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Apollo-Gs for the lack of updates. Not that any of you have noticed it or complained about it. Now that is either because it makes no difference to any of you whether I update this blog or not (also known as — the truth). Or that my sparkling wit and charming personality just jumps out of my blog and captivates you so much that you fail to notice the lack of updates (also known as — what I’d like to believe to be the truth). In any case, I yam back.

So — Wheeeee! We have a new laptop. And it is beyooootiful! Yes yes, we know. Most of you have had one since Hangal was a virile youth and it is not a big deal for you. But it is our first, so we’re mighty proud and we feel a compelling need to gloat. And who better to do it to than my captive audience. (Saying this she quickly checks Statcounter to see if any of the supposed captive audience reads this blog anymore. Tick tock tick tock tick tock .. Aha! We have a reader! Yes, you. Thank you.)

So my latest excuse for not blogging is that I am getting gadgetified. First there’s the lappy-toppy. (Bet at least half of you cringed when I called it that. Heh heh.) With TWO GB of RAM, my precious purrrs contentedly like a cat who just inherited a creamery. And now that the gorgeous Boston summer is right around the corner you can expect lots of the people watching, leading to introspection, in turn leading to realization about self as insignificant speck, type of writing. Naah. We’re far too vain to allow our blog to be reduced to that. So it’s more likely to be people watching, leading to thinking of self as better than the rest, leading to general distaste of the world and a greater intolerance of humanity. Yep, that sounds more like us.

And, as if one cool toy is not enough, we have two! We have what looks like a mild-mannered phone. All well-behaved and going tring-tring when it should. But underneath that unassuming demeanor, lies another personality that emerges at night .. <cue song — andheri raaton mein, sunsaan raahon par> .. it darts into a phone booth¹, puts on its superhero costume and turns into .. a Videocon Washing Machine! <cue jingle — It washes, it rinses, it even dries your clothes! In just a few minutes .. *tink tonk tink tonk* .. you are ready for the show!> No seriously, this ain’t no ordinary phone. It’s a phone, an mp3 player, a flash drive, an FM radio .. and in the right light, it could pass off for Ah-nold’s stunt double in T2 even! Oh and it’s a quad-band phone with the Bluetooth thingy. Drool.

So, if I was lying on a Mediterranean beach, wiggling my toes in the sun-bleached sands, bored with the eye-candy around me and deciding take a lazy afternoon nap instead — If then, I woke up to the sight of azure blue waters, and suddenly felt inspired to write a blog post about it, I now can.

Now I just need to find myself a beach, some eye-candy ² and a nice umbrella.

1 — Phone booth — a place where spirits of dead south-Indian phones live.
2 — Eye-candy — Not to be confused with the I-candy from the previous post.

The iceberg

Ta-da! I have finally gone and done it. There is now a Geekfest section on this blog. It can also be found by clicking on the link of the same name at the top-right corner of this page. While this is probably of little consequence to most of you, it has been a long-pending plan in my head, so yay for me. And Prerona, this one’s for you too!

To get the section started, I have included the expand/collapse script that I’d written for the TsunamiHelp blog, more than a year ago, which has since been used on a number of other collaborative blogs. This script works only on Blogger/Blogspot blogs. It allows a blog to display just the start of a post and hide the rest behind a link that the reader can click on, expand and read. Most importantly, it does this at the template-level, so there’s no need to edit each post. A nice little solution that makes life easier for all. To put it in a much simpler, non-tech manner, it turns your blog post into an iceberg and sincerely hopes that the reader will not be the Titanic. Cool, no? Um, time to make myself scarce now, I think.

All questions, suggestions and complaints are best brought up in the comment space of the script page itself. Any other general nonsense can continue here, as always. Hope you like!

Gmail Notifier

Yay yippee! Firefox has an extension to alert you to mail in your Gmail account! No more space being taken up by the Gmail tab (or the Gmail taskbar item, if you’re still using separate windows instead of tabs, tsk tsk.)

Would be nice if it checks if there’s a Gmail tab already open, and simply moves the focus to it rather than opening a new tab/window (based on the settings) each time. But its a minor quirk I can live with. One less thing to keep an eye out for, now that I get a nice lil popup when I have Gmail!

I have been given some grief lately about the length of my blogs. So for all of you complainers, here’s to show that I can blab less, if I choose to. Hmpfh.

Fools R Us

So Google announced today that it is interviewing candidates for positions at their lunar hosting and research center. As the intro blurb puts it —

This unique opportunity is available only to highly-qualified individuals who are willing to relocate for an extended period of time, are in top physical condition and are capable of surviving with limited access to such modern conveniences as soy low-fat lattes, The Sopranos and a steady supply of oxygen.

Interested? Learn more and apply! :)

Of course, this li’l joke got mixed up with their legitimate announcement about Gmail, Google’s free e-mail service which will offer significantly more storage than Yahoo or MSN. Guess people are more easily convinced that there are job opportunities on the moon rather than believe that a free email account with large amounts of storage space can really exist!

Hoax or not, the speculation has managed to market the Gmail concept even before it is launched. One way or another Google wins this one!