First I didn’t blog for ages. Then I came back to blogging. But since I was out of practice, I didn’t blog cos I forgot I was back to blogging. Somewhere in all this, I am trying to find deep philosophy and irony but instead all I see is forgetfulness and old age. Sigh.

Reminder to self. Blog. Sometime this century. Preferably.

16 thoughts on “Gah

  1. Megha Post author

    [Teda note] If I find iron then i’ll have to sing ‘teri ore, teri ore’ so beware. 2 posts ago I was talking about Kareena Kapoor. 3 posts ago I WAS Kareena Kapoor. Where gaaon? What gori? Whatcha talking about dude?

  2. Megha Post author

    [Teda] And you are suggesting that old women cannot carry pots of water? Ah. Right.

    [nightwatchmen] Imaginary numbers would be very handy in such situations. And yayy, you exist! Haven’t see you around these parts in a while!

  3. Rx

    “I didn’t blog cos I forgot I was back to blogging. ” If you are going to go all Ghajini on us, and also “trying to find deep philosophy and irony” , I prescribe steady diet of movies. (Ghajini, for example, Jiah Khan trying to portray a studious doctor).

    “Reminder to self.” ==> Volunteers to tattoo reminders in strategic portions.

  4. LessPoser

    You forgot sari ?

    (Ummmm…. More exposure to rest, perhaps. Even beating Ilayaraja.)

  5. DaWhimper

    “Reminder to self. Blog.”

    Ek baar jo tum ne non-committal kar lee toh phir tum apne aap ki bhi nahiin sunte ?

  6. Gayatri

    Megha, This isn’t a comment, I just wanted to appreciate the greatness that you have when it comes to writing. You are an absolutely a pleasure to read. I have read all your blogs multiple times, and I keep reading them. Someday when you will be a Pulitzer prize winning writer, I will read these archives as your very first works. On that thought, can we expect a book/novel from you, or are those things ‘already in works’? You really can write an amazing novel of short stories, and many things more.
    Wishing you bhestest luck!

  7. Bhanu

    Hey…just came to let you know of the latest of Ilaiyaraaja … Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu and rather interestingly the last comment above also quoted him !!!

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