The iceberg

Ta-da! I have finally gone and done it. There is now a Geekfest section on this blog. It can also be found by clicking on the link of the same name at the top-right corner of this page. While this is probably of little consequence to most of you, it has been a long-pending plan in my head, so yay for me. And Prerona, this one’s for you too!

To get the section started, I have included the expand/collapse script that I’d written for the TsunamiHelp blog, more than a year ago, which has since been used on a number of other collaborative blogs. This script works only on Blogger/Blogspot blogs. It allows a blog to display just the start of a post and hide the rest behind a link that the reader can click on, expand and read. Most importantly, it does this at the template-level, so there’s no need to edit each post. A nice little solution that makes life easier for all. To put it in a much simpler, non-tech manner, it turns your blog post into an iceberg and sincerely hopes that the reader will not be the Titanic. Cool, no? Um, time to make myself scarce now, I think.

All questions, suggestions and complaints are best brought up in the comment space of the script page itself. Any other general nonsense can continue here, as always. Hope you like!

34 thoughts on “The iceberg

  1. Megha Post author

    [Rumpy] Ah! But before that, I was thinking of putting up a section called Meghaspeak to make people understand what is written on this blog, in the first place ;)

    [RK] Will do a post soon on the redirect script too. Thanks for not letting me forget :)

    [Hokie] I think I’ll steer clear of talking about design on my blog. At least for a while :)

  2. Megha Post author

    [?!] Yesh yesh, we discovered, right after writing that comment and much to our joy that it is a common occurrence. And we thought we dealt with multiple personas! Amidst that cacophony we are amazed that you actually notice others :) And thank you. Welcome to our space too!

  3. ?!

    ?!: Notice others ? Course we notice others. I mean, SOME relief from you. We LONG for that.

    ?! : Yeah. Oh, that means she also knows you confused her with someone else. Nice show of intellect, that.

    ?! : Well, she’d know it was you, kay?
    Plus it was of course, well meant.

    ?! : Well, you can at least tell her now.

    ?!: Will do. Hey, M, congrats n all that and absolootly rocking blog.

  4. Megha Post author

    [?!] Um yesh, she noticed. That was the one she left the comment on, in case any one of you remembers. And it was a minor mix up of the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, so we understand and sympathize. And thankoo. Happy that there’s a consensus amongst you about that :)

  5. ?!

    Retired hurt already ? And Me had asked that q.

    And course you’re welcome. I mean, you are better than us @ the commentspace!

    And threats of moving to this space will mean that MPD commences here!


  6. Megha Post author

    [?!] No no, not hurt. Just the whole ‘keeping the dignity of the space intact’ thing we said we would do. We shamelessly defile our own comment space, but when it comes to others, we try to be polite. Plus, all seventeen of us are in action here, so we have a higher chance of survival. Or so we hope.

    So, let the festivities begin! :)

  7. ?!

    ?! : She wants to be polite.

    ?! : Polite ? How nice.

    ?! : Nice doan cut no ice.

    ?! : Sigh, the ebonics thingies again. Stick to the the Queen’s E.

    ?! : Just cos she won prize doesna mean she’s a Queen. And she’s got her own E too ? meghalomania, indeedy.

    ?! : Look, this isn’t your place. Don’t display your amazing intellect here. You’ll land up shaming the whole lot of us.

    ?! : This used to be my playground.

    ?! : Yeah, that’s why now we got you your own blog, where you can play with yourself.

    ?! : Sheesh, man, this is a lady’s space. Careful with the graphic language.

    ?! : gah, in a onetrack mind, you got one rail.

    And so on and so forth. Cmon over there, your space is wayyy too crowded with all decent gents n all.

    As they usedta say in the ole place, nimma pettaile vandhu raang kaattu.

  8. ?!

    And they say
    You don’t tug on superman’s cape
    You don’t spit into the wind
    You don’t pull the mask of the ol’ lone ranger
    And you don’t mess around with Him”


  9. Megha Post author

    [?!] Hah. No word verification here. Beat that. And decent folks? Who? Where? Am sure the sneak preview of upcoming pondy-fest has sent them scuttling to Ulan Bator by now. He calls himself Jim now? And give us the ole place translation please?

