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Reason number thirty-four why mom, I and sharp objects should not be left alone in a room —

Mom: I am going to make a tomato bath today.
Me: That’s really not needed. Rinsing the tomato under the tap should be plenty.

Green doggies

We had lots of rain today which is always an event of great joy in one’s life. Not that one lives in the middle of the Sahara or anything. No, one is quite besahara that way. It is just that one really really likes the rain. (And if you are thinking of something clever about connecting Megha with the rain, I assure you that it stopped being clever about ten years ago.) But today’s rain was extra nice. You see, this was not the garden sprinkler on a hot summer afternoon kind. (Ooh, those are so much fun too, no?) This was a proper rain, the Zakir Hussain performing on your roof kind.

Of course, one promptly headed out and settled on the grass as one is wont to doing at such moments. The kindly neighbors have come to expect this behavior so no eyes were batted or bowled whatsoever. Their little doggy however, came bounding over, wondering what the fuss was about. And then a very cosmic coming-together-of-events happened.

Puppy came over sniffing, one looked at puppy, puppy looked at one, the song bole re puppy haraa sprung into one’s mind, one was struck with the realization that bole re papiharaa is in fact a Miyaan Ki Malhar composition1, which happens to be a rain raaga, there was a blinding flash of light and a big boom and suddenly, just like that, the dots connected.

Linking Tansen to green dogs. There will be retributions for this one, for sure.

In other news from the countryside, one has been muchly busy with that little thing called work and so one has not been posting and neither has two. But thank you for keeping the commentspace of the previous post alive despite my disappearance, and please to continue to do the same here. Apna hi ghar samjho and all that. I know one hasn’t responded to your comments in a while too, but pliss to excuse this one time. We have much to say and by golly, we shall eventually say it. As they taught us in high school mathematics — Weshall / come Σ day.

[1] Thanks Ludwig.2
[2] Whee! I did a footnote!3
[3] Whee! I did a footnote within a footnote!4
[4] Okay enough.