68 thoughts on “Blushy poets

  1. Barsaat

    [Craigie] (Broken from trans and imagining him/her singing to Megha) Man mein tu woman mein tu sapnon ki duniya mein tu hi tu….

    [Megha] The only movie that comes close to such greatness is Guru Mahaguru.

  2. Megha Post author

    [deitaDi] Two more Youtube videos he posts as some sort of taunt and thinks I won’t be nasty in response? Tsk tsk. What’ll you get out of it aa? You won’t get banned from this commentspace. How’s that for an incentive?

    [Bheem Boy Bheem Boy] There is obscure humor and then there is you. *rolls eyes*

    [Barsaat] Haven’t seen it, so cannot comment. Post-2000 cheese was just not the same as the 90s anyway. They got too snazzy for their own good. But will add it to my Italkies queue promptly.

  3. deitaDi

    [Megha] Taunt aaa.. raama raama.. mee laanTOllatOTi lolli beTTukunTE batiki baTTa kaTTagaltamaa.. nimsham la Eki paarEstaru.. anta scene lEdu saar maaku :)

    baanchan.. maakunna kaLalE takkuva.. unna vaaTlalla telgu sinmaalu, sinmaa dialogu-la meeda jarantha grip undi.. vaaTlalla koddO goppO ispeshaaliTy undi.. kani mari dialogue ki context iyyakapOte, out of place anpisthadi.. andukane link chEsuDu.. iga avvi vaaDoddanTE, maa oxygen supply cut ainaTTE annaTTu. avvi lEkunDa nOTla kelli “abba dabba jabba” tappite vErE maaTalu ellai. adi katha :) antE gani mimmalni parEshaan chEyaalnanna uddESam kaanE kaadu :)

    meeru ban cheyyaDam laanTi violent decisons teeskunTaa anTe em chEstam, inkO saari linkulu peTTam anTam – simple mei dimple :)

  4. sandeip

    that was a new kind of pj :P
    bhery bhery pj

    u back on blog at last…so another new kind of comment…a copy paste comment..from ur last post..

    “senior..well if u r who i think u r,u are probably my senior..or super super super senior..or ancestor..whatever..i dont know what u call someone who graduated from ur college some 30 years ago…

    what…did u say..less that thirty?okay..even 5…i am not very sure..

    but the college….were u ever in xl?if yes,u can not escape the charge..if no…well..i am sorry,must be a case of mistaken identities :) and you still (are a) rock..”

  5. Fleiger

    By all things holi, you started it… You connected Mr. Tagore to Mrs. Tiger. I just made it a bit crazier.

    And yes, sometimes brew-ity is the soul of the wit, especially around holi ;)

  6. Nightwatchmen

    Aha the answer to that can be sort of compiled if one is an electrical engineer and all that.

    The phenomenon where Jason Bourne a.k.a Matt Damon works in a lab is called Matlab.

    And about your lunch time companions, I assume they were from your workplace and all that, if so would you be kind enough to ask around if they have jobs for eccentric analog designers.You see in my case if I had come up with this, my lunch session would have pretty much turned out to be a lynch session. And not David variety ………And whats with the pah thingy, I am told by the way that I say bah a lot and pliss to notice that we appreciate your sparkling wit as much as we love some Saints inventions. You see we just extrapolated from our lunch time experiences as to the after effects of such inspirations…….

  7. Kumar from the City Of Destiny

    FIRST POST!!! (Okay, for me here he he he!)

    I’ve been a lurker for some time now. But I wanted to post this, it is really good of you to reply the comments posted! Appreciate it!

  8. rajda2nd

    oh wait! let me clear my eyes again…uuhh..huh!? is it megha again?! OMG ..! Yippie!! welcome bck! m prbly the lst guy 2 welcme u bck.. bt nonetheless… :) good 2 c ya bck n hp u’d b around this time!.. lol. I used to cme bck pretty often 2 chek on.. bt aah.. life. wt can we say?? got strayed! eeks.. I ws watchg Chennakesava reddy.. hehe.. n smehow felt I shud check on your blog.. why? I dont know.. m dying to lissen if u do.. lol.. n btw I have 2 beautiful nieces too .. jst 6 months old wid their annaprasana today :) I knw how Lovely they can be :) .. take care n hmm… hope to see you around !!

  9. Phaedrus

    Megs: On a different subject: When you were in the Gaul Stones’ place, did you get a chance to dine out at this place ??

    Latka Hua Lunch ….:) Thinking of going there …..so wanted ur precious advice !!

  10. Manoj

    I’ve two questions..

    1. What do we do to make Rabindranath Ragore blush?

    2. If Sharmila Tagore unblushes, do we get Rabindranath Tagore back?

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