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They say a picture is worth a lot of words. So I figured that, for a change, I’ll stop my yakkity-yak and let the photo do the talking. Oh c’mon now, you don’t have to look *that* happy. Sheesh. Anyways, this was shot on a partly cloudy day, so the background was cast in shadows while the gerbera (That is what it is called, yes?) was in sunshine. Shot in sepia mode with minor contrast and saturation adjustments in Photoshop.

Also, the gentle reminder is back to haunt the folks who ignored it the last time. Please to be updating your blogroll links from the old URL to the new? If you don’t feel motivated enough to make the change, remember — the sooner you do it, the sooner I’ll stop tagging these nagging reminders at the end of each post and there will be much joy and relief everywhere. Thankoo much.

Update: If your ISP blocks images from Flickr, you should call their tech support and make them listen to Anu Malik sing. Any song should work just fine, seeing as it won’t play for long. But right after that, you can visit here to see the image. Hope that helps!

59 thoughts on “Photoblog : Shadows

  1. Nikhilesh

    I would probably remember that ur blog somehow reminds me of Ghalib. And this particular image of this:

    परतव-ए-खुर से है शबनम को फ़ना की तालीम
    मैं भी हूँ इक इनायत की नज़र होने तक।

  2. Sriram

    Just one ishmall koshteen youvar haanar.. did you sprinkle water on flower? or was the water due to some technological wizardry using photoshop?

  3. Andy E.

    You know the world’s not fair when someone who can write well is also an excellent photographer. Great picture.

    Looks like I missed the bus with my comment on your Chiranjivi post.

  4. Megha Post author

    [KJ] Updated the post with a non-Flickr photo link, just for you :)

    [Rumpy] I put one flower photu and Rumpy goes hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmm .. <dhinchiki dhinchiki> (that’s the remix version, yes). Giving those poor words a break. Overuse them sometimes, we do.

    [loverBoy] Glad you liked :)

    [Anurag] Thankoo thankoo. Being a fan of pictures you take, we are most happy that you liked.

    [Nikhilesh] Yes, I do remember. And beautiful lines these .. thanks for sharing.

    [Arun] Thank you. Glad you do :)

    [Vasu] :)

    [gvenum] Arrey a filmi-connection without even intending it. Most pleased :)

    [Australopithecus] Ooh, nice choice. Goes with the whole raindrops theme of the picture too :)

    [Andy E] Thank you. Glad you like both! And no bus has not left stop yet. That comment of yours has gems that deserve responding to :) Will do so soon!

    [Leon] Thankoo. And phew. One down, unknown number more to go :)

    [Sriram] I didn’t sprinkle water on the flowers, nor did any Photoshop additions. It rained that morning, so just some simple natural wizardry at work :) Old movies, yes. Telugu?

  5. khakra

    you managed plenty of bakwaas even after the photo. congratulations. have some mukhwaas. And that’s called gibberish, not gerbera. :)

    great picture though, the dew is beautiful.

  6. Magnus

    Wow… Thats an amazing macro! But I dream of what colors the dew would have reflected??? Isnt the beauty of B&W/Sepia is that it leaves everythin to ur own imagination? Inspiring. :-)

  7. Rajesh J Advani

    [Megha] Beauuuuutiful pic :)

    [Australopithecus] But that’s a nice song!

    Dekho baarish ho rahi hai,
    It’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raining
    Mera dil ro raha hai
    My heart is paining, it’s paining, it’s paining
    Tere liye, tere liye, tere liye, hey hey, hey hey, tereeee liyeeeeeeeeee

    Ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting, ting…

    :) How can one not like that song?

  8. Megha Post author

    [Kris] Thank you! I really liked how the raindrops caught the sunlight. Btw, You have a nice photoblog!

    [khakra] Speaking about your comment, are we? Thanks. Glad you liked the pic :)

  9. Megha Post author

    [Magnus] Thank you! I can post the color version of the flower taken along with this one, in case you are particularly curious :) But very well said, that is indeed the magic of sepia/black and white. What we can imagine is far more beautiful that what simply is.

    [Rajesh] Thank you :) Lovely song indeed. Is Imelda Marcos your role model, by any chance?

  10. Raj

    Great shot.
    I am just a rookie photographer and seeing such great pics makes me feel bad about myself.:((
    Really, i even feel afraid of uploading my okayish pics on flickr. I just might kill myself one of these days. Help me. Please let me know the easiest and least painful way to commit suicide.

  11. Megha Post author

    [Rajesh] Either I am not caught up on Tam politics and gossip and therefore missing the funda, else my lousy PJ went over your head (which if it did, you should consider yourself blessed). But to make sure, I will ask – does Jayalalitha have a shoe collection worthy of fame that I don’t know about?

    [Raj] And I thought *I* was a drama queen :) Awww, now now. It’s okay. Here, take a tissue. Why don’t you put up some of your pictures on Flickr and let us be the judge instead? Thank you, btw :)

  12. Megha Post author

    [Rumpy] Abbaa! Et tu Brutus with the ‘teacher teacher’ business! The RSS feeds update every half hour. That not fast enough for you? *raised eyebrow*

  13. iyer education

    sorry… some wierd sorting algorithm in the aggregator… all your new posts get ‘pushed under the carpet’… i will write this on email 1000 times and send it to u… (lucky me i have Ctrl C and Ctrl V)

  14. Bem

    gerbera it is. its called african daisy too. watch ‘everybody says i love you” – julia roberts, woody allen, etc etc the flower is mentioned in liberal doses ;p

  15. Rajesh J Advani

    [Megha] Yes Ma’am :) For details, see the BBC news report, Jayalalitha: Actress-turned-politician. For the lazy and the bandwidth-starved, here’s an excerpt –

    Her arrest on corruption charges three years ago (the article was written in 1999) was accompanied by the seizure of 64lb of diamond-studded gold jewellery, more than 10,000 saris and 750 shoes.


