Photoblog : Baseraa

Somewhere around home
Boston, Massachusetts

Don’t you love it when you accidentally take a nice looking picture? Yep, this was one of those. Point, click and whee! And then, a not-so-sudden moment of realization happened that I haven’t posted a photoblog in some time, so here I am, making amends.

The title of this post is also a Gulzar-written movie from 1981 starring Rakhee, Rekha and Shashi Kapoor, with lovely music by Pancham. Do you remember a Chitrahaar/Chhayageet moment where a zombie-like Rakhee is walking around in a garden with Shashi and a little kiddo? The kid tugs at her pallu and nervously asks her — jahaan pe saveraa ho? and Rakhee replies nuh-uh and continues to sing in a very high-pitched Lata voice — jahaan pe baseraa ho, saveraa vahiin hai. Did that moment scare you enough to never watch a Rakhee movie again? Did it, did it? Yesh? Well, this is that movie.

Hope you like. The photo, I mean.

70 thoughts on “Photoblog : Baseraa

  1. CountedAsCrow

    “I am covered in skin
    No one gets to come in
    Pull me out from inside
    I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding
    I am
    [colorblind] “

  2. Don Mirror

    Pigtails like twins, in lakes, keep flowing.
    Someone listens, or Yana listens
    keep stalking.
    Some leaking, some mouthing.

    Oops, keeps talking*.

  3. loverBoy

    Hey, I just posted a comment here but forgot to add my name. Wanted to delete it but I see it didn’t get published. What I wrote earlier was:

    Awesome! Just loved the pic.

    Megs, as the pic has the copyright credits, can I donwload it? Please…


  4. Megha Post author

    [Chronicus Skepticus] Thankoo thankoo! And yes, completely! When the sky looks like the way it does, it is near impossible to go wrong. This is usually how I go about it -

    1. Stare dreamily at the sky
    2. Realize the sun has already set so the sky will turn dark in exactly 23 seconds
    3. Hurriedly pull out camera. No time to fiddle with settings
    4. Take photo in 1.2 seconds
    5. Preeeeeeeen
    6. Go back to dreamy drooling

    Nice to have you stop by on the blog!

    [Madman] Sigh. Not only is a lunatic trapped in my commentspace, he/she/it is also fond of wordplay. Just my luck. Don’t get me started on Chhole and Dhanno. I have a whole theory on that, that is best reserved for a separate post. Oh and I know I am going to regret asking this, but – Maybelline? May be line? And now we’re doing odd poetry? No wait, that’s a translation of a song I know! And love!

    Pigtails like twins, in lakes, keep flowing.
    Chhoti si do, jheelon mein vo, behti rehti hain
    Someone listens, or Yana listens
    Koi sunein, ya na sunein
    keep stalking.
    kehti rehti hain
    Some leaking, some mouthing.
    Kuchh likhhi .. aur .. kuchh zubaani
    Do naina .. aur .. ik kahaani
    Thoda sa baadal, thoda sa paani

    To think I *almost* missed that. Am so kicked! :)

    [Lovemarks] My blog keeps changing? In public? *horrified look* It has had exhibitionistic tendencies all these years and I never knew? Oh the horror! *sheepish grin* Sorry, I shall behave now. Thankoo for linking to me :) Most flattered. And I guess you are talking about the tagline below the title of the blog and the quote on top that change on each reload? Did them both with a script that generates them randomly from a database.

    [(s] Tsk tsk :)

    [loverBoy] Yes, certainly, please to. Just as long as you are not reproducing it elsewhere, and keeping the copyright line intact, I have no issues with you downloading it. And thankoo. Glad you like so much :)

  5. Name Will Be Stuck

    Mary (ahh) ways will be recognisable.

    Don’t get me started ?

    “Lets get it started yeah, lets get it started yo”

    (desists on remniscence of purported wasteland oops waistline previously shown on blog compared to droolsome washboard abs of music video).

  6. Megha Post author

    [Naam Gum Jayega] Uh oh, he’s back! And hey! Not to take potshots at our waistline. Make many a tree proud, it would. And be careful what you sigh and drool about, else there’s be Flash animation on this blog, of aforementioned tree-trunk, dancing to hip hop music videos. And then Mayhem will ensue. That too in the month of June.

  7. :-)

    Off topic : I still cant get that Rajamme pasu thing out of my mind. Still brings smile. :-) Thanks for the meme.

  8. TheWorldnMe,WeAreWaiting

    For afore mentioned hip, hopping.

    And Flashing.


    Gordon follows ?

    Gordon Woodroffe. Childhood memories. Nobody in the world probably remembers it anymore though.

  9. Sandeep

    Ah ! New England is beautiful indeed !
    But man, summer’s really hot !

    Beautiful picture… Really nice perception of color, I must add !

  10. karan

    cool pic! wow, at first glance it seems there’s been some post-processing on the pic…but then, when nature is at its best…u can’t do much to improve on that! :)

  11. John P Matthew


    What a pic! From one shutterbug to another. You have a nice lens eye. As for the Shashi Kapoor movie and Rakhee song, I guess I have heard it. You seem to have this tremendous knowledge of Hindi films. Do you watch these movies on video or were you a movie buff of our times;)


  12. Megha Post author

    [TheWorldnMe,WeAreWaiting] You wait so much, you’ll turn into Amitabh in John, Jaani, Janardhan, tararam pampam pampam from Naseeb, velvet coattails and all. Who Gordon Woodroffe, by the way?

    [Sandeep] Yes, it is beautiful out here. But if you think our summers are extreme, what about our winters? :) And thanks. Glad you liked!

    [karan] Yep, when the sky looks like it does, all you can do is drool and click. And drool some more.

    [John] I watched a LOT of movies as a kid, both on Doordarshan as well as in the theatre. One of the perks of belonging to a movie-loving family, I guess. And my present day video/DVD collection ably assists in the matter too. So as you can see, my readers have no escape! :) Thanks for stopping in!

  13. DN

    Hi, love the picture you took. Beautiful colours. I noticed the copyright sign on the photo and was wondering how one can get that for one’s pictures? Advice?

  14. Michelle

    I ran across your blog in my search for “atheist vs. agnostic”. I found it a very entertaining 30-mins-that-I-should-have-spent-working, but I won’t tell if you won’t lol. I really love the pics. What kind of camera do you have? Do you even post here anymore? It looks like you haven’t in a year…. Guess we’ll see if you respond…

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