Photoblog : Surrender

Somewhere around home
Boston, Massachusetts
Once in a green time a flower,
Oh, fell in love with the sun.
The passion lasted for an hour,
And then she wilted from her loved one.

44 thoughts on “Photoblog : Surrender

  1. JB

    It was a happy thought to bring
    To the dark season’s frost and rime
    This painted memory of spring,
    This dream of summertime.

    – John Whittier.

  2. ArSENik

    Trust Joplin to come up with something so cathartically beautiful and your macro lens does justice to her words, but tell me something. Was the sun really shining at the time? Somehow, the gray background and the localized shadows are trying to convince me that the source of light was a flash. Nice lighting though.

  3. A fan of your whees

    To the exotic girl with flowers,

    You’ll love me yet!-and I can tarry
    Your love’s protracted growing:
    June reared that bunch of flowers you carry
    From seeds of April’s sowing.

    I plant a heartful now: some seed
    At least is sure to strike,
    And yield-what you’ll not pluck indeed,
    Not love, but, may be, like! – Browning

    Sports. Whees. And now pictures! Impressed.

  4. Fleiger

    And here we thought you were going to do the tag next and prove your detractors wrong.

    That said, nice photo and nice post. Seriously, which camera have you got?

  5. Megha Post author

    [anantha] Thank you! :)

    [JB] Mm .. lovely. And so true. A spot of color is just what we need on a gloomy winter day.

    [Sudo Nimus] Thank you! Glad you liked.

    [sreelu] Glad you liked! Incidentally, you posted the comment, I followed your link to your blog, saw the picture there, and long story short, I’m making aloo parathas for dinner tonight. So thank you :)

    [Princess Stefania] Uh oh. If I neglect her request for even a moment longer, she is going to kill me softly with her fancy prose and poetry, I think. Yes, shall look into the Blogchaat design issue very soon. From what I can tell, the issue only happens on post pages, not on the main site. Is that what seems to be the problem at your end too? Or is there something else, as well?

    [ArSENik] Firstly, thank you. Secondly, agree about Joplin. Thirdly, yes, the light is beguiling, but there’s nothing but sunshine at work. The flowers were in an interesting mix of light and shadow, and at the moment of the picture, the subject was basking in a spot of blinding sunshine while the rest of the flowers (there were more) and the background were dulled by the shadows. Hence the intense light that appears like the handiwork of a flash. Hope that explains things a bit? :)

    [A fan of my whees]

    Thank you thank you!

    Oft, in the sunless April day,
    Thy early smile has stayed my walk;
    But midst the gorgeous blooms of May
    I passed thee on thy humple stalk.

    And when again the genial hour
    Awakes the painted tribes of light,
    I’ll not o’er look the modest flower
    That made the woods of April bright. — William Cullen Bryant

    We cannot help have a soft spot for someone who appreciates our whees and tops it by quoting poetry to us.

    [Mythili] Sigh. Lovely. Sweet indeed :) Your mention of this song and the flower itself reminds me of lines from another song from Bazaar – that heart-wrenching number by Jagjit Kaur -

    aao achchii tarah se kar lo pyaar
    ke nikal jaaye kuchh dil ka bukhaar ..

    dekh lo aaj humko jee bhar ke
    koii aata nahiin hain hai phir, mar ke ..

    [Fleiger] Thank you. Glad you liked. A Canon PowerShot S3 IS, I use. And naah. I thought about it and realized that doing the tag next would involve selling my soul to the detractors. Couldn’t bring myself to do it :)

    [Zz] <smile>

  6. Megha Post author

    [Princess] So much sugar-induced happiness and she still doesn’t tell me if that is indeed the problem that needs fixing :) I’ll assume it is. If not, tell me, hm?

    [sandeip] Thank you. Good to know that I am a rock :) But pray explain why I am a senior? And that too an abominable one? I am all for being abominable, no doubt, but I usually like to know the why of things. So pliss explain?

  7. Bhanu

    Great picture. I especially like the way the ‘exposure’ is very uniform. There is extra light on the yellow but even that looks so natural.

  8. JB

    I am a kind word uttered and repeated
    By the voice of Nature;
    I am a star fallen from the
    Blue tent upon the green carpet.
    I am the daughter of the elements
    With whom Winter conceived;
    To whom Spring gave birth; I was
    Reared in the lap of Summer and I
    Slept in the bed of Autumn.

