I yum bake

Yesh, I really am!

No excuses. No explanations. Just a loss of enthu. (Yes I know. The horror!)

Some of you are still around to read this, one hopes. If you are, then yayy! If not, then I shall build and you shall come and we shall all drink and make merry.


62 thoughts on “I yum bake

  1. general specific

    I thought you were “bake”. Don’t tell me this is the start of another several months long
    hibernation :(

  2. general specific

    I thought you were “bake”. Don’t tell me this is the start of another several months long hibernation :(

  3. Strange Attractor

    “Well, what else can you call when somebody goes offline in May, and comes active in December?”

    May gha resurrection?


    Megha Reassures Action, perhaps?

  4. Saif Diwan


    I am Saif, and I am from Flip Media. Flip is an online ad agency. I came across your blog through google, and I found pretty cool write-ups. My purpose emailing you is that I would like you to be a part of our social campaign, Mumbaikar.com.

    The concept of the site had been on my mind for several years and since the recent attacks in Mumbai its purpose has become clear for me.

    I felt we as resident/non resident Mumbaikars desperately need a comprehensive platform to share knowledge and action change.

    Mumbaikar.com was created to give us, the citizens of Mumbai, a one stop resource for information, true life experiences, real accounts and on going battles the Mumbaiker faces. Read the views our respected contributors and add your own opinions on the many challenges that need our attention today.

    The key is community. One voice for One Mumbai. I’d request you to become a citizen journalist on Mumbaikar.com and be the change you want to see.

    Can we talk?


  5. serendipity

    I think you scared her away.Thank you.

    jo aur ko dhanwaan banade voh hi veer ban sakta hai, but picture abhi baaki hain mere dost.Voh veer hi nahin jai bhi ban sakta hai.Uski marzi.


  6. suvarna

    Howdydo! I’m a fan of your stuff here…and a new one at that, and i’m thrilled to bits that you too – like me – is a telugammayi ;) :P Andhrula atma gouravam u see!…Cos you’re one of those who’re making it happen in a place like bombay. Gee…how i wish to be like you! *sigh*

    Back to what i was saying..like i was saying…am your fan, and i happen to, rashly, list your blog on mine under “blogs i follow” category – without checking with you first. Wondering and hoping that it’s okay with you. (?)

    Thanks much and cheers!


  7. suvarna

    errr…ermm..Okay, maybe you’re in Boston ,Texas, Massacchhhuuwherever.. I don’t care. I’m still a fan as long as you’re a telugu girl :D .So there.Wherever! A fan.Thank you.

  8. shilpa

    Hi serendipity,
    Thanks for that really and who did i scared away ??? huh But do u know who wrote this if you can then plse .. nice joke

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