Monthly Archives: June 2007

A cool race and a lame contest

We interrupt our usual profundity to bring you two important public service announcements —

  • Fellow blogger and ridiculously talented photographer Akshay Mahajan and a couple of his friends, are doing this awesomely cool thing called the Rickshaw Run. They have volunteered themselves for a race that takes them driving 3750km across India, in the monsoons, in an auto-rickshaw. Wait. Pause for a second, chew, swallow and digest that completely. Monsoons in India. 3750km. Auto-rickshaw. Oh and it is through the Himalayas. Yes indeed. They have completely lost it. (No, not the auto-rickshaw.)

    This crazy run is meant to raise funds for charity and they need your support to make it happen. Head over to Akshay’s site to read all about it, find the Paypal icon and donate generously, and then spread the word and get others to do the same. Contributors will naturally get some inherent good karma that comes with such things, but also get a print copy of one of Akshay’s pictures, which in some circles is worth more than all this karma-warma business. So go do the needful.

  • Fellow blogger and ridiculously jobless grad student Kaushik Gopalan has announced the unimaginatively titled Lamest ever Orkut challenge. Unsurprisingly enough, this is a contest to find the lamest, most hilarous and yet effective will you make friendship with me line. The prize is a neat little blogging T-shirt, so there’s good incentive to use your Orkut skills and help build the mother of all ships.

The first will likely ensure that you run into fewer auto-rickshaw drivers in your life who ask for return sawaari. The second will provide romantic hope for lame desi grad students everywhere, which as you know is a noble and mostly impossible task. So go be part of both and earn some cosmic brownie points.