    At dawn I unite with the breeze
    To announce the coming of light;
    At eventide I join the birds
    In bidding the light farewell.

    The plains are decorated with
    My beautiful colors, and the air
    Is scented with my fragrance.

    As I embrace Slumber the eyes of
    Night watch over me, and as I
    Awaken I stare at the sun, which is
    The only eye of the day.

    I drink dew for wine, and hearken to
    The voices of the birds, and dance
    To the rhythmic swaying of the grass.

    I am the lover’s gift; I am the wedding wreath;
    I am the memory of a moment of happiness;
    I am the last gift of the living to the dead;
    I am a part of joy and a part of sorrow.

    But I look up high to see only the light,
    And never look down to see my shadow.
    This is wisdom which man must learn.

    Gibran’s Song of the Flower.

    Lovely, innit?

  9. zenwat

    i have a question. why would i post it in the opinion space – maybe because it would go directly to your inbox, and you would read this. and might – reply.
    i need a translation of the song ‘hum kisise kum nahin.’ could you/would you translate? please.
    note – i’ve taken your advice – not ‘pleeeeeeeeeeeeeez.’ just please.
    i was searching online for a translation – that’s how i virtually landed here.

  10. Megha Post author

    [Bhanu] Its interesting how when I try to artificially light a subject it comes away looking patchy and here I use natural light and if I hadn’t been the one taking the picture, I could have sworn that this was taken in indoor studio lighting. The tricks that light can play! And yes, I quite like the extra light on the yellow. Makes it seem like the flower is lit up from the inside. Glad you liked!

    [JB] Beautiful, simply beautiful.

    But I look up high to see only the light,
    And never look down to see my shadow.
    This is wisdom which man must learn.

    Profoundest of truths in the simplest of things. Such be the lessons of life.

    [nimpipi] Thankee! And yes, I hope so :)

    [zenwat] We are not in the business of providing translations usually (without butchering them in some way for entertainment, at least) but seeing as this is an R D Burman number, one is willing to give it a shot. Just to make sure, you are referring to the qawwali title number from the movie Hum Kisise Kum Nahin (1977), yes? The one that goes -

    hai agar dushman dushman zamaanas gham nahiin
    koii aaye koii hum kisise kum nahiin

  11. Megha Post author

    [Fleiger] Yesh. People expect us to renege on our promises. We cannot fail and disappoint them by doing frivolous things like keeping our word. That’s just wrong. Immoral, even.

  12. Fleiger

    But then, you can be more unpredictable in once in a while, you keep your promises. That way you can keep both, people who are fool enough to believe you keep them and those believe you break them, in suspense.

    Yes… second cup of coffee and I can brimming with circuitous logic :D

  13. Paddy

    But something whispered “It will soon be done:
    Bands cannot always play, nor ladies smile:
    Endure with patience the distasteful fun
    For just a little while!”
    There comes a happy pause, for human strength
    Will not endure to dance without cessation;
    And every one must reach the point at length
    Of absolute prostration.

    At such a moment ladies learn to give,
    To partners who would urge them over-much,
    A flat and yet decided negative -
    Photographers love such.

  14. deitaDi

    beautiphool! the phool, the picture, the eye, the thought and the heart.

    baanchaan.. maaku tavikal, paityaalu ekkai.. maa level tavikal ivi

    seriously, reminded me of the following

    ఆయువు గల్గు నాల్గు ఘడియల్ కని పెంచిన తీవతల్లి జా
    తీయత దిద్ది తీర్తుము; తదీయ కరమ్ములలోన స్వేచ్ఛమై
    నూయల లూగుచున్ మురియుచుందుము; ఆయువు దీరినంతనే
    హాయిగ కన్ను మూసెదము ఆయమ చల్లని కాలి వ్రేళ్ళపై.

    గాలిని గౌరవింతుము సుగంధము పూసి; సమాశ్రయించు భృం
    గాలకు విందు చేసెదము కమ్మని తేనెలు; మిమ్ము బోంట్ల నే
    త్రాలకు హాయిగూర్తుము; స్వతంత్రుల మమ్ముల స్వార్ధ బుద్ధితో
    తాళుము త్రుంప బోవకుము; తల్లికి బిడ్డకు వేరు సేతువే!

