A block by any other name is equally annoying

You know how you sometimes have good friends you fall out of touch with? The longer you go without calling them, the more you think about how awkward it will be when you do call, and so you put it off some more? Eventually you wake up one morning to realize that its been months/years/copious-quantities- of-time and now you’re too lazy to change things? Yes, me and my blog have lately been like that only, although drawing parallels between my blog and a close friend probably alludes to a cuckoo-ness and lack-of-life that I shall cleverly not get into.

A regular reader gently brought it to my notice that this is the first time that a whole month has gone by and I have not written anything. Big whoop, I said. Then another reader not-so-kindly pointed out that I am supposed to be a bunny rabbit, not a bear, so could I please stop hibernating? Oh, oops, I said, slowly starting to see the point. I guess I haven’t written. And I guess a blog is a blog only if the blogger actually blogs on it. So .. um .. er .. *gulp*

But to be fair, I *have* noticed. Every day I tell myself, that I shall snap out of this, write something spectacular and the darn block will be gone. Poof! Like that! Except for one minor matter. I can’t think of anything spectacular. Or non-spectacular even. Gah. I look around to see how people do it. Some write about things on their mind but I checked and there’s not much going on there. (Ah, the price of shallowness.) A silly verse about my inability to write might work. But that’s already been done. And there’s the kind that write pseudo-intellectual stuff using the season as a metaphor .. Oh wait, that was me. Never mind.

So anyway, I’ve decided to do something different and place my faith in my dear readers. (Yes, those handful of you who still read this blog.) – Pliss to suggest something to write about? Anything, anything at all. Ooh-aah-ing about music, cheesy movie reviews, ways to cause bodily harm to Mika Singh, ten things that annoy me, photoblogs with pretty fall pictures that I promised once upon a time, the importance of ichhadhari nagins in Hindi movies .. any earth-shattering issue of global importance that you think I ought to have an opinion on. You tell and I’ll write.

Here’s wishing you all a warm and wonderful new year. Now give me ideas.

49 thoughts on “A block by any other name is equally annoying

  1. Zz

    No suggestions. But here’s a thought: when in doubt, post pictures. A thousand words each they’re worth, so the story goes. That’s enough words for anyone, no?


    You could start with them long-promised Fall pictures for instance..

  2. songbird

    well how about the “joblessness” that today’s students are cosily settling into especially in their non-acad hours…you sure must be having a hilarious specturm of activities..so share it with us…

  3. Drifting

    Phew! And no no, not pictures – they’re not worth 10 of your words let alone 1000, so please cube-root and out! What to write – off the top of my head, a) Differences between “intellectual stuff” and “pseudo-intellectual stuff” (here’s one to get you started ie people peppering what should be regular communication with useless incongruous words like “hamatia”).. (by the way, dont know about pseudo-intellectual, but I’m actually pretty proud of my “quasi-intellectual” moments -they’re the closest I’m ever going to get to “intellectual”); b) If you’re still as stumped as English batsmen facing Shane Warne, you could pump out a really really short play “Waiting for Mojo” (achtung pliss, Mojo rhymes with Godot); c) Tribute to the guy who’s blind date walked in, saw him, and left. d) Lifescaping for Dummies e) 10 ways to increase concision and lucidity in your comments

  4. gvenum

    Aah that unescapable block! Probably that’s the only non-living thing that grows everyday, if left unchecked it will run over your blog (actually it leads one to a better outdoor social life..but lets not get there now)
    Allright! some ideas to throw at the block
    1) Your angle on how Abhishek has come to terms with the dreaded giggle of Ash or has he? He looks more depressed (from his bearded look) everyday.
    2) How Anu Malik should kill Himesh Reshammiya and then commit soocide
    3) How you can avoid getting ideas from weirdos like me.

    More coming!

  5. b.

    icchadhari nagin, pleeeaase. and while you are it, why don’t you throw in streaming video of the mandatory seduce-husband-on-amavasya-day song? thankoo.

  6. Anurag

    Why cause bodily harm to Mika? He already suffers from irreparable mental harm for trying to cozy up with Rakhi Sawant. Leave the poor guy alone. However, I must admit that having watched “Bigg Boss” with alarming regularity, I do have a slight crush on Rakhi because of her inability to filter anything she says.

  7. serendipity

    There’s something in the way that you write that makes the reader feel so special.Thanks for doing that :)
    Why don’t you write about the flim stars of the 70′s ? You write that part exceptionally well.

  8. Fleiger

    That “ichhadhari nagin” topic… only you can do it full justice. And while you are at it, can you shed some light on the hindi villain’s need to watch the heroin dance (nach dhanno nach or likewise) before he kills the hero?