  16. raj

    ppootooo izh soo kewwwt…:-p nice pic, brings me back the poetic mood that I had until 2 yrs ago…. so get ready for some paining, some paining, more paaaaining…………………………!!!! haha…hav fun! do post the color version, m sure tht wud b grt tooo…ofcourse not as good as the b’n'w though.

  17. Megha Post author

    [karan] Thanks for both :)

    [Rumpy] So the RSS thing is working fine now, I hope? See this is why I ask you to do your homework instead of perpetually playing gilli-danda. Tsk tsk.

    [Pallavi] Thank you! :)

    [Bem] Ah, thank you for confirming. I Googled but wasn’t a hundred percent sure :) Heard of movie but haven’t seen.

    [Rajesh] Aha! See, I did not know that! Yay, I finally get the intended comedy. Thankoo for filling a gap in my education :)

    [tony] Der aaye durust aaye as I keep saying. Glad you liked :)

    [Hokie] Will upload it to the Pretty Pixels folder under Photos soon. Although I agree with the commenters here – the color version doesn’t have the same charm that the black and white/sepia version does. But decide for yourself :) As for settings – I thought the exif data will give you that info? No?

    [shub] Thankoo :)

    [raj] Are wah! Photo inspiring poetry and all, much coolness. Sure, feel free to pain. The color version will be up in the Pretty Pixels section soon :)

  18. Sriram

    Echoos me, but is everything alrighty? You seem to reply to comments regularly.. that IS odd… but I wonder if it is due to some Telugu hero (or even a smashing tamil hero like our cow-boy Ramarajan) having an effect on you. (don’t get it, do you?).. why I say that you ask? Well.. you see.. the picktchaar you put up is black and white-ish, which might be because your eyes have lost their sensitivity to color. Why you ask again? Fine, that is because of the valiant attack on your retinas by our aforementioned hero/heroes by wearing bright red/green/yellow (or any combinations of these colors or others that might appear brighter) on your retina.

    *Darn* good explanation, no?

  19. Jo

    Nice pic. I liked the water droplets on the petals. But why sepia? Would like to see a colored version too.

    First time here. You got a well managed blog. :-)

  20. Hombre de Marte

    Hey this is one of those nice “post card” pictures. That is how we guys (my friends and myself, who are as good in photography as Anu Malik is in music ‘o’ graphy) appreciate them. Anyway, you got an excellent macro there.

    Talking photographs and capturing them, I always wanted to take pictures that could show even a ‘bandar’ as a ‘sikander’. Hmmm! Bad analogy. But you know what I mean… The pictures I shoot wont even be in the same zip code of being good. But then… the Anu Malik in me holding a camera goes like this…

    “hum to photography karega…
    photos se na darega…”

  21. Megha Post author

    [Sriram] To use a very dear line from a very dear Hindi movie Padosan (1968)ghoda bolo, chatura bolo, ye ghoda chatura chatura ghoda kaiko karta jii. When I don’t reply to comments you wonder if I was kidnapped by aliens. When I do reply, you think I am odd. You basically need an excuse to call me weird, no? Hmpfh. But brilliant explanation. *clap clap* I couldn’t have come up with a better one myself, else I would have used it in the post ;)

    [Gangadhar] Thank you :)

    [claytonia] Thankoo!

    [Mani] Shukriya and welcome :)

    [Jo] Hello and thanks for visiting :) As for why sepia – it lets us see the play of light and shadow in a way that color sometimes cannot. Color can distract, making us miss out on some nuances. But that’s just what I think. Since you asked – the color version of the image will soon be found in the Photos section of this site. (That reminds me, I better stop being lazy and upload it there.) Glad you liked :)

    [Hombre de Marte] Thank you, nice to know I have a backup career in the postcard making business :) And looks like Anu Malik has a connection with this flower from some past janam. First the song dekho baarish ho rahi hai and now this. Sigh.

  22. Jo

    As for why sepia – it lets us see the play of light and shadow in a way that color sometimes cannot

    I never thought of it that way. You’re right. I am still learning in the process of photography. :-)

    But then again the question, why Sepia? Why not B/W in this regard?

  23. Sriram

    [Megha] Heh heh. Me does get flashes of brilliance once in a while.. flashes are so bright that I can’t see for a while, you see! The last comment was one such instance :D.. and me call you weird? aww… me never remembers saying any such thing. (reminds everyone of short-term memory loss – the kind that makes you lose memories when you want to :D).. Nice I am, no?

  24. Megha Post author

    [curses] It’s a deal. I noticed you already made the change, so I shall head over to your blog and do the deed :)


    But then again the question, why Sepia? Why not B/W in this regard?

    I’m an amateur myself, so won’t necessarily give you the answers you might be looking for :) But, to answer your question – It is just a personal preference. I love B&W photography in general, but for this particular picture, the sepia tone went well with the mood of the picture. The gloominess of the shadows was offset by the warmth of the sepia, I thought.

    [Australopithecus] You really love this song, don’t you?

    [Sriram] First Chiru color-blinded me. Then your brilliance. What has everyone got against my sense of color, these days, I wonder?

    [Priyavadan] Thankoo :)

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