Girl, interrupted

Like a headache that arrives and never goes,
Or a curbstone that painfully stubs your toes.

Like a jhalak dikhlaajaa from Himesh’s nose,
While Pancham’s music gently flows.

Like a thorn that pricks while sniffing at a rose, (Token cliché firmly in place)
Or a funky dream that ruins your doze.

Like my attempting poetry instead of prose,
Life has interrupted, and rudely soes. (Okay, so that’s not a word. But it rhymes!)

But I’ll be back soon to annoy you, thoughs.
To generate nonsense, and increase your woes.

But now, I goes.

Apollo-Gs for the lack of updates. Enjoy the break while it lasts.

45 thoughts on “Girl, interrupted

  1. iyer education

    BREAK!!! when are we going to be back to regular programming?

    and you go for a break with a HAUNTING song by Himmesh… i mean dont you like the sanity of your readers… dont you ever wish for peace of mind of your readers… how could you do this to us?

    bahut pakaya… see u on the other side of this break

  2. Amol

    How about using “crows” instead of soes. Not trying to be a critic; just being woefully,inadequately helpful. BTW missed reading you these last few days.Do be nice to us poor non – literary folks and write a little more frequently. love you hamesha :D
    P.S. The gloating below refers to life and not you: you just annoy:D

    Main Entry: 2crow
    Function: verb
    Inflected Form(s): crowed /’krOd /; also in sense 1 chiefly British crew /’krü/; crow·ing
    Etymology: Middle English, from Old English crAwan
    intransitive verb
    1 : to make the loud shrill sound characteristic of a cock
    2 : to utter a sound expressive of pleasure
    3 a : TO EXULT GLOATINGLY ESPECIALLY OVER THE DISTRESS OF ANOTHER b : to brag exultantly or blatantlyE
    transitive verb : to say with self-satisfaction

  3. uday

    “Like a jhalak dikhlaajaa from Himesh’s nose” – this line is a gem. had me in splits.
    stop prose. do poetry instead.

  4. Megha Post author

    [Kaushik] Oh totally! It is, of course, a different matter that these are the only kind of rhymes I write.

    [Paddy] Thankee :)

    [Raj] It really isn’t that hard. Just don’t expect to make a lot of sense, and you’ll be fine :)

    [Rumpy] Imagine this. I am like Doordarshan and this post is like the ‘rukawat ke liye khed hai’ slide. As you will remember, one never knows exactly when the slide will disappear. Even when the slide disappears, you cannot be sure if the picture will resume, or instead you will be treated to black and white worms. (You know that noise you get when the signal disrupts entirely, accompanied by static-y hissing) So when you cheerfully ask for regular programming be warned that you might get black and white worms instead. Which will be most distasteful. The worms, that is. Well, perhaps the programming too.

    ps .. I am hardly the first person bellowing that song in your ear. You should have become immune by now, no?

    [Amol] Life has interrupted, and rudely crows? You’re turning my entire life into a boring black bird that is found pooping on every tree and rooftop? That is what my life is reduced to? Tsk tsk. And this is from my reader (who I admittedly annoy, but still), so just imagine what my detractors would do. And who is this Hamesha? Is it also a crow?

    [Sanjana] Glad :)

    [sanky] Thankoo :)

    [Crimemaster Gogo]

    Where’d the other Stooges goes? Who knows!
    But low everyday prices at Lowe’s,
    So realizing the lawn does not itself mowes,
    Hurriedly to Lowe’s, Crimemaster Gogo goes.

    [The Goddess] Thanks for dropping in! And pray who be vish?

    [Moonie] Will do :)

    [Raju] Heh. Thankoo :)

    [Lovemarks] Glad you did :) Got a kick out of writing it too! And not quite gone anywheres. Just caught up with things. Hence the ‘life interrupting’ bit. But will be back soon!

    [uday] Er .. is my prose *that* bad? :)

  5. Fullstop

    You goes, but must comes back ,
    to keep annoying Tom, Dick & Jack; (Harry just did not rhyme!!)
    Or else they misses you,
    For you are amongst those very few
    Who brings humour-in-a-pack!!!


  6. Anonymous

    roz roz yeh kya fool hota hai gar
    murakh khilta kab, in which whether?
    like a cold nose your poetry runs
    with pedals, parodies and puns!

    mwah mwah mwah mwah


    (i think you know who this is)

  7. Nailed Clouds

    Megha loved me…truely madly and deeply….After three years…Most importanly after her marriage…I realise that i loved her and love her…truely madly deeply…
    While egosurfing for my Megha…pop you comeup…and quiet interesting i should tell you…Here are few words for my Megha in your pages hoping she is out there in your pages…

    Dark starry nights, a smiling mystery above
    Echoes of the waves, in a world aloof
    Hands clasped, fingers embracing, holding tight
    You and I and the World that just belonged to us

    Distances near, worries far away and just the happieness
    step over step, adorning every hour after hour
    Questioning rules, answering confirmity, doubting traditions
    You and I and the love that just brewed us

    nearness incomplete and a little space astronomic
    head on shoulders, hands on hips, yours on mine and mine on yours
    mind racing and the language heartbeat sighting the gates of heaven
    You and I and the hopes that just sowed us

    Thoughts a lot, very very heavy on the heart
    living the gory days destined for me by me
    weaving dreams and wishing the sight of you just once for eternity
    me and my life and my dreams that just will make me uniting us…forever…

  8. Megha Post author


    Thankee! You are most kind,
    With words as well as rhyme,
    I hope to be back soon,
    Before the next full moon,
    And duly make up for lost time!


