New beginnings

Yes, the clouds have a new home. We’re still settling in, so watch out for falling objects and cascading style sheets. Yeah, that’s a li’l geek humor for you, so pretend it is funny and smile pleej. Oh, and if there’s anything you see that’s not working, do let me know.

Regular programming shall commence in a few days. In the meantime, I hope you all had a wonderful and sparkly Diwali, and hope the new year brings you lots of happiness and the best of everything you wish for!

Thank you much for stopping by the old place and hope you like the new one even more!

67 thoughts on “New beginnings

  1. Paddy

    Deepavali Subhakaankshalu. Coming to the new site, I have to quote Shelley again

    I BRING fresh showers for the thirsting flowers,
    From the seas and the streams;
    I bear light shade for the leaves when laid
    In their noonday dreams.
    From my wings are shaken the dews that waken
    …And then again I dissolve it in rain,
    And laugh as I pass in thunder.
    I love the new redesign. So neat on the eye. Extremely Suave and Sophisticated. Wonder what the font is that even my clear type of the laptop looks decadent. You really can claim a place in the creative world now. Kudos on this new redesign effort. Almost gives me the freedom to post a blog in a comment :) Do you still need the “I, Megha” site :)

    ps: Editing my own comment rocks.
    pps: Another really cool feature is to look at all the crock I have been posting on your site.I have to be careful going forward given that I can be embarassed in pubic if not already (the copious amount of alcohol is going to deter 85.33 percent of the populace as per the latest survey)
    ppps: Didnt know that there is automatic word filter on..hmm..
    I think the blogger team can take a feature request based on this

  2. Magnus

    Cool… Got a new home for this Diwali… Nice. The RSS for comments would be the most useful new feature, me thinks, as u get a lot of it and it helps us upto date minute with urs.


  3. Vardan

    Nice to see this new location… Yummy .. and you are excused for stealing my blog title for your post title :P

    Cheers, Happy Diwali and have an incredible Id.


  4. gvenum

    Brilliant stuff. Exquisite and has that very trendy look. Total “dhamaal” design. The first thing that caught my eye is the font style of the title. Its just so cool. I like those tiny winy images right below the time stamp and next to commenters name. I think it will take quite a few visits to catch all the subtle things. Blogger should hire you as their cheif template architect. We took template designs to a whole new level . ain’t we! I think we need a HLD , DD and a feature doc for this work to really enjoy this. *bows to the T Queen*

    Hey! this very words are posted by using the “edit”. Yay. BTW the smile and laugh section that gives new fellow monkey links every time your refresh is “simbly mind blowing* . cracker of a design.

  5. Sagnik Nandy

    like an uninvited friend i landed up at the old part place only to be thrown out by the bouncer in less than 10 secs. great stuff – its commonplace knowledge now that you have one of the prettiest blogs on the web – i like the new categories and sub-categories thingy. very cool.

  6. Jay

    This is nice … rest assured that you will protect your investment and continue to entertain through your new-found space on the web. Quick warning (sure you know already) – having your own domain involves acquiring protection from spam. WordPress does a good job of providing the means … explore and implement :-).

  7. Pingoo

    Very neat and easy on the eyes :) where are all those cute cute icons for cooking and stuff ?..I want to boil milk in that quart !! Dilbert has replaced Einstein…but where gone the eggs ?? will be back for easter kya ?

    This is too cool..need a lot of time to xplore the features. Great work :). I can see all the comments I posted since early Roman days.

  8. Sriram

    *stares like a kid in a topless bar* — hmm… Oh… wow… wheee…. plus a whole bunch of other incomprehensible stuff said in amazement… err… but me doesn’t have any blog-warming gifts.. is that ok?

  9. Pingoo

    I tried the comment RSS feed before commenting….google reader doesn’t update even after 2 more comments are posted and umpteen refresh”es” :-s.

    What’s the funda behind the edit link ? Will it be there for the latest comment by the author(whoever commented) or will it be there for so many minutes and then no mo edits ?

    @ Sriram -> lol @ *stares like a kid in a topless bar* that was my first impression too ! well said…staring at the clouds on top.

  10. Jammy

    Such smooth transition???
    How could u Megha…How could u do this to us…
    The least I was expecting was a “Rukawat ke liye Khed hai” message and rainbow colors in the background….You have disappointed me…and the millions of other faithful DD fanatics…
    Well, Anyways, Wishin u a gr8 Diwali/Halloween…and keep the good stuff flowing….

  11. aNTi

    Okie.. I can see a empty box (?) between the “Preview Comment” and the “Submit Comment” buttons. What’s that all about?

