We are Beethoven

Just like that, we went away. And just like that, we’re back. Moons later, upgraded, freshly bottled, and in a (hopefully) much-improved formula. The WTF quality however, is intact. Wholesome-Tutti-Fruity goodness, that is.

For those of you who have seen Jab We Met, I feel like Kareena returning home after having eloped with random sidey. Looking around tentatively and uncertainly, torn between the hope that nobody notices and yells at you and yet hoping that you were missed just a little. For those of you who haven’t seen Jab We Met .. well .. we’ll work on that.

And pliss, let it not be said that I took three years to return. It is technically, two years and .. Okay, I chup.


48 thoughts on “We are Beethoven

  1. padmanabhan

    yes i have seen Jab we met (many times). i know what you are talking abt.
    Btw i am back in the states. hallelujah!

  2. Megha Post author

    [Patrix] Thank you! Happy to be here again! :)

    [Hariprasad] Thank you :)

    [RJ] I know! Neither did I! :)

    [padmanabhan] Good for you! For the movie and the US :)

    [Greatbong] Thankoo thankoo. It is nice to be back!

  3. The 13th Note

    The sun rose and the birds flew again chirpier again. Squirrels running bushy tailed and the Blog finally back to life like a phoenix :) … Welcome back Megha

  4. Unmana

    We missed you, and we waited, and we visited your blog, and we hoped. And hoped, and visited, and waited. Then slowly, as month after month passed by and we saw no new posts in our Reader, hope died.

    And then you came back. With no explanation, just an “I’m back!” And somehow, that was enough.

  5. Abhi

    YELL cumm bake!! :-) So plissed to c U bake, that pliss to never to go bake again.

    Yoo Hoo Megha is bake! How far behind can be maniake?

    P.S. Pliss to pardon our excitement. We’ve not been served any exciting dish after the new-year rice that was 3 years bake! (oops, our ignorance, 2 years, and 11 months, and… :-) )

  6. Megha Post author

    [Ojas] You and me both! And yet, here we are :)

    [The 13th Note] Aww, we are trying to get poetic (notice the emphasis on trying) and all on my arrival? How sweet. Yes, I just dusted off the ashes. Now to see if I can pull off an Arizona. Where did 8-12 vanish anyway? Skipped school?

    [Neha] She is, she is! And congratulations! I heard :) Strangely I was in your neck of the woods on that precise day! But I heard about it much later, of course. Not that I would have gate-crashed or anything. Okay, enough explaining :)

    [Unmana] Am sorry I vanished :( And thank you for not asking for explanations. You’re the best! Happy to see you here again!

    [Aaren] Yay, thank you :)

    [Abhi] Oh lord. The bad puns begin again :) And yes, technically hi sahi, I was not away for three years. I took care to post yesterday and not today, jusssst so I can pull that technicality. So there! And yayyy for exciting times :)

  7. V for WTF

    ==> Takes a deep breath, lets half out.

    Flexes shoulders, bends, adjusts sights to just above the heart and ….. mmmmm err… just got distracted.

    Bach-ke rehna, we now have Sniperscopes. We will not miss you next time.

  8. Megha Post author

    [V for WTF] Oye Vendetta. Nazar oopar karo! I missed you too. But my aim is improving.

    [In_Ebriated] This is like that like bit in poocho na yaar kya hua when Padmini stops mid-song and asks Rishi Kapoor – aage kya hoga? :) To answer though – Masti! Timepass! Festivities! Madness! All good answers no?

  9. The 13th Note

    Now that you people are back….who wouldn’t tend to be poetic!! U shouldn’t have any qualms or complaints if we mango people tend to be so…. We can’t help when you are around….
    And as for the other 12 notes…hum kumbh k mele mein bichadgaye the…
    Lately I’ve heard that they are all with you…

  10. Megha Post author

    [The 13th Note] Say what? I have the other 12 notes? Whee!I am rich! But seriously, what?

    Happy to know that I inspire pottery. Please to share it. I will put on head and walk around village well. Been a while since I did the Southern belle around village well routine. Now see, that rhymes! That is pottery. Hah!

  11. Megha Post author

    [The 13th Note] Oye hero. Translating the images I create from English to Hindi is not your purpose on this blog, let me assure. You are supposed to provide the matka. Chop chop. Write some poetry fast. If you are gonna claim that I inspire, let’s see it. The world awaits.

  12. Megha Post author

    [deitaDi] Bas? No YouTube link? I come back after three years and this is all I get? Sniffle.

    [The 13th Note] First of all, you use an existing song as the basis for your poem, so minus points for originality. Oopar se, you use a godawful remix of a lovely Pancham song. So even more minus points. And lastly you use a Neeraj Shridhar song, a guy whose voice annoys me and who looks like Kumar Sanu’s overfed cousin. A million minus points to you!

    But the poem was fun :)

  13. Megha Post author

    [Serendipity] Yayyyyy! You came you came you came you came you came you came! :D

    Three Ugadis, not two. But who is counting anyway :)

    And womaygad is officially my new favorite word. I am in lou!

  14. Megha Post author

    [The 13th Note] Chee! You are making my pretty yellow pulihora into a swear word! Chee chee! Yellow yellow, dirty fellow. Waat the Fruity goodness, I say!

  15. Megha Post author

    [Zz] *faints* You typing in Hindi?! Did I switch planets, did you morph into another species and most importantly, is all of that possible in just three years? Well apparently, I guess. But still. *faints again*

  16. Zz

    [Megha] Well, one had to fill the lonesome, desolate, dreary two years and three hundred and sixty-five days between posts in some way. :)

  17. Megha Post author

    [Zz] And of all the dratted things on God’s green earth, you chose to .. *gasp* .. learn Hindi? I heart Hindi, naturally. But you? Oh my oh my oh my. How the mighty have fallen. Ghor kalyug, I tell you. Next you’ll tell me you’ve decided to be gainfully employed. And then i’ll just die.

  18. Megha Post author

    [Zz] *shrieks* Nooo! You wouldn’t! Really? Noooo! Seriously? Noooooo! NOOO!

    Why did I not get the memo about you turning human? I was only gone from the blog world, not like I was gone to the nether-world or something. Jeez. The world, I tell you. Tsk tsk.

  19. Zz

    [Megha], um, well, we can’t get anyone to vouch for the ‘gainfully,’ but we have been getting a salary for.. around.. three years.. wait, no.. oh yes, the Hindi classes weren’t working out.

  20. Megha Post author

    [Zz] What’s that moon fellow’s quote – One small step away from blogging for man, one giant leap for your entry into humankind? Something like that.

  21. Zz

    [Megha], indeed, you must always cater to your inner domestic animal. May Sridevi’s husband bless your meal.

  22. gvenum

    Awesome, welcome back. We have been waiting for your blog with the same excitement as Farookh Shaikh had for Deepti Naval while waiting for her at the paan shop. Now its tutti fruity time!! :)

  23. arattai

    “And womaygad is officially my new favorite word. I am in lou!”
    wo*megha*d? (doesn’t rhyme with why*kolaveri*d)

  24. Bhanu

    Hey…believe it or not, I checked this website (not into RSS etc.) once every other month or so just to see. To my extreme surprise….I found that you started posting again. Welcome back !

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