Say what now?

Clean and Dry Intimate Wash. A freshness and fairness cream for vaginas. Yes. Really. As the info blurb informs us — Designed to address the problem women face in their private parts. Groannn.

The ad is also a masterpiece. The guy has lost interest because the girl’s nether regions have darkened. Or have other ‘problems’. Either way, enter Clean and Dry and one is back in business. Girl scampers around playing catch-me-if-you-can, hides car keys, and even slips his phone into her shorts. Cos that’s obviously the best way to lead him there. Or as pal Peter puts it —

If he can’t come, he’ll call.


YouTube comments range from What the F is this? to Can I also use this on my face? to Will they make a version of this for men? As one can see, this promises to be a source of joy for years to come. Stay tuned.

One is ever grateful to Peter for introducing us to this product. Um. You know what I mean.

27 thoughts on “Say what now?

  1. @__just@

    Excellent use of the Marketing Funda of STP (not STD) – Segmentation / Targettting and Positioning

  2. 1Wonders

    If it will follow the timetested Before And After demo route.

    (On the other hand, 3 years, follwed by Agent Vinod ? And now this ? We demand return to basics, pleez)

  3. Ram Says


    Sigh, what a lot of mammaries of Purana Mandir, Reshma Ki Jawaani kinds of movies that brings back.

  4. Megha Post author

    [@__just@] Leave it to someone to come along and ruin the fun by putting an MBA angle on it. Bah.

    [1Wonders] Abbbaaa! They have a line diagram before and after. As Esha Deol says in Dhoom — you want more? Are you sure? And hello. This is as basic instinct as it gets. Koi shaq?

    [What Ram doesn't say] With you around, I would have picked Shaitaani Ilaaka as the Ramsay movie of choice. But to each their own, I guess.

  5. Mmmm Jay

    Not to put too fine a point, but

    “if you’ll be my baby it doan matter if you’re …”

  6. Megha Post author

    [MJ] The trouble here is that one could well turn into a penguin. Black and white. Clean and Dry. Has a nice rhyme to it.

  7. Megha Post author

    [20s Bash] This isn’t about the dil. Or that matter the jigar. Going south, it is.

    *exits singing dil jigarr nazar kya hai, main to tere liye .. *

  8. Megha Post author

    [Counting Crows] Oye hoosh kaaki. As much as I hate to admit it – Wow, awesome subtle reference. Colorblind from Cruel Intentions. Dil khush ho gaya. One of these days, if I ever do a list of hot movies, one will revisit this, for sure.

    [Doom] The burning question is – why would seeing a guy grimacing and then salivating do anything for you? Is there something I don’t know that I should?

  9. Curio

    “Clean and Dry and one is back in business.”

    Ummm… the ad wasabout the frontage, pne thought …

    What does she know that we don’t ?

  10. #s to #s

    So it was a burning question ?


    ==> Is enlightened.

    Twas the heat whut done it, milord.

  11. Kinky Pinky Ponky

    “One of these days, if I ever do a list of hot movies” …

    Stop right there!

  12. Megha Post author

    [Curio city] Allright, now you’re just asking for it. Remember I told people once about picking up the stick on the way out? Applies here. And hey, don’t diss it till you’ve tried it.

    [hashtags] Aha, so it burns? There is no such thing as too much information with you, is there?

    [Kinky Pinky Ponky] I said movies, not .. :)

  13. Megha Post author

    [Carribean Appu]

    Nope, European. Netherlands, I mean.

    Bhaarat ke rehne waali nahin hoon, phir bhi
    Bhaarat ki baat sunaati hoon.

    Purab aur Paschim! Hee haw! See, i told you not to diss it till you’ve tried it!

    Purab aur Paschim. PnP, in the context of the ad.. Man, sometimes my unintentional puns are better than my intentional ones. I can die happy now.

  14. Sorely Missed

    “baraat kii baat sunaati hoon”

    Ahhh. Tell us all about it.

    On the other hand,

    Jinke balam bairi, gayein hain bidets-wa , laayii hai unka leke, pyaar ka sandes-wa …

    Toilet humor and all, welcome back.

  15. missamma

    wow!!! u r back.. i had almost stopped reading blogs in general!! .. its like suddenly discovering that your mavidikaya pulihora is back on the menu at trident!! yay yay!
    please please do not go missing again!

  16. arattai

    Clean and Dry? That means another cream? (is that what they mean by back in business?)

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