There hasn’t been a post on this blog in a while so some of you have probably given up reading it. Worry not. Here’s a mega-long post full of stereotypes and blanket generalizations, so I can tick off some more of you. Oh, and if you are an Andhra-ite and the Gult nomenclature bugs you, then this post is sure to annoy. Okie, done with warnings.

I recently got a comment from Jethro asking me why I don’t seek inspiration from my Telugu roots often enough. I am after all, Gulty as charged. You see, I have never been much of a stereotypical Gult. I don’t care much for pickle and spice, I prefer chapatis to rice and I cannot tell Pavan Kalyan apart from Uday Kiran. And of course, I never stereotype. Heh heh.

But there’s a bigger, emotional reason why I don’t pick on Gult heroes. And before people start to question my love for Andhra I need to set the record straight. Tender childhood tales need to be told so you understand why it is that I do not and cannot make fun of Chiru. So let me use my favorite rotating black and white circles along with a crescendo of violins and flash back to a story that goes thus —

I was a little girl with mismatched rubberbands who had just arrived in Hyderabad. Fresh from the trauma of pulled-pigtails, I trusted no one, and especially so — men! Those vile creatures. All they knew is to steal, harass and cause grief, I thought.

Now, I am Gult by birth but had never lived in Gult-land until then. I spoke the language (somewhat), but only because mom had tormented and force-taught it to me. She was just doing her part in instilling some Gult-hood in her dotty, I suppose, but it didn’t really work much. I found the language strange and the people who spoke it, stranger. It also didn’t help that I had really demented cousins, so the association of Gults = weirdos was rather easy to make.

Upon arriving in Hyd’bad, it was time to put the fish-out-of-water into school. Now, my third-language until then had always been Sanskrit. Not that I was particularly good at it, but at least asati, asatah, asanti were a familiar enemy. But now suddenly, mom had recognized my ‘telugu inti aadapaduchu‘ potential. That’s the ‘cultured Telugu girl of good family values‘ types for the non-Gult readers amongst you. My grandma, who had started to notice the decreasing skirt-length and hair-length of her grand-dotty also joined in support of mom. And they collectively decided I was going to take Telugu in school. I resisted, I fought, I cried! And then I shuttup and went to school.

I was awful at the language. People were writing essays and spouting Vemana Satakam while I was barely saying the alphabet. And to add to my woes — my Gult teacher, a nasty agarbatti + hair oil smelling man, constantly reminded me that my Telugu was ‘trash, I zay! kompleeete trash!‘. Hmpfh. Men — nasty. Men who pulled pigtails — nastier. And Gult men — nastiest. Did I mention, I never stereotype? Heh. Anyway, two months of smelling tomato-pappu breath while being yelled at, and I decided I had enough. I pulled my brahmaastra. Sanskrit is the grandmother of all languages, I said. And if I was learning a grand-mommy language, then my grand-mommy cannot be complaining about it, can she? Shockingly enough, the logic worked and the torture finally ended. Bye bye, Mr C S Anjaneya Prasad.

So there I was — back in Sanskrit class, giggling at the pondy connotations of conjugation tables and gleefully hating all things Gult. And then one beautiful Sunday morning, I walked down to Raja Video Parlour. As Samantha Fox pouted back at me invitingly from the ubiquitous poster, Raja surreptitiously slipped a video tape of Kondaveeti Donga into my hand. I instantly protested. What is this? Give me Kishen Kanhaiyya, I demanded. Don’t have, madam. It is out. Okay, how about Baap Numbri Beta Dus Numbri, then? He smirked and then looking at me rather like a rancher approaching an unsuspecting cow with a cattle prod, said — Take this. Chiru. Superb dancing. You will like.

A handful of words that changed my life. Chiranjeevi in a Robin Hood-esque role complete with Zorro-like cape and boots, wooing the voluptuous Radha and Vijayshanti, dancing to Ilaiyaraaja‘s tunes and wreaking havoc on the villain Amrish Puri, a tantric Temple-of-Doom-type baba, with glowing red-bulb skulls, chanting hreem kleem chamundaaya namaha spells to make people work in his research lab. Yes, Baba Atomic Research Centre, if you please. Hee haw.