  9. Shirsha

    Aah, dearest, you haven’t thought of the lists! Just start on them and you’ll be writing forever without blocks. Now you can have lists for just about anything. For eg, the top ten worst actresses of these times, or the top ten jhaadi ke peeche kisses in songs or otherwise, or maybe the songs wit hthe most number of dress changes for the heroine, or hey, here’s another, what about, top ten useless film review blogs :)
    Ok, now that I’ve lit the match, I expect to be kept warm throughout the season!

  10. S

    hello! :)

    you’ve gotta brilliant blog here! to say i fell in love with it from the first few lines ain’t no understatement! :)

    and about what to write, why don’t you tell US about your fav. movies/books/music – and we can go check ‘em out!

    trust me, blocks are best cured by lists!! :D

  11. Megha Post author

    [Zz] Sigh. We asked for suggestions, not an endorsement of already mentioned ideas. But we’ll take whatever we get. And yes, one of these days those pictures will make their way here.

    [Nandini] Oooh, nice idea! But sadly, I haven’t seen any Gult movies in eons. And memories of ones watched as a kid are failing me. I need to concentrate and conjure up some Sobhan Babu, Krishna type images and all will be well in my world once again. Or a Kshana Kshanam, maybe? Hmm. I need to explore this some more.

    [songbird] I admit I sound pretty jobless on my blog. But just so you know, my joblessness is the kind that gainfully employed people indulge in, and not the studenty kind :) But now that you asked, what DO they do in their non-acad hours anyway?

    [Drifting] My pictures are not worth even ten words, you say? Tchah. Itna ghor insulate! Now for your suggestions. Fushtofall, I’m too much of a pseudo-intellectual to be able to know when something is truly intellectual. As for the stood-up guy, the burning question is – How *did* she manage it if she was blind? And somewhere up there are some wise words that I need to start practicing – Do not feed the wild monkeys. Think that might help with lucidity and concision bit, wot say? Thankoo for the evil ideas though. They are being actively thought over.

    [gvenum] I have to agree with you about the leading-to-a-better-social-life bit, by the way. It’s the one big reason why the block hung around for a month before I attempted to get rid of it. Now for your ideas – I have plenty to say on 1) don’t yet have a solution to 2), and I wish I wish I wish I knew the answer to 3) :)

    Keep them coming!

    [Vi] Ah yes, the photoblog trick has rescued me from the writing doom, many a time :)

    [b.] Am thinking of a few amaavaasya-seduction routines, but none with any husband-wife respectability. Although there is one on my mind, a whole fantasy/apsaraa routine, that is worth hunting around for. Ooh! Did you have a specific one in mind? Please to share while I work on them nagins.

    [Anurag] I never thought I’d feel favorably about Rakhi aunty, but Mika did that to me. So it is only fair now that he pays the price for it. I must go dig up some Youtube videos of Rakhi on Bigg Boss now. Sounds promising. On a related note, have you seen Shilpa Shetty’s stint on Big Brother? As summed up by Shoefiend -

    She also told other housemates that Kannadiga was a religion like Islam or Christianity and that Hinduism was made up of lots of religions like Kannadiga. And people say television can’t be used to educate.

    [serendipity] Thank you! Am glad you feel that way :) And yesh yesh, always delighted to write about Hindi films, especially the 70s. You have more specific suggestions in that department? Tell tell?

    [witnwisdumb] I just did, no? :)

    [Rk] Ayyo! Nothing like that. I hit them often, then look around cautiously hoping nobody noticed, and walk away quietly pretending nothing happened. Oh wait. I am starting to sound like Salman Khan now. Never mind.

    [Siddharth] Now that would be so very convenient :)

    [JAP] Tchah. Well yes, I agree. But still. Tchah!

    [Fleiger] Yes, work has begun on the nagins. Will research your other suggestion too, horse dances being such an integral part of movies and all. Thankoo :)

    [curses] Thenkoo!

    [Shirsha] Ooh! Yes! Lists! Good good good. Thank you :)

    [S] Yes, shall dutifully work on some lists. And welcome to the blog! Very glad you liked :)

  12. Paddy

    Now, Now! You asked, so here is a request from Chunti, Bubbly, Rinku, Pinky, Salma, Puri and others from the Bay Area who were eagerly waiting for the following..