    [s0ul] Yay thankee :)

    [Anonymous] A certain red-faced secret-agent who’s recently got himself a schoolboy crush, perhaps?

    [Nailed Clouds] While I hope she gets to read the words written for her, I highly doubt that’s going to happen through my blog. But thank you for sharing them here anyway.

  9. Anonymous

    hi megha,
    first time on your blog. u write very well. thoroughly enjoyed the one on Rajamme and pasu.

  10. Falstaff

    I don’t suppose anyone knows why you chose to compose this thing – it tos and fros, strikes a silly pose and uses “soes” when “What languor harvests, life sows” flows so much better. What highs or lows inspired it? What do you think it shows? Was is just one of those things? Or some meme imposed by one of your foes that you rose to the occasion to dispose of? I can’t believe you disturbed my repose for this – frankly it left me comatose. At any rate, to close:You can’t metamorphose into a poet so simply. It grows on you by degrees, throws you when you least expect it; leaves you morose and helpless, exposed to the throes of a passion where the heart ahs and ohs while the mind no nos.

    (my apologies for the critical tone; they made the rhymes easier ;-))

    P.S. Nailed Clouds: You LET the other guy propose? Ah, well, that’s the way the wind blows.

  11. Anonymous

    A certain red-faced secret-agent who’s recently got himself a schoolboy crush, perhaps?

    Not just a red face, luv – but a tie-died red turban tied too!
    And those dead mascara eyes that I found trolling in the abyss
    between animal and superman. I am that rassi across the khaayee.


  12. Sriram

    Can we bug you now for updates? Or should we go back to our usual methods of “persuading” you with a few hundred voo doo dolls and a few thousand pins? :D

  13. Neers

    whoa!!! and am like… what the heck was i doing wallowing around in this sea… and did not discover you earlier!! one sentence — I LOVE IT!!!!!

    completely, absolutely…. whackingly amazing!!!

    used to pen such freak shows in school mag when they made a mistake of making me the editor… and then stupid life happened to me… but heyyy, this aint a sob story competition!! you are truly YUMMMAZIING darling!!

  14. ruhvee

    There she goes….
    There she goes again…
    leaving us in Himeshian pain
    no pancham da, no gain,
    no chaalbaaz, all in vain,
    No Maa ki auunkhs to vent the pain,
    Plus mumbais again in rains,
    sigh this poems turning to be a pain (3rd time, i know)
    in humor blogs female you’re main,
    without you scene goes down drain,
    when will u be back to bore us again,
    megha take us down memory lanes,
    tomato pappu n paan stains,
    know not how to conclude this thought of train,
    thinking of opening my blaag to naansense write while youre awain…

  15. Amol

    And, as I am an honest Puck,
    If we have unearned luck
    Now to ‘scape the serpent’s tongue,
    We will make amends ere long;
    Else the Puck a liar call;
    So, good night unto you all.
    GIVE ME A NEW POST, if we be friends,
    And Robin shall restore amends.
    Dear Megha,
    Look what you have reduced us poor saps to; Quoting Shakespeare no less. I can’t help but visit your blog atleast once-a-day. Now be warned: start writing or else I will start writing sonnets about the wonderful blogs you “used” to write. Hell hath no bore like a new-born poet.Or in this case a well-worn one. So post ASAP.
    love always

  16. Puppet on a Chain

    naye naam nit naye roop dhar main aayi main chali gayi
    lekin maine dhoom machaa di jis nagari jis gali gayi
    Chhod ke jag taaron mein jaa pahunchi wahaan bhi yahi pukaar ….

    : )

  17. Tia!

    Hi Megha, just bumped into your site yesterday. People may call it silly and pointless humour, but not everyone can tickle that funny bone in people. You get tired of reading emotional musings and technical nonsense at times, thats why I just love Scott’s Dilbert blog.
    Totally enjoyed going through the FA-Q section *grin*

  18. Tia

    Hi Megha, just bumped into your site yesterday. People may call it silly and pointless humour, but not everyone can tickle that funny bone in people. You get tired of reading emotional musings and technical nonsense at times, thats why I just love Scott’s Dilbert blog.
    Totally enjoyed going through the FA-Q section *grin*

  19. ram

    Hi Megha, Came to your blog from Greatbong’s and walked through the clouds. Too good. Especially your FA-Qs were too good. Might come handy before I comment on any of your posts……good luck…

  20. Hiren

    Wow. I thought I was the only one writing nonsensical poetry. We are two of a kind.

    Whether it is day or night
    I too believe in writing poetry that is trite
    IF you are in the mood of something light
    You too can come and scan my personal website(read blog)
    Do let me know again when you write
    Psuedo intellectuals who despise rhyming can go take a flight
    Poetry need not necessarily be grey, it can be expressed in black and white.

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