With a formula like this, what’s any self-respecting girl supposed to do? Fall hook, line and sinker for the man, of course. Hey, if you saw the gentleman wearing painted-on black leather pants, walking in slow motion or dancing to ping-u pong-u body, jing-u shing-u lady in response to the gal’s tip-u top-u look-u lip-u meeda kiss-u you would understand why I was reduced to a shivering noodle in his screen presence. Oh that reminds me, Gult film lyrics will teach you that you can add a -u to any English word to get its Telugu equivalent. Pretty simple, yes?

In the coming weeks and months, movie posters and billboards were drooled over from moving cars and autos, and every newspaper and magazine article that had a Chiru photo accompanying it, was read, devoured, cut out and saved for posterity. And to do all this, I learnt to read, write and speak Telugu like there was no tomorrow. And that’s how this Gult discovered the joy of being a Gult. And *that* is why I don’t mock the man. What mommy dearest couldn’t accomplish in six years, Chiru did in six months. And the proverbial West was won.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I had a crush on Chiranjeevi and I am not ashamed to admit it. The Megastar was Megha’s star. Yeah, I said was, so you can all stop sniggering now.

74 thoughts on “Megha-star

  1. Paddy

    I vaguely remember pulling pigtails has a special kind of ‘mazaa’ to it. I think I still did that to someone at grad school purely out of pavlovian reflex (I was sitting right behind her and one cant resist pulling the ponytail)

    telugu inti aadapaduchu potential

    Has that ever been realised? I thought people ran away from that…

    had a crush on Chiranjeevi

    Cha Cha! You have disappointed me. But then I am not qualified to comment on gult heroes given my disinterest in general to the flicks. Of course if you go far enough to flicks like “Maya Bazaar”, “ShahuKaaru” or “Gundamma Katha”, you have my undivided attention.

  2. gvenum

    looking at me rather like a rancher approaching an unsuspecting cow with a cattle prod

    Hilarious-u! Having been a staunch Chiru fan , I can vouch for the “shivering noodle” feeling watching his movies-u.

    ping-u pong-u body, jing-u shing-u lady in response to the gal’s tip-u top-u look-u lip-u meeda kiss-u

    I love those lyrics! So much depth and meaning! In fact I use to sing these songs for all the girls I was after. This was at the same time the local police came up with street-romeo-busting squads. And I thought it was just a coincidence. Hmmm!!

  3. Priyanka

    Never saw a Chiru movie, i think the only ones were Venkatesh and some old movies back when all i had to see was Doordarshan.. Krishna going “Oh my Gaaad!”
    your post had me rotfl. esp

    Hey, if you saw the gentleman wearing painted-on black leather pants, walking in slow motion or dancing to ping-u pong-u body, jing-u shing-u lady in response to the gal’s tip-u top-u look-u lip-u meeda kiss-u you would understand why I was reduced to a shivering noodle in his screen presence

    amazing lyrics. of course, it would send a shiver down anybody’s spine! :))

  4. Jethro

    Am at work, so had just a cursory glance…must come back and read it at leisure again…but telugu inti aadapaduchu is quite something

  5. Sowmya

    hey megha..been here a few times…first time to comment. ..i was in hyderabad for a few years around that time too…i didn’t have to study telugu in school…but i learnt all the telugu i could from movie posters…oh yeah the mention of ‘kondaveeti donga’ brought back memories..subhalekha raasukunna….and boy could chiru dance! you were not the only one with a crush on chiru…every household in andhra at that time had a chiru fan. good times!

  6. shoefiend

    You should put up a warning to not be eating or drinking when reading this post. I am trying to dislodge particles of flapjack from my keyboard. and it ain’t easy lady

  7. Vasu

    Ee post-u much-u hilarious-u, esp. ‘telugu inti aadapaduchu’ and the Chiru lyrics…
    you keep raising the bar. Well done! As [Shoefiend] said, pleeeeease put up a warning ;-)

  8. Ujval Gandhi

    What a, what a. Reminds me of a similar movie which inspired me to Prabhu-ji’s folds, Disco Dancer (1982). I had been going around in circles all my life till I saw Disco Dancer and baas, phir kya ?

    [shoefiend] – Full agreement, i spilt some assorted stuff also !!

  9. VC

    Looks like u r baaaack with a baaaaang!!!!

    BTW, I clicked on the Pavan Kalyan & Uday Kiran links. WOW! They are IDENTICAL twins. No wonder you can’t tell them apart…..:) And now for the pre-emptive follow-up —- Actually, looks like PK, UK, Chiru, Radha & Vijayashanti are quintuplets.

