In which NTR forgot his underpants

The concerns about my well-being have been pouring in. While I am hugely touched (no, not in the head, although that too, is true), I am also a wee bit confused. You see, the concern is not about why I vanished from my blog. (Although, to be fair, a few people noticed that too. Much thankoo for caring.) But instead it is about why I have taken to writing pointy posts. (Um, non-pointless?) Apparently going gaayab on my blog is not such a crisis but non-dysfunctional writing from me is a sure reason for alarm.

Of course, frantic citizens of the blogosphere are running amok with wild theories. (We’re a bit full of ourselves, you say?) Have the aliens returned? Has this blog been taken over by her good twin? Has she been listening to Daler Mehndi? Has she been watching too many repeats of NTR‘s Honda-man .. er .. Superman video in which he does PT exercises with Jayaprada, while he looks for his underpants? (Many thanks to Deitadi for introducing us to this gem.)

(The answers to the above questions, by the way are, no, nah, not over my dead body! and oooh yess!)

But worry not, my dear readers. However impossible it may seem, the Tin Man can have a heart, the Scarecrow can have a brain, the Lion can have courage and Dorothy will eventually get home. And seeing as it’s fall, she’ll be back with a ton of pictures for y’all. (Ooh, that rhymed!) Oh and some more gushy-mushy writing that’ll have you calling the paramedics. But until then, be the good readers that you are, say ‘neinn readddyyy’ in your best Jayaprada voice (Is she even a Reddy?) and sing with me —

Soooparrr-maaaannnn .. <la la laaaa laaaa laaaa> ..
Soooparrr-maaaannnn .. <la la laaaa laaaa laaaa> ..
Sooparrr-maann .. <laaa laaa> ..
Sooparrr-maann .. <laaa laaa> ..
Sooparrr-maann .. <laaa laaa> ..
Sooparrr-maann .. <laaa laaa> ..
chika chika bum bum chika jaa bum bum ..
chika chika bum bum chika jaa bum bum ..

Very good. Now, while on the delish topic of desi Supermans, here’s the classic from Dariya Dil (1988). (Greatbong readers will find themselves in familiar territory with this one.) Starring Govinda as Superman (check out the hip-n-happenin’ faded blue outfit and mismatched boots), Kimi Katkar as Spiderwoman (ooh, so many digs, so little time), a distraught couple and even more distraught goons who double up as ceiling fans.

There. Scare factor and cheesy costumes nicely in place. Now I just need to get into the spirit, put on my Spiderwoman costume, and exit with the traditional stomp-out-the-ants-in-the-grass-and-shake-shake- my-bum-while-I-wave-wave dance that Chichi and Kimi perfected. Oh yeah, that reminds me — happy Halloween, everyone. Boo!

22 thoughts on “In which NTR forgot his underpants

  1. Fleiger

    I was going to ask the question for which Greatbong already advanced a theory. So, is he correct or is there any other reason?
    And now, dissecting the first vid… Their first flight reminds me of the Vetal from “Vikram and Vetal” serial on DD (the legs moving bit). And is it just me or that he was flying upside down for most of the song? Whatever happens, they’ve gone around the world in a song, which is quite an achievement (I doubt even Superman can do that)
    I remember watching the “free fall dance” in second vid in the movie. They are shut in a shop at night and somebody gets that dream, right?

  2. twinkletoes

    this posht is one that is close to one’s heart, one being twinkletoes and all..

    waise, is she???????

  3. Basanti From Sholay

    ROTFL!! Dariya Dil classic brought back haunting memories of the steps I thought I had forgotten! hahahahaha!

    Kimi Katkar..hahahaha, and her spiderwoman costume! Jeez! Happy Halloween! :D

  4. witnwisdumb

    LMAO!!!! Yayyyy, she’s back! I was really clutching my stomach at the Daler gag. And various other gags too, come to think of it (you ever thought of taking up kidnapping as a side business?). But since you are not dead (thankfully) and since you are still alive (again, thankfully), when you say you were not listening to Daler Mehndi over your dead body, does that mean that you were, in fact, listening to Daler Mehndi?

  5. Sriram

    And I thought I couldn’t be scared by anything on Halloween.. Govinda in that outfit has scared (not to mention scarred) me for life… *too scared to continue*

  6. Twisted DNA

    We moved on from NTR long time ago. Now his son Bala Krishna and grandson NTR Jr. are providing much better entertainment :)

    Check out Bala Krishna:

    Here is a bonus. Chiru’s hilarious Thriller imitation (Warning: You will be singing goli maar all day):

    By the way, to answer GreatBong’s question, “H” on NTR’s frock means “Hanuman”. You don’t need to see the movie to figure out the story.

  7. twinkletoes

    i was dreaming about ntr’s red vinyl boots (ooooh!what a phasion statement!) and kimi katkar’s semi-mohawk zulfein..
    heh heh
    and those lyrics!
    this posht was worth the wait

  8. Essar

    Megha, there’s this brilliant peice of art I discovered recently and I think only you can truly appreciate it’s depth – unless you’ve haven’t already. Kannada star Rajkumar singing “Eeef you come today, it’s too aaarly, eef you come tomorrow, it’s tooo layate, tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick, tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick, doooooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrlinggggggggggggggggggg.” If you haven’t, I’m gonna send it to you!

  9. twinkletoes

    [essar] hey!that saang is a masterpiece,truly.
    and there’s another one: “LOWE me or hate me, kiss me or killll me, wo dhorling please do something to meeeeeee lurururururuuuuuuuuuuuu” have you heard that one?
    but nothing compares to “eeeeeeeef you come today………”

  10. twinkletoes

    oh, and his dance moves from “eeeeef you….” are still as captivating as ever in this saang: its lusty, the girls are busty and o my god my brain is dusty

  11. Essar

    twinkle toes: LOL @ brains are dusty! .. yeah there are pats of the song that slip into a particularly sombre, emosaanal mode (probably when he’s mourning the loss of his love) which are sooo funny!

    and thanks for the link, will definitely check it out!

  12. twinkletoes

    yesh yesh
    but in ” lowe me aar hate me” the emosaaand are at a particularly lusty place hehe
    and as for “eef you” it is indubitably a masterpiece: especially with the “jumping gaarls” and the “million drumssssssssssss beat in my heaaaaaaaaart”
    ah, such haunting melodies

  13. KG

    ‘Kimi Katkar as Spiderwoman (ooh, so many digs, so little time)’

    What’s wrong with the Spiderwoman lady, huh???

  14. shark

    That was a good come back :) ROTFL!!! The vedio was funny! to say the least. We are best at doing such stuff..;-)
    By the way where had you been so long?

  15. Sudhir

    lol @ the videos.
    Makes so much sense to someone who knows both tamil and telugu. *can re-run all those songs with such glaring costumes in his head-

  16. rambler


    were refering to me?? I recently put some fall pics on my blog and gave them gushy-mushy captions. And one of the pics is a flying dove captioned as “joy”.. I couldnt help wonder if your Honda man video is a spoof on that.. A little more analysis (or over-analysis) into this statement gives me goose bumps –

    Tin Man (bronx -> bronze -> tinman??) can have a heart, the Scarecrow (my profile picture closely resembled that) can have a brain, the Lion (my sun sign) can have courage and Dorothy(my name ends with -thy) will eventually get home. The only saving grace is that I am a “He”..

  17. aditya

    just wanted to point out tht lines 3,4,5,6 are not superman (laa laa ) but superman (man man)..

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