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Ye kya ho raha hai, beta Duryodhan?


First I didn’t blog for ages. Then I came back to blogging. But since I was out of practice, I didn’t blog cos I forgot I was back to blogging. Somewhere in all this, I am trying to find deep philosophy and irony but instead all I see is forgetfulness and old age. Sigh.

Reminder to self. Blog. Sometime this century. Preferably.

Say what now?

Clean and Dry Intimate Wash. A freshness and fairness cream for vaginas. Yes. Really. As the info blurb informs us — Designed to address the problem women face in their private parts. Groannn.

The ad is also a masterpiece. The guy has lost interest because the girl’s nether regions have darkened. Or have other ‘problems’. Either way, enter Clean and Dry and one is back in business. Girl scampers around playing catch-me-if-you-can, hides car keys, and even slips his phone into her shorts. Cos that’s obviously the best way to lead him there. Or as pal Peter puts it —

If he can’t come, he’ll call.


YouTube comments range from What the F is this? to Can I also use this on my face? to Will they make a version of this for men? As one can see, this promises to be a source of joy for years to come. Stay tuned.

One is ever grateful to Peter for introducing us to this product. Um. You know what I mean.

We are Beethoven

Just like that, we went away. And just like that, we’re back. Moons later, upgraded, freshly bottled, and in a (hopefully) much-improved formula. The WTF quality however, is intact. Wholesome-Tutti-Fruity goodness, that is.

For those of you who have seen Jab We Met, I feel like Kareena returning home after having eloped with random sidey. Looking around tentatively and uncertainly, torn between the hope that nobody notices and yells at you and yet hoping that you were missed just a little. For those of you who haven’t seen Jab We Met .. well .. we’ll work on that.

And pliss, let it not be said that I took three years to return. It is technically, two years and .. Okay, I chup.


I yum bake

Yesh, I really am!

No excuses. No explanations. Just a loss of enthu. (Yes I know. The horror!)

Some of you are still around to read this, one hopes. If you are, then yayy! If not, then I shall build and you shall come and we shall all drink and make merry.