  10. Randomizer

    Total agreement… Chiru is awesome. I fell under his a spell a little late. Gult films weren’t so common in my part of the world. Gharana Moghadu was the first flick which was released there and as expected it created quite an impression. I guess some credit of that should go to Disco Shanti aunty. I saw the movie and instantly, I was a fan of Chiru’s dancing. The song on the docks, Bangara a kodi petha I think ( excuse my Gult ) and the much too famous Cheeka Peeka Railaye… I was totally flabbergasted by his performance. After that there has been no looking back.
    Chiru is right up there with my other Gods – Mithun Da, Rajni and Govinda

  11. D

    [Jay] Te lu gu … Gu Lu Te … and thus…

    Megha, looks like Sanskrit lessons were not complete ;) The conjugation is

    asti staha santi
    asthi sthaha stha
    asmi svaha smaha

    For next lesson, send MO …

  12. Hombre de Marte

    Men — nasty. Men who pulled pigtails — nastier. And Gult men — nastiest.

    Men – all ain’t nasty. People who pulled pigtails – are nasty. Gult man – is the one who came last in the “Whoz mo nasty” competition. I am not a gult prototype, but I don’t think it’s so bad either to be a gult or speak telugu.

    .. add a -u to any English word to get its Telugu equivalent. Pretty simple, yes?

    Telugu language with words ending with a vowel is what makes it “the Italian of the east-U.”

  13. Senthil

    Ho there! New look, new location, and wot zis I hear about Gult tastes? Dusting closet, removing skeletons, putting s. up on display, eh? ;)
    And of course I remember.

  14. ssm

    this was hilarious :)

    and believe me, you’re not alone in shivering-noodle-dom when it comes to chiru. i didn’t get it the first time, nor do i get it now – even after multiple “here, sit down & i’ll try to explain why chiru’s the main man” sessions with the many fans strewn around my particular galaxy.

    but then i sometimes get the same kinda feedback (and sometimes from the very same chiru enthusiasts) when i mention paz vega :-P

  15. bubanetwar tandra trivattava

    Priya [Megha]ji,
    Anek dinon ke pashchaat aap ke blog par tippani kar rahe hain. Dekhkar aanand hua ki aap ne us puraani kahaani ke sandarbh mein humaari aur sanket kiya hai. Hum nahin jaante the ki humari itni chhoti si kriya ka aap-par is parimaan prabhaav hoga.
    Apologies for having caused the childhood trauma that caused you to become a chiru fan, causing you to self-inflict pain. I have fond memories of ‘Ping-u, pong-u body’. It is a song that caused my brain to melt, ooze out of my ears, reconstitute itself on the floor and run away after showing me the middle finger. That explains a lot, dunnit? :)

    [D] apparently your sanskrit education was also not complete, so no MO’s for you.. firstly, present tense second person singular for the root ‘as’ is ‘asi’, not ‘asthi’ (remember “Tat Tvam Asi“?). secondly, conjugation tables are written first person first. (mi vah mah.. si thah tha.. ti tah anti)

  16. Begamma Peta Veerudu

    jai chiranjeeva
    neevu paala kova,
    ee penta padyamu

    Inspired, and inspiring post. But be very very careful when you cast aspersions on We Who Wade Through Tomato P. “Our feelingsu may be neglizible, but they are not jero.” You will end up putting leg in the lentils.

  17. aNTi

    [Megha] If I had been born north of Lake Pulicat, I’d have grown up idolizing the Mega Star. But i was not, hence the Superstar rocks. But the Mega Star can move :) Did u get to see recent movies? I last saw Tagore and boy… he hit me for a six with that Kodithe Kotali number. I saw Indra too :D
    [Randomizer] I guess Bangaru Kodi petha was from Gang Leader….

  18. the Monk

    that was a great post…funny…the gulti batch in our college is crazy abt cricket…i haveseen them at 3 am in the tv room watching a test match b/w zimbabwe and bangladesh…brainy chaps, though…

  19. ardra

    Hi Megha, ok noted down the new address..
    have been a silent reader for quite some time now…
    I enjoy reading your blogs…

    psst…i’ve seen just one movie of chiranjeevi- and really liked him a lot…
    just this last sunday- there was some film celebrations on TV with sridevi, chiru etc…and i kept watching without understanding the language simply becos i wanted to watch sri and chiru talk …

  20. D

    [bubanetwar tandra trivattava] correction on 2nd person taken. hope my education is closer to completion now :) but conjugation is not necessarily written for 1st person first. will take the debate off the blog. mail me