    Why not write up a post on what might be a template used by Maniratnam in all his movies. So you essentially start off with Mouna Raagam till Guru and draw some insights. Like he has this fascination with trains (every movie should have a train shot) and the crispness of the exchanges between father-son wherever they are available, the rain which has to pour in certain shots, etc

  13. Sudha

    Paddy: … and the heroine that has to dance in silhouette. (But this one started since Bombay. I think)

    Megha: go gult! go gult! watch the new telugu movies and take them apart bit by bit. :D

  14. Sense

    Oh! ooh! and OOOOOOH! (at photoblogs, the lynching of Mika and Ichchadhari Nagins respectively) However, I was thinking more along the lines of getting ‘inspired’ from our ‘inspired’ hindi movie re-makes. From Umrao- yawn to d-uh-on Sh (h!)olay…. nei?

  15. Paddy

    Sudha: Yeah! Good One. Also forgot to mention the hero has to have a shot where he smokes but Guru was the first movie where I didnt see that happen. Also his shots between miya-biwi are classic.

  16. Fleiger

    Aah… thanking you in anticipation and what-not…

    Horse-dances? Dance by heroine in front of villain and his horses… err sidekicks or the dance step used by Govinda in Superman/Spiderwoman dance which remind you of a horse moving restlessly?

  17. Rk

    Wait, I realized the reason for your block. You once ignored our “tags” and thus you were duly cursed. Now you ask us suggestions. Hurray, we won :D
    Ps: In lighter vein only. We dont curse anyone.

  18. Megha Post author

    [Paddy] Aur unke mammi-pappa? Unka kya? A few more to add to your and Sudha’s list -

    1. Interpersonal relationships.
    2. Non-typical locations for Southie films – Delhi, Kashmir, Sri Lanka, Calcutta, the North-East.
    3. The use of fire, in scenes as well as songs, for symbolism.

    As for the lack of the mandatory smoking shot in Guru, hasn’t on-screen smoking been banned in Bollywood or some such thingy?

    [Sudha] Oooh okie! Pliss to give recommendations then, no? It’s been ages since I’ve watched a new Gult film, so I haven’t a clue how to determine what to watch and who has how much mockability factor. Tell, so I can watch and heckle :)

    [Sense] Them nagins seem to be in huge demand, it seems! Now what is it you wanted me to write? A rant about the whole inspired-from-our-own-sources? Or something about vacuous movies starring vacuous heroines? (I refer to Umrao aunty, of course)

    [Fleiger] Yesh, horse-dances. You mention naach dhanno naach, so I couldn’t resist .. *sheepish grin*

    [Rk] Sigh. Yes, you win :) Gulty as charged. Now, next time you throw a tag my way, I’ll have to figure out a new way to ignore it – one that doesn’t end up bringing me bad karma :)

  19. twinkletoes

    how about a full-fledged review-slash-critique of “jaani dushman”?
    pretty please?
    or a nice littil something on balayya?

    one came back to vijit your blag after yages yexpecting reams and reams of vriting , wonly to see that posht.
    one is shocked.
    one awaits eagerly.

  20. Paddy

    [Megha] on subsequent calls, yesh! please include mammi-pappa and also their pet dog tommy with the neighboring cat dolly and a space alien named robo. So, in effect, would you grace us with such a post or am I supposed to be very happy with your comment stuff on silhouttes and fire (acute observations though!)

  21. Sudha

    I am not very sure, but i don’t think on-screen smoking has been banned in Bolly, yet.

    About the movies, Desamuduru comes to mind immediately. (pliss to not be asking me what it means! have never heard that word before!)

  22. pradeepus

    you have got a pretty nice way of writing…not great..but kinda nice…i did manage to bear reading your stuff for close to 30 mins!! whew!! the last time i read for a whole 30 mins was when i hit my cousin and took away his tinkle double digest!! so..u are in decent company!

    and as far as your “need help” SOS is concerned..how about writing something about wedgies?!!!! hope u know what one is!! :))

  23. pradeepus

    some more ideas:
    1. fungal infections in unmentionable human body parts
    2. running outta TP..i ran out of TP once (tooilet papyrus)
    3. you ram into a traffic cop…i did it last week!!!
    4. things that people go thru in lifts(applicable only to those people who use lifts in buildings having more than 10 floors)
    5. the shit that you go thru during connecting flight stopovers
    bla bla bla….

  24. pradeepus

    how about borat like quotes? or an adaptation of boratness to suit indian conditions?
    with one little twist…make it anti-gult rather than anti-semitic!! can ya!!

  25. Jammy

    Your next post:
    How I got inspired by Kishen Kumar in “Bewafa Sanam” and why “Acha Sila Diya…” is the best song ever…

  26. Idler

    “The key to finding good humor fodder is that the story must be NEARLY funny without being completely funny on its own. For example, if I see a story about some spatially challenged burglar who got his head stuck in a chimney, and a stork built a nest in his ass, that’s already completely funny. There’s nothing for me to add.

