A Wok In The Clouds

Those who forget pasta are condemned to reheat it. — Unknown

When people ask me my favorite cuisine, I often reply food. Yes, I love food. And I also love to cook it. While I don’t fancy myself to be a chef-in-the-making, I haven’t yet gotten anyone hospitalized for food-poisoning, so I think I do pretty okay. Anyhoo, when I started blogging, I posted a couple of recipes I had written for friends. And while I continue putting together recipes for friends, I somehow don’t find them fitting in with what I write on the blog. Although oddly, the recipe pages are some of the most visited parts of the blog, especially via searches. Or so the logs suggest. So to give them their moment of glory, here they are, in a section all by themselves.

For now there’s just the two blog posts. But more shall follow, hopefully soon.

  • Standard coconut-milk based veggie-gravy. Oversimplified much like the previous one.
    22 Mar 2004, 6:24 pm
  • Recipe stripped of fancy frills and thrills to make it quick and easy for a beginner to Indian cooking.
    3 Mar 2004, 6:01 pm