  21. Swathi

    unfortunately having been brought entirely outside gult-land Chiru was virtually non-existent in my list of school-girl crushes. (**bends her head in shame**)

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  23. Anonymous

    I am a GULT .. a guiltless GULT at that and a telugu inti aadapaduchu too .. i was just watching some Chiru flicks from the 80′s & 90′s over the weekend..It was still the time when Rao Gopal Rao was the villain .. Amrish Puri hadn’t started chanting hreem kleem chaamundaaya namah in telugu movies yet.. You have got to be a GULT to really enjoy the dialogues between Chiru and Rao Gopal Rao..
    [Anti]Randomizer is right..Bangaru Kodi petha song was from Gharana Mogudu.
    [Sagnik Nandy]Jeetender usually was in hindi remakes of another Telugu hero ..another star..”Super Star Krishna”

  24. Suyog


    LOL – This is the first time I have heard someone having a crush on Chiru :P – As a youngster my cousin was a big fan of his action movies, and I was forced to endure one too many. But I finally had it enough when in my teen years I saw him dancing to “chiku buku” in HIndi version of “Gentleman” – that was just outtathisworld sight!

    Great post – keep inkin


  25. kuffir

    don’t fancy tomato pappu, eh? i curse thee : po po po… popuvai po. and there’s no such thing as a t.p. breath..because good t.p. manifests itself through other miasmic emanations… t.p. is sheer energy you see, and the puttering proteins it dispenses as it races along your insides sharpen tongues and brains..haven’t you realized by now it’s the t.p. that you were force-fed as a child that should be thanked for your current sparkling wit..?

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  27. :-)

    “With a formula like this, what’s any self-respecting girl supposed to do? ” :-)

    Hmmm..and you still remember the lyrics? :-)))))

  28. Gera

    Some Gult jokes :

    Q: What’s the Gult answer to “what is the right time to marry?” ?
    A: Whenever you find someone who’s Reddy.

    Q: How do the nurses break the good news to expecting fathers?
    A: Sir, your baby is Reddy.

    Q: What do you call a Gult jehaadi?
    A: Al-Reddy.

    Q: What do you call a Gult domestic help?
    A: Reddy-maid.

  29. Ramana

    Baap numbri….wow, tht’s an old one, and yeah i remember it to be a very funny movie. How’ve you been, girl? (And, wht’s ‘gult’? Pardon my ‘innocence’) :)

  30. kayzmaze

    hey megha teacha…..i’ve learnt “wat is a blog”…”wat do v ryt in a blog”..all frm ya blog….first time i’ve been to ya blog n frm then on kept followin….me tryin to put some crap in ma blog coz i cant write like ya guys write…but still i too wanna do sum bloggin…tho ppl chk it out or not…whu carez neways??? ignore ma lingo….will be a regie visitor to ya site frm now on…keep rockin

  31. Anonymous

    awesome and extremely hilarious… couldn’t leave without leaving a comment..
    ” ping-u pong-u body, jing-u shing-u lady” was bulbing for sometime but man… got it finally..

    meeru mareenu..

  32. Australopithecus

    HeHe.Baap Numbari…I remember that…And about Chiru…90% of my class at the university used to be absent from class but very much present at aaradhana theatre (facing lathi charge, heat stroke and other such minor inconveniences)when a Chiru movie released…same chaps used to distribute sweets when the film released, then again when it completed 100days. and at all other landmarks after that as well…we got free sweets and holidays..all thanks to chiru :D

  33. raj

    really sweet confession..chiru can change anything and everything….note, i am Not a chiru fan speaking :))(leme clear ..b4 i get beaten up…i like him though…:-p, naah..i really like him..kasam se lol) .its the way we are brought up, no one can force something on us ;)*** too stubborn*** :-p yeay!tell u what, this was the same way I learnt my Hindi, but from a slightly different source, it was not chiru but Friday Chitrahaar and the movie names ;) rings a bell?! hav fun!

  34. aNTi

    [Megha] The soundtrack from Jai Chiranjeeva is awesome…you should listen to it. Classic Chiru music..

    [Gvenum] If you are around reading this, this seems to be the same movie you were talking about on your blog, sometime ago, right?

