Merry Christmas, teri bhi Christmas

Thanks to a lot of random bloghopping, we’ve noticed a recent trend in the blogosphere that we promptly thought worthy of inflicting upon you. Plus, it coincides with the season and all that humbug. It is our discerning observation that posts being written lately can be classified into the following types —

  • The ones trying to share the warm-and-fuzzies —
    “Oooh, looky at the houses and trees so full of lights! The world is happy and bright all around! I am toasting chestnuts over the fire even as I write this. Wheeee!”

  • The ones retrospective and contemplative about the year gone by —
    “Another year passes us by and what have we learnt from it? Let us ponder for a moment on how we can make this world a better place ..” *solemn nod of head*

  • The ones grumpy and detesting all humanity —
    “Ugh. I hate the holidays. Lovey-dovey couples under the mistletoe. Bleh. I want to strangle Santa with his fuzzy hat. I wish they’d all drown themselves in eggnog. Gaah!”

  • The ones who just returned from watching Bluffmaster (2005)
    “It rocks! Such awesome one-liners! AB looks soooo hot. Nana Patekar rules. And that song Right Here Right Now is so very cool. I can’t stop singing it!” *drool, sigh and other assorted expressions*

Anyhoo, as you can see, we’d be pretty lousy at these types of posts. Although that’s never stopped us from trying our hand at things, we won’t go there today. Instead we are sticking to what we do best. So here goes. A poem, slightly drunk on the holiday spirit that is around us. At least that’s our excuse for why it is so bad, so hush.

Holiday Cheer

I sat down to write a post,
But I had nothing worthwhile to say.
What to do? I thought, and said,
Ooh, I’ll write a poem! Yay!

‘Tis that time of the year,
When snowflakes sparkle in the air,
A grouchy snowman sits out front,
Looking like he doesn’t care.

His carrot nose looks morose,
A shiny green candy-wrapper for hair,
An extra wide tire around his tummy,
And underwear he forgot to wear.

A million stars on a clear cold night,
And a million more in the trees.
But my warm comforter feels just right,
If I go outside, I’ll sure as hell, freeze.

The birds have stopped their twittering,
The leaves hide under the snow,
My pet spider has returned to his lair,
Till spring his face won’t show.

Now that we’ve babbled for a while,
We can get to the Hallmark-card crap,
We’re just gonna say it straight,
Tho’ Jr Bachchan would have sung it in rap.

From my warm home to all of yours,
Comes a wish full of holiday cheer,
Here’s hoping you all have a nice season,
And a Happy New Year!

34 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, teri bhi Christmas

  1. Jasmine

    And a Merry Christmas to you too.

    (Yes, I admit I am leaving this comment only because there are so many people who visit this place that I just had to crow about the fact that I was the first here. :) )

  2. iyer education

    dhammal poem… meri aur teri aur sabki christmas to you too… and oh i decided to skip the less hairy Lil B’s bluffmaster and decided to go for the completely hairy, completely paisa vasool, KING KONG… and dhammal it was :)

  3. Varshini

    I just happened to chance by your blog, and I must say that you are a fabulous writer. Your posts are a treat to one’s eyes.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Raj

    I would fit in the fourth category but i am raving abt King Kong and not Bluffmaster.

    Merry Christmas.

    Sorry, I ignored the poem like I always do.

  5. Aakarsh

    Nice post..More so, because i dont fit or rather my post for year-end doesnt fit in any of the categories you mentioned there,which assures me that i am not that predictable still.
    Good poem.
    and chivariki…Krishtumassu subhaakaankshalu meeku.

  6. Suhail

    I like the way you cheat with filler words like Ooh and Yay!! a la setting up the radeef and kaafiya ;-).

    Overall fantastic, and in parts reminds me of what one of my friends calls as “synonymn-template” poems. :D (yes shooting from some anon friend’s shoulder). The procedure is to decide a theme, take all the kaafiya(rhyming) words of 2,4,6..and then just setup some warm-fuzzies before them. Once in a while use odd filler words like Ooh and Yay for extra-realistic effect :)

    Infact, if you put in a decent effort, it really works. I’ve written some (what are they called, those 5-line smartyboy poems…arggh..can’t get the word, right now and too lazy to go search on wikipedia)…need to dig them.

    Not to take away anything from this was nice..sure brought a chuckle on my face. Especially the “forgot to wear underwear” line, but the title takes the cake. btw, that surprise party post was one of your best, but since its so down the ladder, no pt being the 138th commenter there.

    and what’s all this about Bluffmaster/JB I am reading everywhere.(Yes, I was living under a rock).

    (ps: time to take you up on your verrry afffrrraaid)

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  8. Senthil

    There is a fifth kind: those who spend the crossover from ’05 to ’06 holed up in Haridwar while their friends drink and carouse in Pune. Hmph.

    Nice poem, though. Weeee likessss itttt….

  9. Heh Heh

    you know which one of those categories we belong to, of course. now to go hunt me some reindeer. rudolph will be the first, with his idiotic red lightbulb of a nose.

  10. Rk

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…
    Hope next year too, you post rocking stuff that makes us roam in the wonderland and makes us laugh till tears roll out and till we bring into practise the famous abbreviation ROTFL.
    And make us forget for a moment, the miseries of the world and our lives.

  11. Vasu

    Hmm… [Rk] has said what I wanted to say/write, right?! So, ‘Merry Christmas!’ & ‘Happy New Year’ for now. :-)

  12. Sriram

    Hmm.. I also thought of writing a poem for the holidays, cleaning my apartment, decorating my room, de-sanitizing my computer, go on a trip to the moon but guess what? I just slept :D.. too lazee you see!

  13. gvenum

    Quite a “spirit-full” Poem. I likey. Poem being slightly drunk is an understatment:) .Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you too.

  14. raj

    [Megha] That was sweet of you… have a wonderful holiday season too…and since u dont seem like u njoy snow, get cozy in ur comforter this season..and gain a few pounds ;) …ul always have summner next to burn ‘em. :) all said n done..thnks for the wishes…wish u a merry christmas and a very happy new yr, welcome it wid a huge bang..hav fun and stay safe!!

  15. Anonymous

    There is one more “type” that I did not see (or, perhaps, recognize) and that would be the dinosaur who is plodding about, simultaneously searching, studying, and just barely coping with how to do things right so that “everybody” doesn’t stare at him when he says something archaically stupid like, “Good morning, girls!” to a group of women obviously twice his age, but he wants them (even if for just a moment) to feel the giggle of being young, or other things of that nature.
    And, I just noticed that this is the first site that didn’t ask fer m’name and e-mail address, (as if all the hundred before were going to write, which most don’t, and who can blame them? `Cause I am a dinosaur….) and that in itself is cool.
    Oops. Now I’ve fallen into “that” category.
    Oh well. Just ignore me. I’ll be going extinct any minute now….

  16. the Monk

    Hey, nice poem…and I really didn’t like Bluffmaster…But Nana Patekar, was ,as always brilliant…it isn’t often you see him in such roles…and brilliantly funny post, as usual…

  17. m.

    lol… terrible! i darent check your blog during my breaks at work because i end up cackling! have a gull-orious new year bash and a fantastic year :)

  18. Vasu

    Feels err, great (for want of a better, apt word) to have that ‘DRW’ banner in the blog. Kudos, Megha!(yes, all of you) :-)

  19. Jaggy

    Smile at the Past with Pride and Grace
    Live each today with Joy and Verve
    Look at every tommorrow with Hope And Faith
    This year may all your efforts be rewarded
    and all your dreams come true
    Wishing you a Happy New Year

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