To the dear readers of this blog who wish that I did not exist —

  • I know how much you like to use the commentspace of my blog as your personal stage to demonstrate how very full of crap you are. But let me break your heart and tell you about that clever little thing called comment moderation. It exists in the general blogosphere, and it certainly exists on this blog. So you can leave me comments about what you think about my various body-parts and what you believe is a better function for them, but those comments won’t see the light of day. So boo hoo for you.
  • If you have to ask a girl in the commentspace of her blog, about the color of her lingerie and whether she will have sex with you, there is a 137% chance that you will be be spending the rest of your life alone. Then again, you manage to question Darwinism with your existence, so it is only understandable that you try to shake the foundations of probability while you’re at it.
  • When you want to tell me how pathetic you think I am, please get your basic grammar and spelling right. The purpose of insulting someone, is to insult them, not amuse them. If I am pointing at the screen, holding my tummy, and cackling, it would be reasonably fair to say that the purpose of your insult is lost. A recent example — Have anyonee ever told you that you sucks? Rod Stewart should perhaps compose a song about that.
  • Seeing as it is so easy to click away from a website that you don’t like, there are only two theories as to why people take the time to visit someone’s blog over and over, just to tell them how much they hate them — a) They were not spanked enough as a child b) They were spanked plenty as a child and have grown to crave it in their adulthood as well. Ooh, such a tough choice that.

60 thoughts on “Bah

  1. Megha Post author

    [Fleiger] Let the poor prof take a sabbatical, I say! And i’d have thought that for every X-Man there’d be an O-man? Phir ye C-Man kahaan se aaya? A cousin of He-Man?

    [Someone who loves dogs] Thank you! The motivation behind writing the post was just to feel better, though I don’t expect anybody’s behavior to change because of it. And yes, blocking IPs and identifying spam words has succeeded in trapping their comments into moderation but I haven’t succeeded in blacklisting them entirely. And so the saga continues. Thanks for the finger-crossing. It sure can’t hurt :)

  2. Sriram

    Did we tell the world we actually had TWO female trolls on our blog sometime back? That’s precisely why we love female trolls. With all the specific IP bans, I’m missing the trolls. (GASP!)… but, I guess I’ll take a swipe at your trolls for fun though and I’m thinking of clearing all IP bans. I want my TROLL!

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  4. Nirwa

    LOL! I could not have put it better!! Way to go girl!!

    I also don’t understand one thing.. that if someone does not like your blog, he/she has an option to click on close, however, they choose to read it, hate it (love it, in fact, and they’re jealous that they cannot write like the author) and leave mean comments. Such losers tehy are!


    ps – yes, NirWa IS my name, just in case! :D

  5. Megha Post author

    [Sriram] Fine. The next time one comes along, we’ll specifically give him/her to you. There. Happy? Uff.

    [Fleiger] *shakes head and just gives up*

    [Sanny] Thank you!

    [Nirwa] Thank you. Glad you liked! And yes, the ‘they’re just jealous’ explanation works quite nicely for me :) Welcome to the blog and hope to see you around more!

  6. Avadhut

    LoL, funny! From the bit of clouds on top to the hilariously in-your-face disclaimer at the bottom. Love the way you write. Quick question–the “old bulbs” block on top, how did you get the transperancy effect?
    P.S: Incase you needed to know, came here from indieblogs. And if it helps my cause, voted for you too! :-)

  7. Megha Post author

    [Avadhut] Ooh, a new reader! Welcome to the blog! And thankoo thankoo. And much gratitude for voting and all. You shall be generously rewarded by unmitigated nonsense for months to come, I assure you. As for the transparency effect, that’s just an styling trick. There’s a separate image of a cloud with a gray overlay and one has positioned it in a precise location so it appears like the sidebar is a transparent overlay. Quite simple, really!

    As for your other comment – I like the idea of being wonderfully rude, although am guessing it is not so wonderful for the people I am being rude to :) Don’t review websites but am an obsessive movie fanatic, so do make a lot of movie references. Pliss to see the unsurprisingly named ‘Movies’ section for details :)

  8. vishal

    Megha …you are easily the funniest and wittiest indian blogger i have ever encountered in cyberspace. I just stumbled upon your blog while googling for ..err..ahem …i don’t remember what …that was 2 hours ago you see.

    It takes someone incredibly intelligent and perceptive to write the kind of stuff you write and i am glad to have found your blog. Keep the good stuff coming :-) .

    Oh and the pictures are just unbelievable. Are they all original or have they been heavily photoshopped ?

    I don’t know much about you because i have been so enthralled by your writing that i haven’t yet checked to see if you have an “About Me” section in here but with such a gift for writing i was wondering if you write for a living ?

    Anyway …hope to be back soon and frequently.

    PS : AK hangal was lecherous ? Really ? I thought he seemed to be the most harmless of all oldies in bollywood.

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