36 thoughts on “Coffee-time wisdom

  1. Twisted DNA

    Ok, ok. I am miserable in Hindi. What’s the pun here? (I know, if you have to explain the joke there is no fun, but still for the benifit of people like me)

  2. Caffiend

    Angrezi Coffee : Cuppa
    Hindi Coffee : Too much only.

    Naaku chakkar (a) usthondi. Koncham kaapi istava?

  3. Megha Post author

    [Sagnik] I was all set to do the vo aaye hamaare blog pe khuda ki kudrat hai, kabhi hum unko, kabhi apne domain ko dekhtein hain bit and you turned it around to this instead? Tchah. And re-tire? Is that what you do when you start a new tread of conversation?

    [Sriram] Argh. Sugar is called cheeni in Hindi. And you seriously should get that bulb repaired. Sigh.

    [Twisted DNA] The only thing more painful than a PJ is having to explain it. But we are nice, so we shall proceed. Cheeni is sugar in Hindi. Now pliss to groan and roll eyes and make us feel better.

    [curses] :)

    [Caffiend] Heh, kaafi high funda thha. But koncham kaapi enduku? Why not kaafi kaapi?

    [Anurag] Hee haw :) Major compliment. Thankoo!

  4. witnwisdumb

    Hmm. Seeing how long it has been since one ran into you, one was wondering whether you’ve suddenly gone on vacation to Vladivostok, or perhaps caught some new sort of ear ailment. Now one knows that whatever the case, at least you are in intact enough to post.

  5. Nath

    ‘Coffee-time wisdom’ — and a joke about sugar? How could the two be related?

    Surely, no one would dare blaspheme the Holy Bean by polluting it with sugar?

  6. Amol

    All Megha fans, take notice.
    I now know why Megha hasn’t been posting regularly on this blog. The real Megha was abducted by aliens in August and replaced by a clone. That’s the reason for all those PJs.
    Aliens! Send our Megha back or else.
    Hell hath no fury like a blogger without his Megha-fix.

  7. Megha Post author

    Note to all those of you who wanted this PJ explained – Cheeni is Hindi for sugar. And Hindi-Cheeni bhai-bhai is the well-known catch phrase about the Indo-China diplomatic relationship, and dates back to the 1950s. Now my question – What rock have you been living under that you needed THAT explained? Grr.

    [Amol] Tsk tsk. While my astute political observation PJ was pretty much bottom-of-the-barrel, you mutilated Shakespeare and managed to make me look good in comparison. Thank you much for that :)

    [witnwisdumb] Imagine the pressure and threats-on-life one must be reeling under, if a person who ordinarily writes thousand-word posts, has tried to sneak this chutku one past you? Some sympathies instead of that smirk, pliss?

    [Patrix] That sounds much like a backhanded compliment :)

    [Nath] Er .. um .. *gulp* .. *double gulp* .. guilty as charged.

    [Raju] :)

    [Ravages] There are some other PJs that qualify more for that title, but thankoo just the same :)

    [loverBoy] :)

    [Sriram] *rolls eyes*

    [CSM] Sigh. Pliss to see explanation in the beginning of this comment.

    [Kaps] Heh, nice! Apna-pun. Very nice :)

    [Fleiger] Always better to be aunty-climactic than uncool, I think.

    [qs.gemini] Aw, thankoo!

    [Maria] Thanks! :)

    [loverBoy] Am right here. Had just done my customary vanishing for the weekend :)

    [IdeaSmith] Sigh. She doesn’t read my blog enough. Else she would have known better than to think that the PJ bug just bit me :)

    [Rk] :)

    [Amol] The alien-abduction theory might be a valid one, but you know what happened the last time the aliens tried to get their grubby paws on me, right?

  8. IdeaSmith

    Guilty as charged ma’am. But I just discovered bloglines!!! (*Sighhh* me the techno-greek always). Now I’ll be keeping up and will issue no more such accusations!

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