  35. tony

    I am your latest fan.
    I don’t know how I have missed your blog, and I have been reading blogs from more than 3 years.
    I have just lost 3 years worth of laughs, oh!! I haven’t checked out how long you have been around.
    Your posts were just too gooood. and I like that Aaaa-aaa post. Just amazing.. Ok too much flattery, you only said you wanted nice comments, not flaterry I presume.. But Mme, I couldn’t help it.
    One last maska, if you earn a living by writing, you must be qoing very well.
    Your fan….. lol

  36. Megha Post author

    Yeah, the lazy bum is back, writing responses that hopefully, some of you will read. The Thanksgiving break kept us busy, so pliss to excuse.

    [Paddy] Hmm, am sure there’s a girl out there somewhere who’s waiting to get even with you for it. As for telugu inti aadapaduchu-ness, it is a matter of pasand apni apni. And ye of refined tastes, I am not surprised you are not a Chiru-loving fan. The phrase ‘two dictionaries and a bottle of scotch‘ is not applied to you for no reason, you know?

    [gvenum] Ah, nice to meet a fellow noodle. It is rather interesting that your early-jawaani Romeo-giri was benefited by Chiru’s songs, while your latter-day romances were destined to be blessed by Chiru once again, playing matchmaker for you in Las Vegas, no less! ;)

    [Priyanka] Glad my tender childhood tale provided entertainment :) Ooh Krishna! My memories of Krishna and Padmalaya movies deserve a separate post of their own, but in the interest of the readers’ sensibilities (yes, let us pretend that some still remain) we shall defer that for later :) Nice to have you drop by!

    [Jethro] Yeah, fascinating concept, this aadapaduchu business :)

    [Jay] The origin of the word Gult has been explained by [D], but for your benefit – The word Telugu, with its syllables reversed became Gulute, which then led to its shortened versions – Gulti and Gult. Glad you liked :)

    [Sowmya] Glad you commented :) I feel much better knowing I wasn’t the only one with a weird crush! And yes, subhalekha rasukunna and chammaku chammaku chham were my favorites from the soundtrack! However, tip-u top-u look-u has a special place in my heart ‘cos that is what started it all ;)

    [shoefiend] Aw! *chuckle* Apologies for the causing of unceremonious food exits and very happy that you liked. Thankoo. Shall try to dutifully warn in the future :)

    [Vasu] Apologies for making the alcohol more inaccessible. Okay, that was absolutely painful, but I just couldn’t resist :) Thankoo thankoo! Will try!

    [Ujval Gandhi] You know what? Write a confessional post about it on your blog (instead of sending legal notices to us, tsk tsk) and you might find some co-sufferers like I did :)

    [VC] Yeah yeah, wiseass :) At least I dutifully found the IMDB links for all of them. Granted they weren’t fan sites, but that’s still some respectability, no? Glad you likes :)

    [Randomizer] Der aaye durust aaye :) Gharana Mogudu – another delicious Chiru-fest! Yes, bangaaru kodi pitta on the docks is memorable. It reminds me of the title song of Gang Leader, which is picturized somewhat similarly. *exits singing gee yeaa ennn gee, gang gang bajao bang bang*

    [D] Since the needful lessons have already been given to you by [BCS], I shall not interfere :)

    [Sagnik] Ah really? I can’t recollect any with a similar storyline. Do tell if a name ever comes to mind? And [Anon] further below is right. If it starred Jeetendra in Hindi, chances are higher that it was a Krishna-Padmalaya movie in Telugu rather than a Chiru one.

    [Hombre de Marte] No no, I don’t think it is bad to be a Gult or to speak Telugu. Heck, here I am dancing happily to tip-u top-u look-u so why would I complain about being a Gult? :) Nah, this is just a tale of the anti-Gult stereotypes I had as a kid and how Chiru helped me overcome that. An embarrassing tale of a pigtailed kid. Just that, nothing else :) Mom had told me about the ‘Italian of the East’ funda before, but I never quite understood why they say that. Any idea?

    [Senthil] Welcome to the new home! Nice to know you remember :) And yesh, nothing like an embarrassing childhood tale to spice up the proceedings, we thought.

    [Jay] :)

    [ssm] If it makes you feel any better, I don’t think of Chiru as the ‘main man’ and ‘center of all droolable things’ anymore. That title has since been handed over to Colin Firth, John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan, amongst others :) Although I can understand a reaction like that about Paz Vega ;) One can be a gal and still appreciate, yes?

    [Sriram] Thankoo, simply thankoo :)

    [BCS urf BTT] Tell me, oh do tell me, does it say nya nya nya nya nyaaa nyaaa as it scurries away? If so, I am glad my Chiru got me the sweet revenge I have forever been looking for :) But you mentioning that you have actually heard and appreciated (using the word loosely, of course) ping-u pong-u body had made me see you in a new light. Maybe you are not so bad after all :)

    ps .. thankoo for the lessons!

