Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. — E L Doctorow

A musician trapped in the body of a geek. Yep, that’s me. And yes, someone as vain and self-absorbed as I ought to have a ton of things to say about the seventeen personalities behind this blog. But I haven’t yet found something witty and profound that eulogizes my quirks in that eccentric-genius-artist sort of way, so you’re gonna have to make do with this instead. Pliss adjust.Hansta Hua Noorani Chehra, Kaali Zulfein Rang Sunehra

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If that’s not enough, there’s my Blogger profile page, if you want to know where I can be found lurking, without really contributing. And finally, a few blogs that I designed or modified existing designs for, but do not contribute to, content-wise —

And lastly, the customary how-to-contact-me bit — meghalomania YAT gmail DAAT com. Yep, like daat only.