding me of targetand detective Moochwala

  31. twinkletoes

    pancham da rocks!!!
    ekdum jhakkkkassssss mujhic…accompanied by psychedelic visuals and titillating women and horny drunkass men…ah dat was da reeel life….

  32. Pingback: A walk in the clouds.. » FAQ

  33. John Matthew


    The “piya” of “hai re piya” doesn’t mean “drunk.” I guess, it means “beloved,” as in “Piya ka ghar.”

    I am here through Zigzackly’s blog, via, your FAQ, and your stuff is uproarious. hahahahahaha hehehehehehe!!!!!! If you you want read something “deeper” and uplifting do visit I am at the other end of the rainbow spectrum. Yes who said humor writing isn’t good writing? Try writing some.

    Yes, Panchamda rocks. As in AP’S ass. Hahahaha (again)!

    Keep rocking.


  34. adnan



    Rajendra kumar is also better than al pacino,alec guiness,brando,thamas oliver.

  35. Moochless fan

    Anyone know how I can get old Target issues – it was the best magazine for children and it sucks that my child won’t know the fun of getting the latest issue of Target.

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