    What I’m looking for is a story that makes me giggle before I even know why – the potential is there but it needs some magic humor dust to make it all that it can be. I mention this because I was reading on MSNBC.com that the Pope is visiting Turkey. This is 50% funny all by itself.”


  27. &y

    Hmm. Looks like I might be the last one to suggest. You could write about:
    a. My best friend
    b. My best birthday gift
    c. My best outfit (I would like to know why women like to wear complicated clothing – try making a list of items and you would know why I complain against my sis’s room being so full all the time)
    d. My gult-y passions
    e. My village (er, ! )
    f. Kutchu and his glasses
    g. Pig and the engine driver
    h. Why I am called the cloud (floating water vapur !)

    So on and so forth. And I your reader shall louve it. Else you could write an interesting “sex story” like the Boy’s fame – Malgova Aunty stories :P ! Its all the same. We are all jobless here :P

  28. Sriram

    Ideas my ass! Three comments of mine never even appeared! And all of ‘em had BRILLIANT ideas! Of course, i was on vacation and was posting from India. Fix it, cloud girl. I think aNAntha also had that issue.

  29. Lak

    Yep, like Sriram and said anantha, I too am being discriminated against by your blog—it hates me and has not chhaapo-ed any of my comments. Now all i remember of those comments is rooting for Ichhadhari nagins! Nice bloggy, don’t eat this up!

  30. psg

    on behalf of all visitors to this site:

    TO: megha
    FROM: readers of meghalomania
    SUBJECT: nonposting of blogs

    Because of several violations and technicalities of our standard blogger policy, we have revised the policy as follows:

    SICKNESS: No excuse. We will no longer accept your doctor’s statement as proof, as we believe that if you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to visit a internet center and start blogging

    (For A surgery): We are no longer allowing this practice. We wish to discourage any thought that you may have about needing an operation(nose job, ear job..bla bla bla) We believe that as long as you are blogging here, you will need all of whatever you have and should not consider having anything removed or enhanced(err…forget the enhanced bit!!). We started reading ur blog for the complete “you” and to have anything removed would certainly make you less than we bargained/*signed-up for.

    DEATH (Other Than Your Own): This is no excuse. There is nothing you can do for them, and we are sure that someone else in a lesser position can attend to the arrangements. However, if the funeral can be postponed to the evening or night, you can still find the time to write this blog.

    DEATH (Your Own): This will be accepted as an excuse, but we would like a two-week notice as we feel it is your duty to teach someone else your job/find somebody to replace you.

    ur Blog readers

  31. Amol

    1) our poor celebrities, who have suffered from racial backlash in the western world and how the GOI took propt action to save them; as opposed all those whiny commoners who never seem to learn to grin and bear it.
    2) our grandiose plans to turn our cities into London, Kualalumpur, Shanghai and all the rest of them; but still leaving enough potholes on the road to make us feel at home.
    3) our national papers publishing the news of Abhi – Ash’s engagement on the front page as if it was a no news day…..and people when asked saying the only story they remember from last week was the one above.

  32. Rangakrishnan Srinivasan


    I have been wanting to ask this all along. How do you categorise your posts into categories and have them as links in the homepage? It looks really neat and if you don’t mind, could you please let me know.

    Your blog is a wonderful place to be in the internet.


  33. Rangakrishnan Srinivasan


    Thanks for visiting my blog. I figured out about the labels after leaving a comment on your site. I am a novice when it comes to html and the likes. :( To be honest, I was trying to figure out how categories worked by looking at the source html of your homepage. It was later on that I found out about labels in blogger.

    Btw, how do you set the counter for the number of posts in each category.

    Thanks again,

  34. Shankar dada

    watch a movie called “30 Days”(if u haven’t already)… it’s a super suspense thriller with a super duper star cast. would luv to read ur review. u might catch it on B4U movies..

  35. Avadhut

    You do reviews? Like websites and suchlike? Do it, you can be so wonderfully rude; and we (like you, various *mes’* exist too, but in different dimensions) mind it either!

  36. Pseudonymous Lady

    New Year, eh? As everyone seems to be saying here, nice blog. :) I’ve been reading around a little. May I take the liberty of pointing out that an ellipses (those dots at the end of a sentence) has 3 dots to conclude an idea/sentence, while some people prefer using 4 for particularly when they end a sentence. But I get the feeling you may have already known that, and willfully choose to ignore it. ;)

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