    [All other readers] Please don’t try to make sense of this conversation. I have no idea what I am saying in the first place.

    [Paddy] Thanks.

  10. ?!

    They scatter before me! (the decent gents that is).
    Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!
    ( You can run but you can’t hide @ Ulan Bator)

    Roughly translated, it is street lingo from Chennai for hamaare ilaake mein aake dikha josh.


    ( Neither do I, but I have lotsa beer to blame it on :) )

  11. Megha Post author

    [?!] I don’t even have that excuse really. Just plain dementia I suppose. Rowdy bunch of folks around here. Don’t go attributing too much gentility and all or they might decide to show you some muskull-wuskull.

    Ah like that. We don’t speak the language.

  12. aNTi

    [?! / !? ] Its not nimma pettai, its namma pettai. Unless you are talking about the guy whose father was a Pathan from Peshawar and mom was a fish monger at Zaam bazaar.

    [Megha] Pondy fest? Where? Hmmm.. You are making me set my clock back to 1996-2000, heh?

  13. Sriram

    Whoa! what’s the “pettai” talk? Me never heard nimma pettai..

    [Megha] Since when did we start investigating conversations to see if they mean something? If we’ve started, then me reports with much pain that me missed the memo on that. (must have lost it in the pile of papers on my desk, which sadly went into the recycle bin, thanks to “Mr. Lab-Cleaner” from utility services. so much for them being “ultility!!)

  14. Megha Post author

    [aNTi] Bah, I barely say ‘pondy-fest’ and all of your ears perk up. Tchah. I was referring to [?!]‘s plans to use this comment space to play. Please to refer to his earlier comment in case of confusion.

    [?!] A Peshawari fish-seller from Mint Street. Hmm ..

    [heh heh] Ah excellent, glad you got the memo. Yes, this is indeed the MPD Sufferer Convention. The motto for this year is – share a personality, make a friend. And the pondy-fest, um ..

    [Sriram] Well, when has anything I have said on my blog actually meant anything. But once in a while we like to gently remind the readers. All about managing expectations, you see :)

  15. Mayur

    My first time here. I read some of your previous posts and your writing style is very evocative. The posts make for fun reading too. Recently started a blog myself – Pls. drop by when you can…comments appreciated.

  16. Megha Post author

    [Mayur] Hello and welcome to the blog. Glad you had fun! Keep visiting :)

    [Raj] No no, no such lofty intentions. Just something I’d written once upon a time that I thought might help other Blogspot bloggers. Back to regular programming with the next one :)

  17. aNTi

    [Megha] Do you remember that scene from one of the Star Wars episode where one of the R2D2 specimens gets bheja fried? Thats what (nearly) happens to me when I read comments from ?! and !? :P.. Much confused ho jaatein hai hum.
    As for Pondy fest, I almost had a flashback my Larry Flynt type days.

  18. Megha Post author

    [karthik] Thank you!

    [aNTi] You know why that happens, right? Because you make the fundamental mistake of trying to use your bheja for it. And what? My blog makes you take trips down pondy-memory lane? Devuda devuda!

  19. ?!

    Anti :

    Oru puram paarthaal Mithilaiin Mythili
    Maru puram paarthaal Kaveri Maadhavi
    Mugam mattum paarthal nilavin ethiroli

    Mee lanti vallu ladiz vishayamlo maathram paatalu padhyalu raastaru. Maaku ilaanti symptoms vaste confusion antaaru.

    One of us is lyin
    One of us is cryin

    And remainder seething @ injustice.

    There, we have multifariously ranted for the day.

  20. aNTi

    [?!] There you go again, picking an almost obscure Tam song to put forth your case :p It helps that I am blessed with a god given knowledge of TFM and so within seconds I was humming the relevant number! And then i have to use my “Anthavaadu Manchivaadu” types Telugu to figure out what you are trying to say! Baah….I am going to protest to mommy now!

    [Megha] You shouldn’t let MPD afflicted individuals/groups to confuse loyal readers like this. I am protesting i say!

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