  12. Megha Post author

    [Paddy] Thank you and I hope your Diwali was wonderful! And I’m glad you liked the redesign, especially since i’ts gonna be around for a while ;) The font is Trebuchet, by the way. And yesh, the purpose of that ‘past comments you have posted on my blog’ is exclusively to embarrass you. Glad it worked :)

    [Hemlyn] Thank you and Happy Diwali to you too! My homepage now feels all warm and fuzzy :)

    [iii] Always happy to have you drop in here! Did you know you are the first ever commenter on my blog? On YumNYum, that is :)

    [Magnus] Yes, there were three reasons why I chose November 1st to inaugurate the new home. 1. Diwali 2. The 1st of the month. 3. I’ll tell you in my next post :) And yeah, there’s a gazillion different RSS-es to choose from now! For posts, for all comments, for post comments, for categories. I’ve always liked yumnyum myself although a number of people never got the funda behind the name. But someone did some cyber-squatting on it and since meghalomania has been my email ID for a long while, this seemed as good as any other :)

    [Vardan] Ah, didn’t realize that. Due credit to you then! :) And thank you! A Happy Diwali and Eid Mubarak to you too!

    [gvenum] Danke! I am happy to be free of the shackles of Blogger :) I figured that a help document for the site might be a bit too much, no matter how detaill-oriented I am :) Plus there’s a special joy in discovering easter eggs on your own. Much like a kid in a candy store :) Am glad you liked and hope to continue seeing you here!

    [Sagnik] Aww, thank you! And you were supposed to gently drift over, not get kicked over unceremoniously by a bouncer. I’ll have a talk later tonight with YumNYum and see what it has to say for itself. Tsk tsk. Glad you like the new look!

    [Jay] Explored and implemented already. Thankoo for the warning though! And thank you for the faith too! :)

    [ano] Thank you! Nice to see you here after a long time!

    [Greatbong] Thank you! :)

    [curses] Thank you! I hope it will be seamless :)

    [Pingoo] Aww, you actually noticed the kadhai! The icons are not gone, they are very much there on individual posts (in fact there’s even more of them than before, since there’s more categories) but since I had them in the sidebar for so long, I just thought I’d change things around a little :) And Dilbert hasn’t replace Einstein. Dilbert and Einstein now co-exist along with some other mahaan atmas. The quotes are now generated randomly from a database, you see :) As for the easter egg, I didn’t think it was being used much so I got rid of it :) Do play around and tell me if you find anything to suggest changes for!

    [Sriram] I shall use some random Hindi movie senti dialogue and say (translated to English for your sake) – You don’t need to bring a gift. You have set your footsteps in our humble abode, there is no greater gift then that! Of course after saying the dialogue, I will choke heartily :) And I am most pleased to have sprung the surprise on my readers :)

    [Pingoo] Thank you for pointing it out. The cache was updating every 12 hours which is why you weren’t seeing the changes. I’ve fixed it now and tested it too, and it seems to be doing okay, but do let me know if it’s working for you as well? And the edit link will appear for thirty minutes, but only if you come back to the page from the same computer as the one you posted the comment from. After that, no mo edits :)

    [Jammy] I shall make amends by doing a dedicated post to DD sometime. Howzat? :) Thank you and Happy Halloween and Diwali and Eid Mubarak to you!

    [sd] Thank you! Happy Diwali to you too!

    [Priyavadan] Yes, the deed has been done!

    [aNTi] Since you posted your comment, I’ve made some changes, so the reason for the (no longer) empty box should more apparent now. Hopefully :)

    [Australopithecus] :)

  13. rumpelstiltskin

    New House for your blog for diwali… you love your blog like anything, dont you… just like me… i 2 love your blog…. it took some time to get to this new place, you havent left anything on the old blog for an aggregator to understand that you have moved… but then as the adage goes… der aaye, durust aaye… i am here finally :)

    happy diwali and a prosperous new year to you… i notice that you havent changed the wallpapers and the paints in your new house…

  14. Pradyot

    Happy Diwali and enjoy the new page. It seems like you are one geek blogger, with jokes on scripting is rare… very very rare. A girl cracking joke on CSS! What next? You inventing a time machine? No offence meant on basis of gender… just a statistical observation.

  15. Megha Post author

    [Rumpy] Glad to know that I’m not the only one :) And yes, we decided to not do too much of a drastic facelift since enough lil bells and whistles were already added. Oh and thanks for pointing out the aggregator thingy. There’s a new post now on that blog announcing the move which feed readers should pick up and appropriately alert. So hopefully it’s all taken care of. And its good to know that you didn’t lose your way over! Happy Diwali and a happy new year to you too :)

    [Pradyot] Ooh, statistical observation. Isn’t that usually just a fancy way of saying that I have an opinion but no data to back it up? :) The RSS feed cache updates every half hour, so it will not always be instantaneous. Happy Diwali to you too. Thanks for stopping by!

