A pessimist sees only the dark side of the clouds, and mopes. A philosopher sees both sides, and shrugs. An optimist doesn’t see the clouds at all — he walks on them.
~ Leonard Louis Levinson

Whee! It is that time once again. An old one bites the dust and a new one rises from it. Yes, I’ve already written a post about the holiday season and all the associated whoop-de-doo, but nobody mentioned a rule that I cannot write two. So there. Or here. Or wherever. Bleh.

You shovel yourself out of a foot of snow, drag yourself to work and discover that the office is half-empty, ‘cos your colleagues are busy tanning themselves silly on some undiscovered exotic sunny beach and insist on sending you postcards that some idiotic receptionist tapes up right next to the coffee machine. What’s worse, your annoying cubemate-from-hell will wear his green and red polka dot sweater and sidey up to you, demanding that you say cheese although you feel mostly sour cream-ish. Some forgettable person from the third floor will click the picture which will soon find its way into an office collage that the pesky chick from sales will put together. If she is in a good mood, she might just choose to tell you how the aqua-colored shirt you are wearing in the picture makes you look slimmer, leaving you sniffing around suspiciously for the intended slight.

But at the end of the day, you step out and look around to see the trees decked up with millions of starry lights. The snow on the branches glows softly. The changing colors of the clock tower light go from blue to purple to pink to red to green. Little children in bright-colored earmuffs skate around the frog pond, while tired but happy parents look on, holding hands. You smell the hot apple cider and hear the tinkle of the sleigh bells. As you pass by the park, an inflated Santa waves at you jocularly, his rotund belly bobbing against the sidewalk benches. And no matter what your day has been like, you cannot resist a grin. And you jump up on an impulse and chomp at a snowflake floating in the air.

So many reasons to smile. Friends near and loves afar. Some reasons in front of you and some simply in your heart. All making you look forward to the new year. So here’s wishing all my readers and commenters happier, better times and a new year that bring you the best of everything you wish for.

Update : Pliss to not miss the priceless comments section of this thread that was rejuvenated thanks to aNTi’s breezy rendition of a hit song from Bluffmaster. The author of this blog is not responsible for the madness that followed.

74 thoughts on “Wishes

  1. Megha Post author

    [Heh Heh] *equally solemn look on face* We have been accused of political correctness before, so we are trying to be more controversial in the new year. And now now, since we are being all serious and political and all -

    Windy windy one time
    Windy windy two time

    Almost sounds like poetry written to describe the windbag President’s two terms, no?

  2. Megha Post author

    [aNTi] Sorry we are a little slow. But what to do? Your most astute observations were lost in the midst of all that hot air!

  3. Megha Post author

    [aNTi & Heh Heh] Thanks for all the fun! I now have a visual of aNTi in my head, gazing coyly at his readers, while nestled amongst purple tulips while he sings windy windy one time. Ah, the simple joys of life!

  4. Vasu

    [Megha, Heh heh, aNTi] Thanks a bunch, for kickstarting 2006, in the best possible way. *holds tummy, puts fist into his mouth to stop others getting concerned, tears-in-eyes, can’t type anym…

  5. Suhail Kazi

    Hulloo MinM,
    Bhelcome bhack. Happy new year to U2 and Madonna, Elton, Michael and Paul and oh..Anup Jalota and Adnan Sami’s nose..and all other noses.

    bhy the bhay…bhile missing on phrevios comments…u happen to unknoyingly sidestepped my phrebhious threat (should I threaten again..or not? no I shdn’t ..yes I shd). also ij yr blog have a bheak memory? doez it phorget phorm daata after a bheak?

    *ok preview looks goood..I now praise Submit*.

  6. shub

    yam sorry but i skipped the post n went straight for the comments to see the exchange!! howlarious!!!
    have a rocking (y)ear megha!:)

  7. Nandu

    Am back after quite some time……But vacationing in India has finally given me opportunity to catch up on all my blog reading….congratulations on the nominations at the Indibloggies!!

  8. kavoori

    Got to your blog via the indibloggies awards.
    randomly browsed across some.
    first gulty blog that i liked like anything.

    carry on !!!!
    wish u all the best for the award.

  9. aNTi

    Should I correct all the people who wished you for the two awards? :)
    And you deserve another round of congrats – for being the “first gulty blog” that people like… ROTFL!
    So go “windy windy” one more time :))

  10. kuffir

    congratulations megha..
    i think the two preceding comments focussing on certain jaat are in bad taste…

  11. Sriram

    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah *tears his hair and hair of all innocent people standing around who are gathered to watch him tear his hair*…

    [aNTi] Noooooooooooooo… traitor! Singing hindi songs, eh?

    [Megha] I could have sworn about commenting on this post. Just cant find it!! Oh well, I’m too lazy to write that comment again. *also reminds readers of temporary memory loss to due power fluctuations in brain caused by “thinking”*

  12. Bad Hair Day

    I came here via the world’s funniest site. And I think, this is the best layout/ design I have seen across all Blogs. And insanely popular too!
    My theory was right though, that only women Blogger’s are widely read and understood! :D

  13. Megha Post author

    [Suhail] Well well, looks like someone’s back to stay after having gone missing for a while! All the noses say hello back to you, by the way. And I am feeling suitably scared now so pliss to tell what the threat is about? *eyebrow raised*

    [shub] Aink? How did you even know about the comment exchange if you didn’t read the post? ;) Have a great one!

    [Raj] Thankoo thankoo! And yes, ever since aNTi’s creative variation, I can no longer sing the original song. So windy windy two time sounds perfect ;)

    [Nandu] Hey, looky who’s here! Long time no see! I wondered what happened to the blog that you were going to start and the planned posts on Bappi and all. Glad to see you back and hope you’ll write more. Have fun on your vacation! :)

    [Vasu] Thenkewverrymuj :)

    [kavoori] Thank you for your wishes and welcome to the blog. Glad you liked it! :)

    [aNTi] Aww, no no. I can’t claim a nomination for a group blog. Plus I *want* to sing windy windy two time so two is a good number to be silly with! :)

    [kuffir] Thank you! And ayyo? You’re kidding, I hope? Not actually offended, are you?

    [Sriram] *promptly hands over her wig to him before he tries to reach for her real hair* I think that comment of yours was on my previous post about the holiday season. Yes I wrote two, much to the confusion of my readers. Something about de-sanitizing your apartment to make it humanly-inhabitable and what not? ;)

    [Bad Hair Day] Nice ID, by the way :) And thankoo! Glad you liked the design. But who be this world’s funniest site and how is it that they are linking up to me? Pliss to unravel mystery? And while women bloggers are indeed widely read and commented, I am not so sure about the understood part :) Glad to have you stop by. Do visit again! :)

  14. Megha Post author

    [Suhail] Awaiting mail nervously .. *gulp*

    [Dev] Yay! Looky who’s here! Happy new year to you and Prer too. Wondered where you disappeared when even a poem didn’t bring you out of the woodwork :)

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