    -”కరుణశ్రీ” జంధ్యాల పాపయ్య శాస్త్రి

  15. Princess Stefania

    The ‘Previous’ and ‘Next’ links are missing. So at any given time, you can access only the five latest posts. (Yes, that happens, but this is most important). Thank you. And thank you and thank you and thank you. :)

  16. BBG

    You gots an opinion, precious?
    Sure, got one, comrade. Actually,more than one. First up, nice photo. Checking out your blogs, I can see that you got a nice concoction going here. A good mix of bollywoodism, a dash of cynicism without sounding too bitter, some nostalgic hindi lines, a good dose of comedy while ensuring that the ‘cool’ meter always reads positive. A neat mix of entertainment and comedy. All this, I guess, while doing whatever it is that you have to do to put bread and butter ( Oops… Bread & Mutter, in your case) on your plate. Meg(h)alomaniac or not, you are a cool dudette, comrade!
    - BBG

  17. sirpy

    Too good.. Yellow and the sun together.. The connotation of the poem to life is perfect… Keep photobloggin… :)

  18. Anonymous

    Beautiful !
    First thing which came into mind is this line somehow
    పూచిన ప్రతి తరువొక వధువు” from “ninnaleni andamedo -PoojaPhalam”

  19. sandeip

    sorry for the late response..

    okay…very late response..

    senior..well if u r who i think u r,u are probably my senior..or super super super senior..or ancestor..whatever..i dont know what u call someone who graduated from ur college some 30 years ago…

    what…did u say..less that thirty?okay..even 5…i am not very sure..

    but the college….were u ever in xl?if yes,u can not escape the charge..if no…well..i am sorry,must be a case of mistaken identities :) and you still (are a) rock..

  20. sandeip

    can i copy ur writing ishtyle for a few posts? is it plagiarism? i tried to write a post on my blog the way you write and have been accused of plagiarism or sum such big word…puhleeeez permit us :)

  21. Ashwatthama

    I did a Google search for “aake teri baahon mein — Vansh” and this blog was one of the links that came up. Looked around a bit; it’s entertaining. Only one thing to say: there’s no way you’re single. In real life I mean; I saw all that Viktor and Bhuvan spiel. Keep up the good work. God bless you.

  22. Sanjeev

    Its still cold and freezing here in Boston. Not yet time for such awesome blossoms in February, no?

    Btw, I had no idea you were in the Boston area, Megha. I may have left a comment or two over the years but let it be said again — I am yet to find another blog online that has had me laughing and almost in splits, like your blog. The Great Bong comes a distant second. Like a Charlie Chaplin movie, your blog amuses me every time – no matter what the mood.

    That said, I do not get to your blog often enough. I wish I did.

    I better stop here before you get creeped out with my fawning… :)

  23. Sanjeev

    Me getting old, me tell you. I scrolled down and saw a post about the Red Sox winning. I remembered reading that post the last time I was here. And interestingly, I find I have left a comment at that post too. So, that means, I probably knew you were in the Boston area too. Or I had known then and had forgotten since. I AM getting old, I tell you…. unbelievable!!

  24. Ketan

    Nice pic!

    This should actually go as a comment to your post titled “one hundred and sixteen moonlit nights”.
    Read this in the Hindustan Times today, and was reminded of your post.

    Lyricist Gulzar has pointed to a strange coincidence in a new anthology of songs, Qatrah Qatrah, which comprises lyrics written by him for composer RD Burman.

    Says the poet-lyricist: “In one of Pancham’s (as the composer was known) most beloved songs, Mera kuch saamaan tumhare paas pada hai in the movie Ijaazat, I had written ek sau solah chaand ki raatein, ek tumhaare kaandhe ka til. Those 116 moonlit nights that I wrote about proved prophetic.

    “When these two anthologists Vishwas Nerurkar and Biswanath Chatterjee got together to prepare this anthology Qatrah Qatrah for Sangeet Kala Kendra, they realised that exactly 116 of my songs were set to music by Pancham. I unconsciously wrote about it in the song,” the lyricist recalled.

    Indian classical literature incidentally lists 116 phases of the moon.
    You can read more on this link:

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