    [Begamma Peta Veerudu] Leg in lentils – priceless *howl* :D I knew it right when I wrote about tomato-pappu that a certain TP-loving soul would come back at me with a finger-wag. No we don’t underestimate the value of TP, it is just that we don’t like smelling it mixed with C S Anjaneya Prasad’s insults. Surely you understand?

    [aNTi] I haven’t watched Chiru too much lately, since we have (fortunately) gotten over our love for him and moved on to greener pastures (refer to my reply to [ssm] for list). And I will not take the bait and get into a Superstar vs Megastar discussion :) By the way, bangaaru kodi pitta is from Gharana Mogudu. You probably are confusing it with gee yeaa ennn gee, gang gang bajao bang bang from Gang Leader :)

    [the Monk] Ah :) I wouldn’t attribute cricket craziness as an only-Gult thing though. I think that’s a more universal desi thing.

    [ardra] Thank you for updating the URL! And I’m glad you like reading what I write :) And it is neat that you liked watching Chiru even without understanding the language. The man surely has personality and dancing skills, if nothing else. At least he did back in his late-80s and 90s movies. Haven’t seen a recent movie of his in a looooong time.

    [Anon] I guess not :)

    [Swathi] Aww, so what! Am sure you have your own special embarrassing stories. Do share so we can all feel better about ourselves :)

    [Pradyot] Thank you. Glad you liked :)

    [Anon the Second] Aha! Another aadapaduchu. Welcome aboard :) And what can I say about Rao Gopal Rao. The man and his eyebrows, were both memorable! :) Let me use a priceless line of his from Muthyala Muggu to welcome you – alloalloalloalloallooo! :)

    [Suyog] What can I say, I had some .. um .. unique crushes :) Interestingly, despite having been such a fan, I have never seen him dance to chiku buku raile to date. One of life’s great losses, I suppose.

    [kuffir] po po po… popuvai po – LOL :) No no, milady/milord. Let me clarify that I was never force-fed tomato pappu as a kid. I ate it gladly and willingly, with love and affection, pestering mom to make it more often. I just resented it being spit at me by Mr C S Anjaneya Prasad who had NO appreciation for my essay-writing skills. There’s a lot a kid can take, but to be told that her broken-but-articulate thoughts on the journey of a cheema (an ant) are worthy of the garbage-can can be devastating. But thank you :)

    [Smiley] Oh you bet. I still listen to the song too :) Nice to have you drop in. Have been a reader of yours from afar, so far :) And I *must* mention this although it has been said before – Shredder is adorable!

    [Gera] *groan* Those are so very ouch-able :)

    [invincible] Yes, Chiru helped me attain Gult-vana :)

    [Ramana] Hey there, long time no see! I could be a pakka Hyderabadi and say something about how you have turned into an eid kaa chaand but I won’t do that :) I have been good. And you? And oh innocent one – a Gult is someone from Andhra, a Telugu speaking person.

    [kayzmaze] Happy to have been giving an education, although I am not sure exactly how I did :) Welcome to the blog-bandwagon. And keep visiting! :)

    [Anon the Third] Ayyo, it was that bad, aa? Thank you. Glad you liked :)

    [Australopithecus] Ah, sweets and all. Nice to see Chiru bringing so much mithaas into life :)

    [raj] Aw, its okay. We are nice to commenters even if they openly hate Chiru so you can be completely honest here :) No bhed-bhaav. Good to know about the positive influence of Bollywood in your life though :)

    [Gangadhar] Hello fellow-Gult. Welcome to the blog and keep visiting :)

    [Anurag] Aww, you flatterer you. Now I’m feeling guilty about having called you a farm animal before. To make amends, one shall write soon. Ooh, and I have a picture to post too!

    [aNTi] Ah is it? Will give it a hear soon!

    [tony] Hello latest-fan :) Glad you like the madhouse that this blog is often referred to as! And nah, we don’t expect only nice comments and flattery, although we won’t really stop anyone from it either :) We just expect that people are nice in the manner in which they say whatever they do. And no, although I sometimes give the impression that my blog is my life and livelihood, I don’t write for a living. Am a creative geek instead. But thank you for the high praise :) Keep visiting!

    [amit] Thanks!

    [Aditya] Thank you :)

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