    [Nithyananda] Thank you, my Diwali was quite nice. Glad you liked the old home and the new :)

    [.:A:.] Thankoo. Glad you liked :)

  16. Sriram

    Oh believe me! I’m gonna be leaving a LOT more than footprints or footwear .(all those planning to steal my footwear, beware! you are not aware that I have a bear protecting it!! — rhyming, no?)

    And me wonders what this is about editing comments and also had a ques… *gapes and gets lost like a child in a… shopping mall *grin*.. looking at the source code..*

  17. Megha Post author

    [Sriram] You look like you’re on your way to setting a record of some sort with all those shoes :) Figured out the editing comments thing then?

  18. Leon

    My Visualization prof would be proud of this!!. So easy on the eyes.. But then I thought the same of your old ‘home’.. :-)

  19. Leon

    There’s something weird goind on.. Just an instant ago your reply to sriram was timestamped.. “Fri, Nov 4, 11:58 am” and it was placed after mine..

    So I type out this message..

    “There seems to be a small problem with the timestamp.. It’s not 11:58 am.. Or are you in India.. :p”

    And when I had to refresh for some reason.. it pushes your comment back up and changes the timestamp to what it probably SHOULD be.. Nov 3rd, 11:58 pm.

  20. Pradyot

    hehe.. you got me there. But seriously, how many girls do you know who get/make jokes about CSS and pHp? I know only one… that is you.

  21. Rk

    Very happy to know that you are out of *blogspot*. Look forward to wonderful designs and great stuff.

    I knew that any smart person would choose WP and I was expecting you to pick it up sooner or later. Also thank you very much for the comment feed. I had asked for it if you remember :)

    Hey…you have replaced Einstein by Dilbert… oh is random !!

    Hope you too had a nice diwali :)

  22. Pradyot

    I am interested in getting a web domain as well and put my blog and other pages there. Can you tell me from which company you got this domain, what they are charging and how much webspace and bandwidth/month they are giving you?

    Also which CMS are you using for your blog?

    Please answer these questions here or mail me the details e-mail: titan[DOT]pradyot[AT]gmail[DOT]com

  23. Peter

    *wipes feet on mat*

    Cool new place! Love the nameplate!

    Brought you a present… er… I’m SURE I took it out of the the cab…. and it was SUCH an expansive wine. Damn.

  24. Vasu

    Congrats on your ‘blog-warming’!
    Nice one… hope…no, I know for sure, we’ll be enthralled in your new place even better!

  25. Megha Post author

    [Leon] Glad you like the space, both old and new. And the timestamp thing isn’t a glitch really. I was playing around with the timestamp edit feature, and using one of my own comments as a guinea pig. But you managed to sneak in just then :) Thanks for catching it though!

    [Jammy] Yeah sure, why not! I should hang up festive ribbons around my blog and offers my readers some champagne as well, I guess? :)

    [Pradyot] Well, since you asked, yes I do know a lot of girls with a geeky sense of humor. It really isn’t as rare as you make it sound. And as long as you have a bias like that, they won’t try to be funny around you. So it’s a classic Catch-22 situation, wot say?

    To answer your question – I use WordPress as my publishing platform, the domain was bought from Yahoo (their rates change depending on what deals they offer, so I’d check out their website) and host with Bluehost (again their rates are published on their website, so I’m just giving you the link). Hope that helps!

    [RK] Yes, I do remember your WordPress recommendation, and so far I like it :) Thank you for suggesting it. The comment feeds are one of the many features of WP that I loved. And yes, I’ve randomized the quotes, although I’m still a little partial to Einstein. Hope your Diwali was a good one!

    [Sriram] Oh you did? Oh yes, the cloud icon thing! Oops, I totally forgot! *sheepish look* I’ll reply soon :)

    [rads] Thank you. Am glad you enjoyed stopping by and hope to see you around again :)

    [shub] Thankoo! Yes, it’s very much like that. The feeling of pride about your own space is more, but the maintenance is also a little bit more ;)

    [.:A:.] Thank you! :)

    [Peter] Thank you! You showed up in spirit, and that’s what counts ;) *looks around to see where he’s hiding the Jim Jams*

    [Vasu] Thank you :) I hope to continue to do that!

    [Devdutt] Thankoo thankoo. Have fun settling into your new home! Nice to see the Bostonian in you hasn’t gone anywhere :)

  26. Pradyot

    And blue hosting is pretty steep with about $7/mo. I mean do we really need 4GB of web space and bandwidth in GB/mo.? At least not me.

  27. Megha Post author

    [Pradyot] Glad to have helped change your view of society :) And no, not everyone needs 4GB of space or 100GB of transfer. However BlueHost allows upto six add-on domains free of cost (something that a lot of hosting providers charge extra for), so multiple people can share a single hosting plan. Ideal for a bunch of friends, each looking to host their blogs on their own domains, I think.

    [Z000nie] Thank you! Best wishes for Diwali to you too. Glad you liked the blog :)

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